Pearson Triton

Triton 28'


1959-66 PEARSON TRITON 28 (designed by Carl Alberg):

The Triton was the first 28' boat that Pearson built, it originally sold for $9,700 in 1959 and was a big hit. Kim, at Rigrite, advised me that 707 Tritons were constructed from 1959 to 1967 (averaged 88 per year). This conflicts with a Sail magazine article which says that 750 were built by Pearson, which appears to be refuted in the paragraph below about "Gulnare", hull # 709. The Suter Triton web site indicates that another 125 were built by Aeromarine in Sausalito, CA in the early 1960's. Since Pearson was still building Triton's then, I assume it must have been under a liscense agreement of some sort. The Aeromarine Triton's are reported to be heavier built with solid fiberglass and they sail stiffer; while Pearson Tritons used cored decks and are lighter and more responsive. The Pearson Tritons were also built with wood trim and coamings, while the Aeromarine Tritons are all fiberglass. They are great cruising boats and are still popular for class racing. It's lines appear more classic to us today, but were considered pretty advanced at the time. Its long overhangs and modified full keel with attached rudder are distinctly different from the later fin keel/spade rudder P-28's. The Triton was 28'-4" LOA but with its long overhangs (8' total) it was 3.5' shorter at the water line, 1' narrower beam, 4'-0" draft and displaced only 6,930 pounds (based upon 1964 brochure provided by Don Thomas). I am still in need of some of the head sail dimension numbers in order to complete the data in the comparison table linked below. Please send them to me if you happen to have them.

1964 Triton Brochure Page 1 Provided by Don Thomas.

1964 Triton Brochure Page 2 Provided by Don Thomas.

1971 Pearson Triton,

"Gulnare" Hull # 709. Tom Seybold, TS7007"at" sent me these photographs and advised me of the following about "Gulnare": Just a point of information about the Pearson Triton, there was in fact one Triton built in 1971 as a one-off for a Pearson employee. I currently own "Gulnare" Triton number 709, she is in the water at Kittery Pt. Me, she was layed up using the original molds but changed some from there. The rig is masthead not 7/8 with internal halyards and all the rigging is oversized including chainplates and deck hardware. She has 4" bulwarks but was not given the traditional ports on the front of the dog house. The interior is custom from the factory with a dinette to port and galley to starboard. The head is huge by Triton standards and has pressure water and a water heater using either shore power or the AT4 cooling system, all still operate well even the engine runs great.

"Gulnare" Interior: Photo of interior thru companionway (very different from layout shown in 1964 brochure above). "Gulnare" port side starboard side

Additional Triton Web Sites:

Atom Voyages Voyage around the world on the sailboat "ATOM", Hull ID#384, with James and Mei Baldwin. "Atom" has sailed twice around the world.

"Esprit" #26, Owned by Al Huband (ahuband"at" See the amazing team of Al and Bob rebuild a Pearson Triton. Admission is free.

"Sorceress" #279, Home Port: Pensocola Florida, Owner: Skip Kendrick, Murfreesboro, TN. Email: pyskip"at" Includes photo's of several Tritons and address for National Triton Association.

Larry Suter's Triton Web Site: This is a great site with lots of Triton Photographs, brochures and more information about the Aeromarine Tritons.

Landlocked Triton at Elephant Butte Reservoir, Albuquerque, New Mexico

National Triton Association

Ray and Jo Alsup's Triton "Pegasus"

Tim Lackey's Triton #381 & Pearson Ensign web page
The restoration job that Tim is doing on his Triton "Glissando" is nothing short of impressive, not to mention that he is documenting every step of it on this web site. Tim is from Maine and can be contacted at tlackey1"at"

The Triton "Jade"
"Piper's Dream" Bill Fyvie, of Mass City, Mich. writes, "My 1961 Triton has spent life on the Great Lakes (no salt water). She was named Finnigan then Kraker. I had a denaming ceremony then rename her Piper's Dream. Home port is Ontonagon, Mich. I hope to have her in the water by late summer 2001. Bill: fuzzy5E"at"

Triton Yawl Sail Plan find it at Lee Kennedy's P28 web site.

The Pearson Line of 28' LOA Sailboats

First generation: Pearson Triton, modified full keel(1959-66) THIS SITE.

Second Generation: Pearson 28, fin keel (1975-82)

Third Generation: Pearson 28, fin keel (1985-89)

COMPARE Specifications, sail plans and hull profiles of all three generations: Some people have argued that these boats are not really part of a lineage. I disagree, given that the boats are all about the same LOA, by the same manufacturer, that one was discontinued before the next one began production, they do form a lineage even if unintentinal. It is valuable to compare them to each other as it helps one understand the design evolutions that sailboats in general have been going through.

Atomic Bomb

The auxilary engine aboard Mystic is Universal Atomic Four gasoline engine, often affectionatly called the Atomic Bomb. Click on the Atomic Bomb above for more information on this great little engine.