"I wish I was a fisherman,
tumblin on the seas,
far away from dry land,
and its bitter memories.

Casting out my sweet life,
with abandonment and love.
The sea bearing down on me
and the starry sky above.

With light in my head...
and you in my arms..."

" Fisherman's Blues", song by the Waterboys

The area around Rockport is in my opinion the most attractive part of the Texas coast. The sheltered waters of Aransas Bay and the Laguna Madre provide excellent sailing. The environment of the area is relativly well protected because of the proximity to the Aransas Wildlife Sanctuary, the almost deserted barrier island of San Jose and the predominantly recreational uses of Port Aransas and the North Padre Island seashore. Port Aransas also provides ready access to the Gulf of Mexico. See that small town on the map called 'Baytown'. That was the first major seaport on the Texas coast. Back when Texas still belonged to Mexico, Bayside was on the closest navigable body of water to San Antonio, so all shipping went throught Bayside. At the beginning of the Texas battle for independence, when Mexico sent troops into Texas to put down the revolution, they sailed into Bayside.

It is hot and humid here in the summer time, but the rest of the year the weather is usually great. The water never freezes so you can sail all year round. Click on the following link to get the weather and sea conditions ,(water temperature, wave hieghts, wind direction and speed, etc.) from the offshore weather station platform "PTAT2" IN the Gulf of Mexico. The red circle on the map above shows the location of this weather platform.
Click on the following link to get similar information for other offshore weather station platforms around the United States.

Click on Corpus Christi for a montly summary of the normal weather conditions in this area.
Click for
Corpus Christi, Texas Forecast

The area is abundant with sea life; dolphins, pelicans and cranes are common sights. And on a lucky day you can even see "Roseate Spoonbills". What is a "Roseate Spoonbill"? Well, if you can imagine a bird the size of a large goose, the color of a pink flamingo, with shorter legs and neck, and a long spoon shaped bill...that is a Roseate Spoonbill. See the picture below.

"RAINBOW CHASER" For two years in a row, 1998 and 1999, Gene, Nellie & Zach, left Rockport on board Rainbow Chaser, thier Hunter 37' sailboat, for an extended cruise. They circumnavigated the Gulf of Mexico, including the Florida Key's, Bahama's, Jamaica, Isla Mujeres and back to Rockport. As they traveled, they sent out email describing thier trip. Photo's and postings are on thier website.

"Se Dawg" Eric Gregory's sailing web page. Eric also sails Aransas Bay.

Texas Department of Marine Science The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas. This site provides tide and environmental records, predictions.

Texas Tides http://rampages.onramp.net/~johna/tides.html

Key Allegro Marina Click to see an aerial photograph of the area where we keep our boat.

LaSalle Shipwreck Project Belle recovery of La Salle's ship that sunk in 1686.

Island Moorings, Port Aransas Island Moorings Yacht Club & Marina


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