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Moonies once proudly wore this button, bragging that they loved being moonies!~If so, I just want to let you know that the word "Moonie" is NOT POSSIBLY a Pejorative! After you read this article and view my evidence, then you cannot help but agree. Just briefly, let me cover a few points to PROVE without a shadow of doubt that the Moonies are LYING (Yes! Lying!) when they claim that the title Moonie is an epithet to them. Just observe the button on the right! That button was proudly worn by the moonies for years. Below is a wealth of information and photographs and quotes from Rev. Moon himself that will show conclusively that the Moonies are lying to the public. In fact, this article will show you just how deceptive they are, and it is my opinion that this is business as usual and not isolated instances, and why not? Heavenly Deception is a well documented "Principle" of the Unification Church. Moon clearly teaches that lying is justified to do God's work, and that many of the great biblical figures had to lie to serve God properly.


1) Rev. Moon uses the term "Moonie" to describe his followers, his personal family and EVEN himself! I can produce at least a dozen documented speeches where he has done so...LOVINGLY! I have personally heard him use the word to describe members himself!

2) You can see for yourself below, the CUP that the Moonies sold to THEIR OWN MEMBERS which is emblazoned with the MOTTO: "I'm a Moonie and I Love (Sign of a Heart) it!" Are the Moonies self-deprecating? Are they selling themselves cups with prejudiced slurs on them? Will they begin painting MOONIE on their foreheads next? Obviously, they didn't consider the term offensive!

3) There is a book of proper Moonie protocol, and religious traditions called: The Tradition. This book was produced by the Moonies and written by one of their top leaders Rev. Kwak. This book is used loyaly, even today, and every good Moonie has one, so he can properly observe the Moonie religious rites described in it's pages. In Chapter 4, Page 36, of The Moonies' own Religious Observance Guidance Book, a Unification Member is told to: "Be a Moonie. Love the world." That is a direct quote. Aren't they something else? Are they to "Be a Moonie" but just not talk about it?

4) Moon's speeches are considered Doctrine by the members. They believe that Moon speaks "God's Word" when he gives speeches. This is interesting in that in one speech which Moon gave, he turned the word "Moonie" into an actual church doctrine, by stating: "Formation stage members are Moonies. Growth stage members are Sunnies. And Completion Stage members are Kingies." He said it! I didn't! And so now we have a problem. If a Doctor of Religion was writing a book on the doctrines and practices of The Unification Church, would he not have to include in his book, the three levels that members are to pass through? Moonie, Sunnie and Kingie? It is Moon who has made the word Doctrinal. It is Moonie leaders who have put their foot in their mouth, in this PR SCAM gone bad! You can lie, but someone will eventually catch you!

5) Here is a quote from Rev. Moon where he actually calls members 'liars' if they don't like the public calling them Moonies! In fact, he says it is the non-members that use the word moonie that are the honest or "straight" ones, and the members, who are the liars and not "straight" if they don't like being called Moonies:

Rev. Moon Quote:
January 14, 1979 Belvedere, New York
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

"There are many crooked lines and one straight line. Which is the line of truth? Why the straight line? Truth is always the shortest distance between two points. This means there is no time to fool around. The true word is always shot straight, not flowered with adjectives. In Korean we say that a man speaks straight. Do you like to speak and hear straight words? it's not easy. Those who like to hear and speak straight words, raise your hands. You are not speaking straight. You are a bunch of straight liars. The person who sneers, "You Moonies" is really speaking to you straight, but you don't like to hear that, do you? Those who like to be told they are Moonies, raise your hands please.

When you go to your home church area and people slam their doors, saying, "You Moonies can get out," you think, "Why did I have to become a Moonie?" The person who says that is not a true Moonie. The true Moonies are the ones who are walking all six continents with dignity no matter what people say. To be a proud Moonie you must know the true definition of a Moonie. He is the one who can go to his parents and proudly say, "Father, Mother, I'm a Moonie. If you love me, you will listen to why I have joined the Unification Church." That person will have the power to inspire his parents to become Moonies also. He is a true Moonie.

In the Unification Church we have one super Moonie; if I am a true Moonie, you would want to pay attention to me and listen to my words. Do you know you have some invisible tail I can see trailing behind you? Is it true that the true Moonie shakes his tail and his head?"



The Cup That Scared A Moonie President!

~After leaving The Moonies, I eventually became a vocal critic against the deceptive practices and teachings of Sun Myung Moon and The Unification Church. I had joined many years earlier with my wife as a Married Couple. We were told that we could join as a married couple, which of course led us to believe that we would be able to remain married as members of our new church, The Unification Church. Once we had given all our possesions to the Moonies, including our car, which they took and sold as a donation, we were stuck! When we had moved into the Moonie compound, we were made to sleep in different rooms, and told this was just a condition of purity for us. Well after only a few days of that, then I was taken aside by the leader and told that he had decided I should go to another state to work for the church. He said that my wife would be staying in the Compound. So after only a few days, we were living in different states. Once seperated, we were told independantly of one another that we should begin preparing our hearts for the possibility of Moon divorcing us. Divorcing us!!!??? Yes, we were told that because we didn't have any children that Moon may want to marry us to the people he chose, that in fact he had done that before, and so we should be prepared to just do whatever he told us! Well, this was alot to take in, but by this time we had been separated by the Moonie leaders and were without money or transportation (How convenient for them!). Once my wife's parents heard about this possibility, they paid someone to counsel my now ex-wife, out of the cult! All this happened without my knowledge. It was over very fast, and so was my marriage. That is just one of the many stories of deception by the Moonies and how they have hurt people and broken families. You can read more in My Life In The Moonies where I detail how I became so liked by Sun Myung Moon as a disciple that I was his personal guest in many of his mansions throughout the world. Ironically, rather than drawing closer to him through these experiences, I saw even more of the deception in his own life and actions, until eventually after much prayer, God saved me by guiding me away from it all.

~Over the next few years as I pieced my life back together, I remarried (and am very happy) and began studying Moon's teachings from a new perspective. A free one. I began to see that the deception of the Moonies even ran through their theology. I began writing down my Discoveries and posting them on the internet to help others with the information they may never find anywhere else. I also made a decision (with my wife's support) to go to Washington D.C. to Protest the Mass Marriage Spectacle that Moon was going to hold at R.F.K. that year (1997). Before leaving to go to Washington, I was reading an amazing "Letter to The Editor" in The Washington Post Newspaper Online. It was from Tyler Hendricks The Unification Church president in America. He had written in condemning the paper for it's use of the term "Moonie". Which he claimed was a pejorative, and was the same as calling Black Americans the "N" word. He said that it would incite acts of violence against members of Moon's church and that they should cease from using the term immediately! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing! "Moonie", a pejorative? An epithet? Who is Tyler Hendricks kidding? He knows as well as I do that Sun Myung Moon himself has used the term countless times as a term of endearment to members! I was an ex-member! I heard him use it myself several times! Moon had even had called his third wife (The Current One) "The Most Loyal Moonie I ever knew". Moon called us Moonies, he called his wife and kids Moonies, he even has called himself a Moonie! Tyler knew this! What kind of dirty, deceptive PR stunt was he pulling? I mean come on, when I was a member, I had went with my mother (who is still a member) to a Unification Church Bookstore in New York and while there we purchased ...



....those two coffee mugs. They were for sale right in the Church's own bookstore for the members to purchase. We were members, so we bought two of them. They were cute little cups that read "I'm a Moonie and I love(heart) it!". The Unification Church had obviously ordered these mugs themselves to sell to the members. Moon was calling us Moonies, his wife and kids Moonies, and even himself a Moonie! What were they trying to pull over on the Media and the Public? How rotten! How dishonest! To even compare this with African American's struggle for respect and freedom was disgraceful to say the least, and absolutely without any moral foundation, knowing that Moon used the word and members used it too, all the time! The nerve of that lying Tyler Hendricks! I called my mother, but she wasn't home, so I talked to her husband. I told him "Look at the kind of Lying Church you're involved in! You know as well as I do that Hendricks is being dishonest, I mean come on, remember when Mom used to have those cups from the Church where they had put "Moonie" on their own cups and sold them to members? How can they now claim "pejorative"? What nerve!" My step father said "Yeah, I remember the cups, I'm looking at one in the sink right now..."



~In the sink!!! In the sink!!!, I thought to myself! I couldn't believe it! You mean these mentally challenged Moonie leaders hadn't ordered the members to throw away anything they had bought from the church headquarters that said "Moonie" on it, before going off the deep end with this "Moonie is a bad word" PR Scam? You mean Mom still had the evidence right there in her house!?? Was it luck? Was it providence?......God!!! It must have been God! How else would this fateful conversation have ever come about?! Well, I decided right there and then that I would be making a pitstop at my mother's house to try and "Liberate" this Cup! We were going to be holding a Press Conference the very next day! It was too perfect. This would put Tyler Hendricks letter right back in his mouth (along with his foot!). We traveled to Washington and though I can't reveal details, the Cup was very happy to be freed from my mother's sink and going to the Hotel with my wife and I! I got it!!! The next day, as I travelled to the Press Conference, Moonie Cup firmly in hand (I would have handcuffed it to my wrist if I could!), I listened to the news that there was a group of Moonies protesting the Washington Post building! They were actually protesting the Washingto Post using the term "Moonie" as a loyal follow up to Tyler Hendrick's deceptive letter a few days before. So hilarious!!! And here I was with a cup that once was the proud possesion of many a faithful follower of Sun Myung Moon! "I'm a Moonie and I love(Heart) it!". Where was the "love" now? What was wrong with these people I thought. Don't they see their deception? The contradiction in their lives? Some of these "protestors" could very well have heard Moon call them Moonies, months earlier, but here they were, blindly following orders as always, never once questioning their own consciences about the matter. No, the orders had come, there would be no "thinking" after that. So sad. And so scary to think that I was probably just that blind. Burying my critical thought. Trained that "Moon can do no wrong". This is one of the horrible dangers of destructive cults! It is this mentality that allows people to drink poison Kool-Aid and end their lives in the false hope that they will meet God faster. Or drug themselves to death so as not to miss the "Spaceship to Paradise". That possibility always exists. No matter how "normal" cultists may seem, when they have lost the advantage of Critical Thought of the movement or leader they are involved with, anything can happen!



~Needless to say, the Cup was a SMASH HIT at the Press Conference! The reporters from all the major stations plus CNN and others began flashing their cameras like crazy when I held it up, and they were all laughing when they saw it for themselves! Several wanted close-ups of it at the end. After the Press Conference, we heard that Whitney Houston had pulled out as a headline singer for Moon's Mass Marriage spectacle! As a fellow Christian (Whitney claims to be a Christian) I was so happy that she had turned down over a million dollars, to do the right thing! I felt that our protesting and Press Conference had a big role in that, because she made the decision at the last moment, after our group had gotten alot of Press Coverage. Later that night I got a phone call asking if I could appear on a news program in Washington D.C. "live" to debate someone from the Unification Church. I was the only one of the protestors still in town after the event, and so I somewhat reluctantly agreed, feeling that I certainly hadn't prepared for a debate, but would try my best.

~The next day at the News Station, I went in on schedule only to find that my "opponent" had cancelled only hours earlier! They had asked who the critic would be that would debate them and my name was given. All of a sudden they changed their mind and pulled out of the debate! Why would they do such a thing after agreeing to be on the show? I'll tell you why! Guess who my opponent from the Moonies was to have been? None other than Tyler Hendricks! Moonie President and PR Story Teller! Well of course he would pull out! They knew that I had that Cup with me (even though I had no idea who I was going to be debating!) Isn't life funny!

The head of the entire Unification Church in America, a man with a Phd. Scared of a Cup!

You know, people try to be dishonest, but...





A Sad Ending ...

~There is a sad note to my account though. At the News Station, I learned for the first time that my mother was married in that Mass Marriage Spectacle that I had protested the day before! Someone from the Unification Church Headquarters had called the Station the reporters told me, and said that my mother had gotten married by Moon that day. I was crushed. She never told me that she was getting married by Moon again, and instead I would learn it from a stranger. Do you see how this evil organization is? The leaders of Moon's evil empire knew that I was to be at that station. They pulled out of debating me, but left a Bombshell behind for me! My mother had been given a failed marriage by Moon once. It didn't work out and the guy ended up forcing my mother into bankruptcy. Now she was going back for more of "The True Father's" so-called blessing of marriage. And who did she get? It was a nightmare for me! She married my ex-stepfather. An abusive husband who had first pulled us into the Moonies when I was only 12 years old. My mother only months earlier had told me that she would never ever have anything to do with that man again, and here she was allowing Moon to put them together in marriage. It is evil, so wicked, the hold this man Moon has over people. I write this in tears, but I know God will judge him for what he has done to people, to families, to me. I just pray for my mother's escape from Moon's evil grip!




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