Altered Image #2

ALTERED IMAGE #2, July 1998, written & drawn by Jim Valentino. Characters copyright by their various creators, published by Image Comics, Inc. This fan page exists as a tribute / review of the story, and is not intended to violate or challenge any trademarks or copyrights.

'Everybody SMOOSH' appeared as the second issue of the Image Comics ALTERED IMAGE crossover in which heroes from the various 'studios' at Image (Wildstorm, Highbrow, Top Cow, etc.) were thrust into a reality gone mad. In their efforts to combat this problem, Majestic, the Maxx, Savage Dragon, ShadowHawk, Spawn, & Witchblade joined hands, and became 'amalgamated' together!




The three new heroes, Dragaxx, ShadowSpawn, and Witchestic, were the only ones who knew reality had changed. In addition, other Image characters were now SMOOSHED, creating bizarre teams of heroes and villains, such as One Mighty Mother and her Vicious Razors, CyberC.A.T.S., or WetWatch!





The three heroes joined hands again in hopes of correcting reality, only to initiate a new set of 'smooshes'. They now existed as Dragon Spawn, ShadowBlade, and Maxxestic, and had to face their 'Arch-Nemesis' Helabogia.




Despite the potential risk in touching again, they came together one more time, finally breaking the cycle and separating back into six individuals. It can not be known whether the 'Smoosh' reality was also undone, as the heroes were immediately thrust into the 'Gateway to all the variant realities' by this action. Thus the possibility remains that these smooshed heroes still exist somewhere, perhaps even in the Amalgam Universe.

The story was made doubly fun by the inclusion of a contest sponsored by Wizard Magazine. Fans were encouraged to create their own 'smooshes' of Image characters. The best were chosen by the writers of Altered Image to appear in the 'Smoosh' story itself (as well as an issue of Wizard), with several runner-ups also being printed in Altered Image #3.

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