Edinburgh 1997 - 2000

My first year flat-posse:
Jarmila, Adele and Britta.
They were the best - we had such an amazing year.
See our christmas party below:

Bro, me, Darren and Lloyd Douglas January 1999 - crazy people.
Below ismy girlie girlie group at my flat warming party, spring 1999: Me, Val and Emma (from the left)

My German squad and Doug, the American, on St. Patrick's Day 1998

Tracy Swanson looking very snazzy!! Finnegans Wake, spring 1998

Girlie Girlies Val and Emma (from left) and my baby, the Nokia phone!! Taken at Ian's house warming party Oct. 1999

There was some crazy stuff going on at Ian's party - wearing his lumberjack helmet can't disguise my identity and Emma is looking sexier than ever!!