Well, well, here comes the caption for this super sexy photo of my friend Sean (LHS) - we like then rough now don't we girls!!
Sean is soon to complete his second year at the Virginia Military Institute, USA and I am very proud of him - I wouldn't ever put up with the stuff he's endured but he loves it so I guess no complaining is justified!

Me and my very dearest of schnuckies - Charlotte and Sole visiting me in Scotland (that's my room!!) over Easter 2000. No, haven't grown, just wore really high shoes!

I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! For those of you that know Sole, you also know that she can't quite keep up with me and Charlotte as regards drinking - this evening was a great example of this!  We ended up getting thrown out from a party full of karate people because I thought one of the guys was teasing me but turns out he was seriously angry at me closing a door in his face! They had to smuggle me out of the flat - scary Cissi!