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Latest Update: April 20th

Atlas by MaybeAmanda (Post-Three Words)
According to the author's summary, this story works as an "alternate" episode for Three Words. And you know what? It works nicely. (PG)

Grave Goods by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247 (Post-Three Words)
I would really like to see a scene like this on the show. Hear that, 1013? (PG)

Hieroglyphs of Memory by Zuffy (MSR, Angst)
Samantha's diary makes a reappearance in this lovely story about true faith. (PG-13)

Light Don't Sleep by Lydia Bower (Post-Three Words)
Lydia wrote this based on spoilers for Three Words, and while this isn't the reunion we got on the air, I could picture it on the screen in my mind all the same. (NC-17)

Not Close Enough by Lysandra (MSR, Angst)
Ooh, the angst! Ooh, the season three angst! It's enough to make me break out into smut! Er ... song. (NC-17)

Pfaster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! by Feldman (Post-Orison)
First of all, this is my new favorite fic title. Second of all, what it is about Orison that gives us so many great post-eps? This one is no exception. (PG-13)

Senses of a Miracle by Vixen (Post-Per Manum)
Scully wants Mulder to stay. Mulder wants to stay. Will our favorite duo overcome their emotional retardation to tell each other what they want? How they feel? Thankfully, authors like Vixen let these two actually talk to each other, something we so rarely get on the tube. (R)

Age Cannot Wither by ML (Post-Requiem, MSR)
A fairy-tale of a story that sounds impossible, and yet ML makes it work. A lovely thing. (PG-13)

At His Feet, Your Emblems Fall by M. Sebasky (TINH spoilers, Angst)
I'm usually not a fan of stories told by any of the Gunmen, but this fic has made me seen the light. The author captures Frohike's voice perfectly and gives us angst from every side. (R)

Cunegund's Restoration by Livia Balaban (Post-Requiem)
Do you think if we all sent copies of this to 1013, they'd film this and make it the end all, be all of the XF universe? No? Damn, it was worth a shot. I'd certainly love to see it. A Return of Mulder story, but very much different than the ones you've already read. (PG-13)

Eclipse by Alanna and Diana Battis (MSR, Season 7, Per Manum and TINH spoilers)
Beautifully written, this story made me both smile and sniffle. You've just got to have stories like that in your life. The co-authors tied together events from seasons 7 and 8 in such a way that I started wanting to take this story as gospel. Every hotel room should have a copy in the desk drawer. (NC-17)

Moment of Inertia by Pteropod (S8 through TINH, angst)
Pteropod has this way of taking a certain string of events and just ... oh, I'd say summarizing, but that sounds so clinical. In any case, this story made me look at season 8 and think, "It makes so much more sense this way." (PG-13)

Myth of Silence by Livia Balaban (TINH spoilers, angst)
In this poignant and touching story, Mulder gives Scully bits of his family history in an unusual way. If they would let Mulder do something like this on the show, all would be forgiven. Well, okay, most. (R)

Under the Rose by bugs (Angst, M/S, Season 2)
More and more as the show keeps going and going, I like to go back and revisit the old days, where things weren't as complicated, and yet weren't easy. bugs has done just that, giving us a dark snapshot of what might have been after Scully was returned. (NC-17)

Any Other Name by Louise Marin (M/S UST, Quasi-MSR, Scully/Other?, Character death)
I can't tell you how excited I was to see Louise finish this story. It's heart breaking, it's fun, it's smart ... heck, it's an all-around entertaining read. (NC-17)

Little Man by Fialka (Vignette, Doggett POV)
Doggett started out so promising on the show, but then the writers seemed not to care enough to tell us more. Thank goodness for fics like this that help us fill in the blanks. (G)

A Pro by Marie Endres (Post-Per Manum, MSR)
I'm not exactly sure what it is about this fic, but it made me feel very ... nice. A little tenderness in this day and age of tension-inducing episodes is a good thing. (R)

Resignation, Resuscitation by JC Sun (Vignette, Angst, M/S UST, M/K)
I'm missing Krycek in a big way. Sometimes you just *need* that Mulder/Krycek interaction. JC Sun never fails to fill that order. (PG-13) http://www.reocities.com/anasile/"

Sojourn by Maybe Amanda (Angst, Post-Per Manum)
The use of narrative voice in this vignette made me squeal with joy. Sometimes being inside Mulder's head is a very good place to be. ("S for Squeaky")

Something Less by Meredith (Angst, Post-TINH)
I haven't wanted to read post-TINH stories because the emotion of the episode hit me hard. The ever-reliable Meredith, however, got it just right. Heartbreaking.**

Suttee by Jintian (Scully/Doggett, smidgen of MSR)
Don't cringe away from the Scully/Doggett aspect, or else you'll miss a story filled with sorrow and angst. (NC-17)

** Author rating not given.

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