Anarchism, Anarchists, and the Anarchist Urge

  • Some magazines
  • Some publishers
  • Libraries/archives
  • Some anarchist writers

    A-Infos ("A multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists")

    Advisory Service for Squatters

    Anarcha (Anarcha-feminism site, with graphics and links)

    Anarchism and Art (links to related texts and images)

    The Anarchist Encyclopedia ("A Gallery of Anti-Authoritarians & Poets, Saints & Sinners, Movements & Events")

    Anarchist FAQ with links to other anarchist pages

    Anarchist librarians; not an oxymoron...

    Anarchist People of Color

    Anarchy Archives (Dana Ward's anarchist biography and history pages)

    Anarchy for Anybody (texts and links) [New]

    Benjamin R. Tucker and the Champions of Liberty: A Centenary Anthology [New] "Emma Goldman" (Mel Bucklin's film shown on PBS in 2004, including transcript, timeline, teacher's guide, and more)

    Emma Goldman Papers Project (aka Pierre J. Proudhon Memorial Computer; includes anarchist image archive, anarchist texts, back issues of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, y mucho mas)

    Institute for Anarchist Studies (includes useful newsletter, links to archives)

    Institute for Applied Autonomy

    The Lucy Parsons Project (Mr. Block cartoons, IWW, Spud, Social Anarchism, Situationist Archives, web-based email greeting cards)

    Research on Anarchism

    Spunk Library (Anarchist texts)

    The Stan Iverson Memorial Library & Anarchist Archives (includes anarchist poetry and quotations)


    Anarchist Age Weekly Review (Australia)

    Anarcho-Syndicalist Review

    Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed

    Black Flag

    Direct Action (London-based anarcho-syndicalist quarterly)

    Divergences [New]

    Fifth Estate

    Green Anarchy

    Liberty (archive of Benjamin R. Tucker's periodical, c. 1881-1908; 403 issues in pdf) .. index to Liberty (compiled by Wendy McElroy)

    Perspectives on Anarchist Theory (Newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies); older issues

    Social Anarchism


    AK Press

    Autonomedia ("Anarcho-communist" publisher)

    Superior Letter Press Company (Anarchist books about and by Benjamin Tucker, Rudolf Rocker and others)

    III Publishing (Focus: satire, anarchism, muckraking fiction)

    Libraries and archives

    Kate Sharpley Library (London-based depository of anarchist history)

    Labadie Collection, University of Michigan (anarchism and radicalism); "Keeping Anarchy in Order" (article about Julie Herrada and the Labadie Collection, Michigan Today, Spring 2002)

    Moses Harman papers (University of Missouri) .. "The Moses Harman Story" (by William Lemore West, Kansas Historical Quarterly, Spring 1971)


    Edward Abbey

    Anarchy Archives (pages devoted to Voltairine de Cleyre, Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin, Michael Bakunin, Errico Malatesta , Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, and others

    Emma Goldman (includes full text of her autobiography, Living My Life) [New]

    Peter Kropotkin (includes full text of Mutual Aid and his autobiography, Memoirs of a Revoutionist) [New]

    Henry David Thoreau (; Henry David Thoreau (; Henry David Thoreau (Street Librarian)

    Benjamin Tucker (The complete text of his book Instead of a Book)

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