Hello! Welcome to Fenrir's Sprite Domain! This page is home to the sprites (and animated gifs and other goodies) that I have captured from games.

Feel free to look around the site and take whatever you want. Don't direct link to the files though. If you add something to your site from the Sprite Domain, a link and a credit would be nice. Have any question/comments/broken links? Send me an email.

August 14, 2005

Remember me? The site can be found in a new location now, at

hosted by Final Fantasy Q.

Update Archive

Fenrir's Final Fantasy VI Monster Reserve

is dedicated to Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in the United States). Here you will find a almost complete sprite monster sprite archive, a bunch of character sprites and animated gifs, a variety of maps, and more!

The Goemon Sprite Page

contains sprites and animated gifs from the Ganbare Goemon series. It currently has content from "Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu" and "Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Juroku Hyoe no Karakuri Man Katame!"

The Battle Ground

The Battle Ground is where all the fighting game characters reside, from Street Fighter II, Samurai Shodown, and more!

The Mega Man Sprite Page

is dedicated to the ever-popular Mega Man series. It currently contains sprites and animated gifs from Mega Man 7, Mega Man X, X2, X3, and Dr. Light's Robot Database from Rockman and Forte.

Miscellanous Sprites

Mario. Link. Batman. Sailor Moon. This area contains all of the sprites and animated gifs that don't have their own devoted pages.

The Links Page

Here's my page of links, both related to the site and not.

All characters and images from Final Fantasy VI are the property of Square. All Mega Man related characters and images are property of Capcom. All characters and images from the Goemon series are propery of Konami. All other characters and images belong to their respective owners. This site is not endorsed by any official entity. This site is for entertainment purposes only.