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Bethan and Derek at Mark's Wedding  (Summer of 2000). Both Brewin boys got married in 2000. For more see weddings.

Andaleeb & Derek, Thanksgiving 1997: Dejeuner in scenic Old Quebec.

Biking to Atlanta for Habitat for Humanity (August 1996):

Shep (he's legally blind) and Jim (over 65 years old) enjoy fresh watermelon and a cool J-cloth in 40°C heat, about 40 km south of Hannibal, Missouri (home of Mark Twain). 

At the finish line in Atlanta. Most of these folks had biked around 2500 km on country roads between Winnipeg and Atlanta. Bethan (in the gal war paint up front) and I started in Iowa City.

Bethany, Nina and Bethan at a great breakfast place in Minneapolis.  A group of us went there to meet Bethany in the spring of 99.

Me, Nestor, Thomas and Dave at the same breakfast place.

The boys at a Minnisota Timberwolves Basketball game.  They played the LA Clippers who at the time had a 1 in 18 record.  They lost!

I went to Ottawa the week of March 21(right after the Minn. trip) for two conferences on economics.  I got to stay at the Château Laurier (nicest room I ever had - you could see the Parl. Bldgs. out the window).  Also walked over to Champlain's Statue (this is the face of a Huron scout at his feet) that looks accross the Rideau locks at the Parl. Bldgs.
My Hockey team in Saskatooon.

Standing:  Murray Feist, Mike St. Louis, Arlan Frick, Tom Berryere, Tom Yates, Jason Skotheim 

Kneeling: James Nolan, Darwin Anderson, Cecil Nagy, Derek Brewin, 

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