These are my Neighbors, from left to right.  Daniel, Robert, Chi, and David.  These guys are awesome.  They all breakdance (well Robert tries).  David and I have been working out, that guy is buff... I could take him though.
Showin Some Skin.
These next pictures are from an event we had up here called TWIRP.  Its basically like a Saddies Hawkins dance.  Robert and I got "twirped" so se had to wear the crowns in these pictures for a day around school.  It paid off though becuase the girls then made us dinner.  After that we just hung out and ended up going to get ice-cream later.  Oh yeah just for the heck of it Robert and I dressed up.
<--- this is me in a polyester jacket I borrowed from Robert with his cool looking polyester 80's pants too.

This is Robert, doin his thing.
This is Brian and April... I know Brian may look like Satan in this picture but he really is a cool guy.  He is teaching me how to skateboard.  April plays the guitar, we have worshipped together a few times.
This is Katie and Wade.  These guys are a couple.  They are so awesome.  Wade leads the Chico Street Ministry that we have been doing on Saturdays.
<---   Yeah, this is a blurry pic of the really cool crown :P I got to wear all day.  You can kind of see the suit I was in. 
Here is Wade and Brian goofin around.  Wade is kick back and Brian is crazy, there cool guys.
<----     Ok now this was weird, well maybe not that weird if you konw me.  But if you look at this girls leg it is dry, that is a good thing.  The bad thing is that about 5 minitues after this picture is taken I decided to balance a coke on my plate there, just holding it.  Well in my clumsiness I spill it.  All over her leg.  Good move huh..... Yeah I have such a way with the ladies.