Contra and Square Dances
written by
Jo Mortland


Terri, the Fortunate Cookie

Improper formation
Double progression

A1 In wavy lines of 4, balance forward and back, 
 Then an allemande right, one time, with the neighbor in your right hand 
 Everyone drops hands, and walks forward 4 steps in the direction they are facing
 To form new wavy lines of 4
 Balance forward and back
A2 Allemande right, one time, with the neighbor in your right hand
 Everyone drops hands and walks forward to the next neighbor to
B1 Circle left three places
 Partner swing
B2 Long lines go forward and back
 Ladies gypsy by the LEFT, one and a half times, to form new wavy lines of four.

One of the nice things about this dance is that since itís a double progression, everyone swings on A2, every time.

Named for the lovely and talented Miss Terri Pline from Chicago.


Contra dance, Becket formation

A1 Long lines forward and back
 Ladies chain across *

A2 Ladies start a right shoulder hey for four
As you come out of the hey, ladies look left and men look right for

B1 Next neighbor, right hand balance, pull by right, left to the next, pull by left
 Right to the third neighbor, balance and box the gnat (ala 3-33)

B2 Pull by right, JUST ONE PERSON, to a circle left three quarters
 Partner swing

*At the end of A1, have the ladies look to their right to find the neighbor with whom they will do a right hand balance at the start of B1.

Jimís Runey Rug

Contra dance - Becket formation

A1 In a ring of four, balance, and spin to the right 1-1/2 times to face new neighbors*
 In a ring of four balance, and spin to the right once**
A2 Men chain by the right
 Men to the middle for a do-si-do, 1-1/2 times, to face partner
B1 Pass partner by the right for a full hey for four
B2 Partner balance and swing

*the progression of the dance is here

** as dancers come out of the spin to the right, ladies catch partnerís hand to help propel him into a chain

Mulberry Square

Square, Mixer

A1 Heads go forward, right hand to opposite, balance,
 Square through four hands to corner

A2 Corner balance and swing, 
end in lines at the sides

B1 All four ladies grand chain, end in lines at the SIDES
 Lines go forward and back

B2 All four ladies grand chain back, end in lines at the HEADS
 Lines go forward and back

C1 Gents go in for a left hand star to same corner

C1 Promenade corner to gents home

Repeat for heads, then for sides twice

3-33 Square Dance Break

I use Steve Zakon Andersonís 3-33 figure as a square dance break.   Itís great with a ďkeeperĒ square, because with this break, everyone in the square swings all the other people of the opposite gender.

A1  With your next corner, balance, pull by right, left to the next around the square,
       Pull by left, right to the third, balance, and box the gnat

A2  Go back the other way, pull by right and pull by left to original corner.

Repeat A1 and A2 3 times

Corner allemande left, right to partner
Grand Right and Left all the way home
Promenade one time around


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