1653 St-Nicolas Passengers' list
Ville-Marie (Montréal)

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by Danielle Duval LeMyre

01.  - Anselin, Pierre
02.    Audru, Jacques
03.  * Auger dit Baron, Jehan
04.  * Averty dit Leger, Maurice
05. - Avisse, Francois
06. - Balue, Jacques
07. - Barbousson, Valerie de
08. - Bardet
09.   Bareau dit Lagogue, Pierre
10.   Bastard, Yves
11. * BAUDREAU dit Graveline, Urbain
12. * Baudry dit L'Epinette, Antoine
13.   Beaudoin
14. - Beauvais, Pierre
15. - Bellenger, Rene
16.   Beliot, Charles-Jean
17. * Benoit dit Nivernois, Paul
18. * Besnard dit Bourjoli, Rene
19.   Biards, Gilles
20.   Biteau dit St-Laurent, Louis
21.   Blanchard dit Belleville, Francois
22. * Boivin dit Panse, Jacques
23. - Bondu, Rene
24.   Bondy, Rene
25. - Bonneau, Jean
26. * Bouchard, Estienne
27.   Boullay, Augustin
28.   Boutelou, Jacques
29. * Bouvier, Michel
30.   Bouze (et Bruze), Pierre
31.   Brassier, Jacques
32. * Brossard, Urbain
33.   Cadet, Rene
34. * Cadieu, Jean
35. * Chartier dit Robert, Guillaume
36.   Chartier, Louis
37.   Chaudronnier, Jean
38. * Chauvin dit le Grand Pierre, Pierre
39.   Chesneau, Jean
40.   Chevalier, Louis
41.   Chevasset, Antoine
42.   Cornier, Nicolas
43.   Coubart, Rene
44.   Coudret, Mathurin
45.   Coudreux, Francois
46.   Crusson dit Pilote, Francois
47. * Danny dit Tourangeau, Honore
48.   Darondeau, Pierre
49. * Daubigeon, Julien
50.   Davoust, Jean
51. * Deniau (et Druzeau), Jean
52.  * Deniau dit Destaillis, Marin
53.  * Desautels dit Lapointe, Pierre
54.    Desorson, Zacharie
55.    Despres dit Berri, Simon
56.    Dessommes. Jesse.
57.    Doguet (et Danguet), Louis
58.    Dolbeau, Jehan
59.    Doussin, Rene
60. * Ducharme dit Lafontaine, Fiacre
61.    Duval, Nicolas
62.    Fleury, Jacques
63.    Fontaine dit le petit Louis, Louis
64.    Foucault, Etienne
65.    Foucault, Francois
66.    Fresnot, Jean
67.    Fricquet, Gilles
68.    Frogeau, Pierre
69.    Fruitier, Jean
70.    Gaillard dit le Prieur, Christophe
71. * Galbrun (et Galbout) Simon
72.    Gallois, Francois
73.  * Gasteau, Jean
74.  * Gendron dit la Rolandiere, Guillaume
75.  * Gervaise, Jehan
76.    Gillet (et Gilles), Noel
77.   *Godin, dit Chatillon, Pierre
78.    Gregoire, Louis
79.  * Guertin dit le Sabotier, Louis
80.    Guesery (Guesary et Dezery), Pierre
81.     Guyet (et Guyot) Jean
82.    Hardy, Pierre
83.    Hardy, Pierre
84.    Herisse, Francois
85.  * Houray dit Grandmont, Rene
86.    Hubay, le nomme,
87.    Hudin, Francois
88.  * Hunault dit Deschamps, Toussaint
89.    Hurtebise, Andre
90.  * Hurtebise, Marin
91   * Jannot dit Lachapelle, Marin
92.  * Jette, Urbain
93.   Jouanneau, Mathurin
94.    Jousselin, Nicolas
95.  *
On the LEFT is the ORIGINAL list of the "RECRUE DE 1653".

In 1651 there was a need for Men to defend the perimeter of the newly created Ville-Marie (Montreal).

The Iroquois were attacking French settlers, especially in Hochelaga (Ville-Marie / Montréal), but at times they were venturing even further than Trois-Rivières, endangering the whole French colony.

At the behest of Jeanne Mance, M. Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve went to France to bring back one hundred men, and some women and a few children. It took two years.

Gathering people from Picardie, Champagne, Ile-de-France, Normandie, Anjou and Maine, especially in LaFlèche where M. De La Deauversière is well known, the 100 complement (with many retired soldiers and their families) is finally reached by the spring of 1653, everyone signing agreements and contracts, some abjuring their protestant faith, as Caen, Rouen, LaRochelle and many other coastal cities have Huguenots or Calvinists residents who are now forbidden to practice their faith, but who have to become Catholics before being allowed in New-France.

The ship starts from Nantes, under the command of Captain Pierre le Besson.

The original departure is scheduled for April 30th, then for May 12th, and then for June 20th, when it sails... not for long: 350 leagues into the trip the Captain orders the ship to go back.

Some major repairs have to be made and the people are kept on a small island to prevent their return home occur. It finally leaves on July 20th 1653 and it will reach Quebec city on September 22nd, and the Governor de Lauzon tries to have the settlers go live in the l'Ile d'Orleans, near Quebec city, but de Maisonneuve sticks to his guns and manages to find the long-boats (barques) necessary for the transfer of his people, who will reach Montreal on November 14th 1653.

A few years later, in 1659, another large complement of people arrive in Montreal on the St-André ship, (Click here for passenger list of St-André in 1659) and bring more women to New-France.

At the death of Samuel de Champlain on December 25th 1635, there were few women in Quebec since his own wife , Helene Boule (Boulay) returned to France after an unpleasant experience, and he thereafter did not encourage the feminine element in la Nouvelle-France.

Click here for the list of French women living in Quebec city in 1636.

The St-Nicolas de Nantes was also the boat bringing Marguerite Bourgeois, which left us her account of the trip in her Diary.  
Though about 120 were supposed to be on board, either 103 or 105 made it safely into Villemarie.
103 received money for their services, paid on board, at the Saint-Nazaire quay, before the Ship sailed away, by the Notaire Belliotte.
When there is an * it means that there were known descendants which remained in Canada. However if there is a minus sign  - , the person did not make it, either to the boat or across the ocean.
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