thanks so much for your interest in knowing more about me!  i guess i'll start with a more recent photo of myself.
okae, it's not so recent.  i don't even live there anymore.  but it's pretty much how i look, even now (two years later).

so, i am a womyn, an artist, an educator, an activist.  i'm very intelligent, and i like to discuss important ideas and issues (politics--especially gender-, racial-, economic-politics--art, myself
(tee hee) ) with other intelligent persons. 

right now, i'm living with some friends close to o'hare airport.  i'm saving up some money so that i can move back into the city in the next few years.

here are some links to pages about the art i make.  the most recent stuff is in drawing and painting.
drawing           painting       photography       sculpture      web-based art     with students   
i grew up in the suburbs, in a small town called plainfield.  my neighborhood was surrounded by cornfield.  my parents are still together, and my sister just got married in july 2001.  we are twins, and have a younger brother who is 18.
that's me on the right.  from right to left, the others are the groom, my sister, my mother, my dad, and my brother.
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so, that's the background.  now, i've said here and elsewhere that i am an activist.  i think that declaration bears some exploration and explanation.  first, in my mind, an activist is a person who feels strongly enough about some issue to actively pursue positive change in that area.  this pursuit can take many forms: education (both as student and as teacher), financial support (personal or business contributions as well as gathering support from others), life-style (putting your principles into action on a moment-to-moment basis), direct communication with decision-makers (e.g. letters, faxes, emails, phone calls to congress), protest (e.g. boycotts, sit-ins, processions), and so on.  many activists use a variety of these techniques to engender change.  i have used all of these methods myself.  on a daily basis, i rely on a foundation of life-style and education to support the other techniques i employ.  in other words, i live a life consistent with my values, constantly on the watch for habits which are left-over from my socialization.  and, as far as education, i try to keep abreast of the issues, i am always willing to talk to anyone who has questions or challenges for me (for my edification as well as theirs), and i teach art-making to people of all ages in such a way that challenges habits of thought and provides means for self-expression.

now, you may be wondering what values and issues are important to me.  broadly, i am interested in marginalized groups and committed to achieving truly equal rights for everyone, thinking globally and working locally.  the correlary to this is my belief that every person has the innate right to pursue her or his happiness
in any way that does not harm others.  (in the words of the wiccan rede, "may it harm none, do as thou will.") 

i consider myself a radical feminist.  this means, that while i recognize the great strides wimmin have made in the first two or three waves of feminism, i see a lot more work to be done, and i want to be an active part of that.
women are still targeted for many forms of violence.  some of the obvious ones are domestic abuse and lesser pay for equal work.  less obvious may be the way in which women are bombarded with images of emaciated models and actors--who are labelled "beautiful" and "desirable"--and thereby encouraged to starve themselves into invisibility or even to death.  i believe in a woman's right to reproductive freedom, to choose her own work in or out of the home, to inhabit a healthy body and recognize her unique beauty, to live freely.  but there is a subtle and powerful fear of and corresponding lack of respect for women that still affects our daily lives.  my dream is that people of all genders will be shown equal respect and treated with reverence for their individual differences within my lifetime.  i will know this has come to pass when no one needs to know my gender in order to know how they should address me or behave in my presence and when the media begins to represent the plethora of body types and personalities present in our society.

in the same way, people of color are targeted for many forms of violence.  this can be as simple as negative
and "positive" stereotypes that rob individuals of the recognition of their uniqueness or as complicated as institutionalized racism that keeps a disproportionate number of african-, latino-, and asian-americans in poverty.  of course, i believe that all people, regardless of race or ethnicity, should enjoy equal rights and equal respect, and it is my dream that we will within my lifetime.

in short, i believe in the basic worth of all people, without consideration of gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, place of origin, religious, political or other beliefs, physical or mental ability or disability, or age.  i support freedom and equal rights for all people and respect for individual differences.

furthermore, as i said above, i believe that every person has a right to pursue joy in any way that she or he sees fit.  to this end, i support freedom of speech without censorship.  if the government insists on being involved in what information and entertainment its people consume, i believe that its focus should be on equipping citizens to make informed and individual decisions about the information and entertainment they consume rather than on cesorship.  likewise, i support freedom of religion, faith, and creed.  i believe all people(s) have a right to decide what political system they support as well as the right not to have any political system imposed upon them.  i believe that all people have a right to defend themselves, but i do not believe that guns are a valid means of self-defense.  i support the legalization of pot and other drugs because i believe in the individual right to choose and because i believe the "war on drugs" is a waste of our nation's resources while contributing to over-crowded prisons and high mortality rates among the traditionally disadvantaged.

i think that's a pretty good summary of my views.  i welcome your comments, questions, challenges, et cetera by
email.  i also encourage you to explore this site to get a better idea of how my activism and beliefs are manifest in my life and work.

Again, thanks for your interest.
"We all have been injured, profoundly.  We require regeneration, not rebirth, and the possibilities for our reconstitution include the utopian dream of the hope for a monstrous world without gender."
--Donna Haraway, "A Cyborg Manifesto"