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Welcome to Westley's Corner of D'Artagnan's Den

Welcome to Westley's section of D'Artagnan's Den! 

After some convincing, roleplaying and deciding not to tell D'Artagnan the whole truth and nothing but, D'Artagnan agreed to let Westley have a few pages on his web site.  Truth is, Westley's site, located over at Tripod is still up and relatively functional; but Kay has forgotten the
password and the email account the site is registered to, so can't get back in and update it. 

So, instead of going through hours of anguish, Kay has decided to simplify things and have both dogs sites on the same site.  Not that either of them will be able to tell anyway!

Anyways, do enjoy Westley's section of the website- there's a link to a story about him, his biography, some photos of him and other little things he will share with D'Artagnan.... They do get along well so I don't think this sharing thing will lead to a Dog World War... [At least I hope so!]

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Click here to read Westley's Biography! Westley's Biography !

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