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excessive, consumption, environment, "voluntary simplicity", "sustainable living", population, elite, rich, oppression, poor, reduce, "too-simple economics", over-consumption, extinction, "rain forest", civilised, civilization, "end of the world", apocalypse, cars, meat, "food supplies", grain, minimum, "food intake", diet, vegetarian, vegan, no-cook, inequity, disparity, OECD, O.E.C.D., IMF, I.M.F., "structural adjustment", exploit, exploitation, "poverty line", "dropping out"

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WORLD U.S. Consumption Hits Top of the Pop Chart "Shop 'til You Drop. Buy 2, Get 1 Free. Bigger Is Better." Consumption has become as American as apple pie, the bottom-line defi
100%   http://www.scn.org/fp/o/overpop/info/overcons.zpg     (Size 12.3K)

The Meaning of Sustainability: Biogeophysical Aspects, by John P. Holdren,
The Meaning of Sustainability: Biogeophysical Aspects by John P. Holdren, Gretchen C. Daily, and Paul R. Ehrlich. Edited by Mohan Munasinghe and Walter Shearer -- Copyright 1995 ...
100%   http://dieoff.org/page113.htm     (Size 6.0K)

Population and Sustainable Development Program of the American Association
Home Page for the Population and Sustainable Development Program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
100%   http://www.aaas.org/international/psd/psd.htm     (Size 12.4K)

EnviroLink Library - Overconsumption and Overpopulation
Join EnviroLink Click to join EnviroLink THIS PAGE UNDERWRITTEN IN PART BY: Silicon Graphics, Inc OneWorld Magazine Actions You Can Take Education Events General Info Government ...
100%   http://envirolink.org/EnviroLink_Library/Flora_and_Fauna/Human_Activities/Population/Overconsumption_and_Overpopulation/     (Size 10.0K)

Population, Sustainability, and Earth's Carrying Capacity A framework for
estimating population sizes and lifestyles that could be sustained without undermining future generations, by Gretchen C. Daily and Paul R. Ehrlich. Population, Sustainability, and ...
100%   http://dieoff.org/page112.htm     (Size 2.3K)

Center for Sustainable Living
OVERCONSUMPTION: Discovering "Enough" Here's a summary of the problems we face and the changes we can anticipate: In proportion to the rest of the world, North Americans overcon
100%   http://www.coin.missouri.edu/community/home-garden/sust-living/over.html     (Size 1.8K)

Back to sanity.
Back to sanity. Contents|Revolt|Insanity Files|Why Papers|Program|Stories|Resource|Action Welcome to The Home Page of the Nuvian Revolution It's Time to Get Back to Sanity In 1970 I ...
100%   http://am.net/backtosanity/index.html     (Size 8.7K)

Center for Sustainable Living
Earth-wise Shopping Overconsumption: "Discovering Enough" Transportation Checklist Natural Alternatives to Household Chemicals Suggested Reading Earthbeat Transcripts Back to th
100%   http://www.coin.missouri.edu/community/home-garden/sust-living/     (Size 3.5K)

behavior, debt, living and sustainablity
[ Responses ] [ Post A Reply ] [ Remaking Canada Threads ] Posted by Bruce on June 14, 1996 at 23:41:53: In Reply to: more specifics on behavioral changes needed. posted by J Kult ...
100%   http://www.tv.cbc.ca/national/feedback/rc/messages/691.html     (Size 5.6K)

Thoughts on Voluntary Simplicity,Clay and Judy Woods Homepage
Crayon Picture of house Thoughts on Voluntary Simplicity Picture of Clay and Judy WoodsWelcome to Clay and Judy Woods' homepage. Voluntary simplicity and frugality are not really the ...
100%   http://www.webwide.net/~wordwrks/simple.html     (Size 6.9K)

DI Digest Idea 3 Jan 96
[ Developing Ideas Digest ][ IISDnet Contents ] About Di Digest | Back Issues | Subscriptions | Email DI | On Line Features clock graphic Press Review LitScan 3. Factor 10 In October ...
100%   http://iisd1.iisd.ca/didigest/jan96/3jan96.htm     (Size 5.6K)

Zero Population Growth-Historical Backround. During the early stages of the Industrial Revolution the world's population began to increase rapidly. In 1650 there were 500 million ...
100%   http://www.earlham.edu/earlhamcollege/polisci/globalprobs/zpg/horneem.html     (Size 7.7K)

Voluntary Simplicity
Voluntary Simplicity Voluntary Simplicity Richard Gregg Voluntary Simplicity of living has been advocated and practised by the founders of most of the great religions -- Jesus, ...
100%   http://www.bconnex.net/~cspcc/daycare/vsimp1.htm     (Size 31.6K)

Natural Life Online Voluntary Simplicity Directory
Natural Life Online. Voluntary Simplicity. This directory lists resources about sustainable living, voluntary simplicity and ways to live lightly on the earth. Celebrating ...
100%   http://www.netroute.net/natlife/subvs.html     (Size 1.7K)

Twelve on: "voluntary simplicity as a collective social movement" have been collected together on a separate page.

From Mike, the Talking Chair. Making ZPG/Boston More Effective (September
1995) Yosemite National Park (November 1995) The Diversity of National Population Organizations (January 1996) Rhode Island HOPE (May 1996) Population and Environment -- Getting ...
100%   http://world.std.com/~wilcox/chair.html     (Size 21.6K)

Millennium Institute: Simple Living & Voluntary Simplicity
[Millennium Institute] Internet Resources on Simple Living & Voluntary Simplicity [PREVIOUS] [NEXT] [HOME] [HELP] [INDICATORS] Recently added... Frugal-ed Discussion List: To ...
100%   http://gopher.humanrights.org/millennium/links/simplive.html     (Size 4.5K)

Synthesis of Views on Social Transformation
Modest Proposal Thread: A Synthesis of Responses (As of October 17, 1996) Prepared by -- Mark A. Burch mburch@mb.sympatico.ca Contents. For Openers The Seed Question ...
100%   http://www.econet.org/frugal/posfut/synth2.html     (Size 35.1K)

pop-cult.596.html The Slow Apocalypse: A Gradualistic Theory of The World's Demise by Andrew McMurry Indiana University, Bloomington jmcmurry@mach1.wlu.ca Postmodern Culture v.6 n.3 ...
100%   http://lists.village.virginia.edu/pmc/issue.596/pop-cult.596.html     (Size 55.6K)

Leading Edge International Research Group Home Page
General Systems Web Introduction General Information Frequent Questions Technical Index System Feedback System Awards Periodic Editorials Viewer Profile Web Search News ...
100%   http://www.trufax.org/     (Size 3.9K)

What's New - Frugal Living Page
Frugal Living Resources . What's New at this Site. Check here to look for additions since your last visit to this site. 29 April 1997. Decluttr mailing list: Getting rid of ...
100%   http://www.econet.org/frugal/whatsnew.html     (Size 53.2K)

Re: PKF: Let's move on! Apocalypse Now!
To: feyerabend@jefferson.village.virginia.edu Subject: Re: PKF: Let's move on! Apocalypse Now! From: "steve.devos" steve.devos@dial.pipex.com Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 18:15:48 -08
100%   http://lists.oulu.fi/feyerabend/html/msg00526.html     (Size 9.5K)

Medias at the end of the world (Pretty good)
When the end of the world arrives how will the media report it? USA Today: WE'RE DEAD The Wall Street Journal: DOW JONES PLUMMETS AS WORLD ENDS National Enquirer: O.J. AND NICOLE, ...
100%   http://www.id.ibs.se/~hes/jokes/19960104_190202.html     (Size 1.8K)

Simplicity Conference
V o l u n t a r y   S i m p l i c i t y C o n f e r e n c e. May 18-21. Join us for a participatory gathering to discuss personal and professional paths to Simplicity. .
100%   http://www.rightathome.com/~sleeping/simplicity.htm     (Size 3.3K)

Voluntary Simplicity Classes
How to Register for PNA Education Program Classes You may register by sending your check or money order to PNA, 6532 Phinney Ave. N. by the registration deadline. If you have ...
100%   http://www.poppyware.com/pna/volsimC.html     (Size 3.9K)

Frugal Corner
home of the newsgroup misc.consumers.frugal-living! Originally inspired by the Tightwad Gazette, the aim of this site is to provide and continually expand the informational ...
100%   http://www.best.com/~piner/frugal.html     (Size 15.8K)

frugal: Re: Frugality on the Internet
Re: Frugality on the Internet. Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject ][ author ] Previous message: Lois Irwin: "Re: voluntary simplicity as a collective social movement
100%   http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/sustnw/frugal-ed/0061.html     (Size 6.9K)

frugal: Organized Movement for the Frugal
Organized Movement for the Frugal Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject ][ author ] Next message: C. Kluver: "Re: voluntary simplicity as a collective social movement
99%   http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/sustnw/frugal-ed/0050.html     (Size 5.8K)

the End of the World
This page is dedicated to those bold men and women throughout history who have looked around, seen the signs, and proclaimed The End Is Nigh. For the most part we want to look at them ...
99%   http://www.reocities.com/Athens/1140/end.html     (Size 9.4K)

PKF: Apocalypse Now!
PKF: Apocalypse Now! [Prev][Next][Index][Thread] PKF: Apocalypse Now! To: feyerabend@jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU Subject: PKF: Apocalypse Now! From: DS crown@worldnet.att.net Date: ...
99%   http://lists.oulu.fi/feyerabend/html/msg00528.html     (Size 5.1K)

Voluntary Simplicity; Toward A Way Of Life That Is Outwardly Simple,
Inwardly Rich by Duane ElginMeeting the growing, changing tide, moving back to the basics, Elgin offers a revised and updated version of his classic book about living with balance. By ...
99%   http://www.ingrambook.com/TITLEWAVE/PRODUCT_INFO/TITLEANN/566434.html     (Size 1.1K)

The Simple Living Network - Company Information Page
Workshops On Voluntary Simplicity What can we each do in our daily lives to bring the Earth, and our own health and well-being, into balance? Perhaps there is a more sustainable -- ...
98%   http://slnet.com/cip/sjantz/default.htm     (Size 2.7K)

Sustainable Living - Food, Shelter, Community (John Schinnerer)
Sustainable Living - Food, Shelter, Community, Education, Health & Wellness, Transportation, Non-governmental organizations
97%   http://www.seattleantioch.edu/students/jschinnerer/     (Size 5.4K)

INTERNET: Apocalypse
INTERNET: Apocalypse Apocalypse Francisco M. De La Vega (fvega@gene.cinvestav.mx) Thu, 3 Oct 1996 09:56:48 -0600 (CST) Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject ][ author ] Next ...
97%   http://www.gene.cinvestav.mx/mail/internet/1340.html     (Size 2.8K)

Green Shopping for Sustainable Living
Welcome to Green Shopping . Your place to shop for eco-friendly products & information from ethical manufacturers with a commitment to the environment
96%   http://www.greenshopping.com/index.htm     (Size 7.9K)

Center for Sustainable Living
Suggested Reading on Sustainable Living and Culture These books are all available at the Peace Nook, a non-profit community resource center, for the listed price; or check your local ...
96%   http://www.coin.missouri.edu/community/home-garden/sust-living/suggest.html     (Size 2.7K)

08/24/96: The end of the world
Posted by: Rorgore@aol.com (Rory Mitchell) Yes, some of you may have heard. In about 150 million (possibly billion) years, the sun is supposed to stop shining, causing a practical ...
95%   http://popsci.com/context/forums/science/27.html     (Size 2.3K)

Forum Links
Surfing the Proverbial Web. Link to the below sites (listed alphabetically) for a glimpse of other stacks and stores of interesting information. In my humble opinion, these are some ...
93%   http://www.greenmarket.com/GreenMarket/SURF/index.html     (Size 13.4K)

Waiting for the Apocalypse GERALD M. LEVIN Chairman and CEO, Time Warner
Inc. University of Denver Denver, Colorado June 3, 1995 Chancellor Ritchie, faculty, honored guests, friends, parents, and the graduates of the Class of '95. First of all, c ...
93%   http://pathfinder.com/@@oL2V1VFB@wEAQKqV/Corp/officialword/speeches/udenver.html     (Size 13.3K)

Buy Nothing Day
Buy Nothing Day Buy Nothing Day Wrap-up Buy Nothing Day Poster This year was the most successful Buy Nothing Day yet! On Friday, November 29 (the day after U.S Thanksgiving), ...
92%   http://www.adbusters.org/adbusters/Pop/buynothingday.html     (Size 10.5K)

frugal: Re: voluntary simplicity discussion groups
Re: voluntary simplicity discussion groups Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject ][ author ] Next message: Byron Henderson: "Re: voluntary simplicity discussion groups
92%   http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/sustnw/frugal-ed/0078.html     (Size 2.6K)

Introduction to 'Apocalypse'
Copyright (c) 1993 by Joe Sartelle, all rights reserved. This text may be used and shared in accordance with the fair-use provisions of U.S. copyright law, and it may be archived and ...
92%   http://english-www.hss.cmu.edu/BS/15/Intro.html     (Size 6.9K)

Unabomber Response
Our web sponsor is a premium Internet Service Provider. The Future of Anarchism -- Voluntary Simplicity or Violent Complexity . I'm one anarchist who will listen to and ...
91%   http://www.2cowherd.net/q/unabomb.htm     (Size 6.9K)

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