My Internet Buddies

This is Meg. She had the misfortune of meeting me over on CollegeClub, and has been paying for it since. One of these days, we probably should meet up or something, yeah, that'd be nice! She's like seriously cool, like...totally. Ignore my beach talk, it's just an act. But really, she is one of the nicest people I've come across in awhile. Someday, she may even return my calls! *hint hint* And, as per her instructions, I've added a link for her. Check out her web site, Meg's Wild World, and make the poor girl happy by signing her guestbook a few hundred times. J/K, but signing it once might be nice.

This is Stephanie, my dear, sweet complaining partner over near Motown. Go Wings!!!! Go...umm...Pistons? Prolly not. Someday, she's gonna teach me how to play every Nirvana song I ever wanted to know on guitar, and probably quite a few I didn't know existed. Either that, or beat me over the head a few times with her guitar, after which she'll cranberry dance all over my corpse. On second thought, that might hurt her guitar, which would definitely be a bad thing. So just the cranberry dance will have to do. Anyway, if you'd like to check out her page, click here.

This beautiful creature is Emily, another person I would like to actually meet someday. She's getting married in the near future (I believe in May), so gone are the days of rampant flirting. Now, I guess I have to deal with occasional flirting. How will I ever survive? But seriously, I'm sure she'll be very happy with married life. Anyway, she's a very sweet girl, so much so that I can even deal with the vegetarian lifestyle she leads. =) Who knows, maybe some of her recipes will help me improve my horrible diet. I suppose even a hopeless carnetarian can learn a new thing every now and then. By the way, if you happen upon this, Emily, drop me a line!!!

This is Katie, who has the privilege of being seriously the oddest person I know. And that's saying a lot! Anyway, when she isn't eating the green apple candy from Disneyland, drooling over John Cusack, wasting enormous amounts of time on IRC, spending hideous amounts of money at Amoeba Music, or answering my odd questions with even odder answers, I hear she sleeps a lot. Of course, given the opportunity, I'd do the same. Might want to look into how she manages that.... Oh, and Katie is the one without the mask, FYI. Anyway, to see her page, click here.

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