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Lord of the Flies
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JACK on the TOP 10 List
...The boy himself came forward, vaulted on to the platform with his cloak flying, and peered into what to him was almost complete darkness... The boy came close and peered down at Ralph, screwing up his face as he did so... He turned quickly, his black cloak circling... Inside the floating cloak he was tall, thin and bony; and his hair was red beneath the black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness. Out of this face stared two light blue eyes, frustrated now, and turning, or ready to turn, to anger... Piggy asked no names. He was intimidated by this uniformed superiority and the offhand authority in Merridew's voice. 
Lord of the Flies
"Why should I be Jack? I'm Merridew."
What do you remember from Sophomore English about this novel? The Biblical allegory? That there is evil in every person? That without civilization we make up o ur own rules? Well, before any crappy-Survivor there was Lord of the Flies - the tale of a group of young boys stranded on an island after a plane crash. Ralph is the moderator, the leader who is fairly level headed. Simon is the Christ figure. The Beast/the Lord of the Flies is Beezelbub of their imaginations. And Jack Merridew...he is the red-headed, freckled and black cloak doning heir apparent to evil! JK - he is the boy who gets caught up the evil side of things, leading his own faction of boys on the island. Ralph, Simon, Piggy - they are all cool - but it is Jack, sorry - Merridew - who captured my imagination!