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Note to all:

May Isis spread Her wings of protection over all of us at this challenging time.

Set has slipped out of his chains and the forces of violence and oppression are running wild.

Osiris the Beloved, the Good, the Beautiful Being, has again been torn asunder into a thousand times a thousand times a thousand pieces;

Isis, gather us together, make Osiris, and us, whole once more.

Great Isis, whose successor on Sicily is Saint Agatha, patroness of firefighters, please bless and protect all those, policemen, firemen, emergency workers of all kinds, and the unsung citizens who have lost their lives fighting to help and protect us.

Isis, Great Physician, guide the hands and minds of our medical personnel as they strive to heal.

Isis, Great Queen, Isis, guide our leaders to take right action in this time of challenge.

Isis, great Goddess, goddess of the throne, protect and strengthen this nation which gives so many of your modern followers the freedom to live and believe as we will.

Isis, Leader of Armies, if there is no better way, may those sworn to protect us by force of arms be wise, strong, and unerring in their conquest of our enemies.

Isis, bless us all; comfort those who sorrow, those who have lost their loved ones as You have, those who are injured, those who are weary.

Isis, divine Mother, please reach down and hold the hands of your children, who are all of us.


At this time, all of those whose hearts are attuned toward Light, toward balance and goodness, and of whatever faith born or chosen, all are needed to help heal and protect. Please take time to imagine a great sphere of light radiating out over the United States, protecting all within it in safety, protecting from all dangers, both without or within, saturating the land with divine love, awareness, and watchfulness. Imagine it as impenetrable and functioning and then leave the image to do its work. The forces of chaos can not and will not triumph.

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Sep't 17th - October 31st

December 12th
-- New subject for meditation and the return of an old one

November 22nd
-- Thanksgiving

November 11th
-- Continued meditation and a prayer for the ponies

November 5th
-- Meditations and musings
December 12th
With the situation between Israel and the Palestinians deteriorating, it is easy to start thinking of that situation as part of the conflict between the United States and terrorism, yet it is not, however much Osama bin Laden and others may like to tie their own agendas in with it. Meditation on an ultimate and well-founded peace in this area is desirable but should be conducted separately from the general meditations.

At present, two subjects are calling for attention. One we have visited before: meditation on the reconstruction of Afghanistan and, in particular, that appropriate leadership prevails to make this reconstruction thorough and solid.

The other subject is in itself two-fold: recalibration, both personally and on a national level. This is not specific to the United States, but applies to all nations. The intuition is that our scales are literally out of adjustment, that we have been weighing things incorrectly. In a nutshell, what is important has been neglected, and what is not important has been over-emphasized. So however we measure the world, and our places in it, needs to be re-addressed. This is crucial maintenance work that needs to be completed before the increasingly complicated times ahead. In the past, some slop either way has been acceptable, but this is no longer the case. We need to be precise and accurate. Accepting what is "good" can destroy or prevent what is "best", and we need to strive to know the difference, and know that the difference matters.

Having employed and enjoyed a laissez-faire attitude myself in many areas, this is not an instruction I particularly welcome, but I see its necessity in these challenging and uncertain times.

November 22nd
A joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving to all! In the concentrated atmosphere that is affecting everything in the US, this Thanksgiving is the most heartfelt in years. In the midst of our own gratitude, may we all take a moment to remember the many families who lost loved ones in the WTC and Pentagon attcks, and all those who have recently lost loved ones, as the first holidays after such losses are always deeply challenging ones.

May we also pray for our armed forces, particularly those serving far from their families, that they may know that they are not forgotten and are included in our thanks.

At this crucial time in the war in Afghanistan, may we also ask that all those who, through a change of heart, honestly wish to lay down their arms and surrender, are allowed to do so.

May abundance of all that is needed - medicines, foods, shelters, education, and freedoms - soon be the lot of everyone on earth, and may we help to make it so. May Isis and all deities benevolent to humanity, by whatever name, in whatever faith, know our gratitude and bless us all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 11th
As the Taliban crumbles, increasing desperation is being felt by Osama and his companions, and during this time it is especially important to continue the meditations for national protection and, in particular, for the innocent citizens of all nations. Osama's sense of personal betrayal is increasing as the Arab world fails to unite under his banner, and his destructiveness may now turn closer to his home, particularly as the inner and outer alertness of the rest of the world is especially keen and may be successful in warding off most --may we fervently pray all -- planned attacks.

Due to the dependence of the Northern Alliance on horses for some transportation, I also ask that these steeds also receive a mention in your prayers and devotions. Reports that they were actually being used by armed horsemen to charge Taliban tanks are apparently unfounded, but these proud and war-toughened horses whose predecessors have served similarly for millennia deserve an energetic assist as well. November 5th
The past few weeks have been challenging ones for meditation, and the extra effort and precautions it has taken to maintain concentration is a reminder that this is a situation which is being vigorously fought on the inner levels as well as the outer. The anthrax scare has been shown to be largely that, but the news coverage of it was hardly designed to quell panic, and the contradictory government instructions to be on high alert and yet behave perfectly normally was met with understandable confusion on the part of the public.

Fortunately, this period of agitation seems to be passing, and on the inner levels, the situation has steadied. The Taliban is crumbling, which will be increasingly obvious in the coming days. There is still much else to do, as the Taliban is nothing more than the most obvious manifestation of a nasty evil, but their time is over and other problems will soon be taking the majority of our attention. The United States is still just awakening to the danger, stretching in its sleep. Our slowness is both a great strength and a challenge, but once the spirit embodied in the nation is fully aware, there is very little that can hope to stand against it.

The scaremongering, shamelessly used by some politicians, came literally close to home for us as the bridge leading to the island where I grew up was among the spots said to be specifically targeted by terrorists this week. I thank everyone for their messages of goodwill and protection - they are much appreciated, though at this time, general protection of the US and its forces and presence abroad is probably a better use of protective energies than those designed for any specific place. Terrorists read the newspapers too, and possibly the only justification for publicizing these supposed risk areas is the idea that some incipient plan may be stripped of the element of surprise and thus abandoned by its would-be perpetrators. So being "on a list" of potential targets is probably now one of the safest places for any monument or structure to be! We are all in this time and place together, and they are indeed interesting times and places. My suggestion is not that we try to go along with our ordinary lives, but that we move ahead with our extraordinary lives - that we let these challenging times bring out the best in us and develop latent abilities which have been latent because they are not needed. May our powers of perseverence, concentration, and confidence in the future grow strong and then stronger - as strong as they need to be. May our faith and wisdom grow, and petty annoyances, disagreements, and problems all drop away. Share Isis imagery, rites, and information by emailing deTraci Regula

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