Short stories of romance, love and seduction

Romantic Short Stories of Love and Seduction

Welcome to my Page of Love Romance and Seduction. All stories that listed here are written by the Devil in Blue Jeans unless otherwise marked. If you like candlelight, romantic dinners, moonlight strolls, seductive boat rides, rides in the tunnel of love and picnics, then you have have come to the right spot.

Romance is a topic that has been of interest since the beginning of civilized man. As soon as men started romancing the ladies, they needed to learn the art of seduction. Therefore, stories of Romance and Seduction became popular. If you are interested in learning more about either topic, I would offer you the option of reading the Golden Rules and Principles of the 36 steps.

My Sweet Loretta
A story of a man that insist on an interview with the author to tell his tale of love. This story explores a different writing style.
5800 words


Bill's Awakening
Bill was extremely successful at his job. He lives the life of the jetset playboy with his name appearing on all the 'A' lists. When he meets Micci, she turns his life upside down. She gives him a lesson about what is really important about life. They fall in love in his world. Then, Micci takes him back to nature, and they fall in love in hers. approximately 4,700 words

The Anniversary Dinner
For two years, Lisa's husband has not acknowledges their anniversary with either a card or giving of his time. However, this year it is different. He has committed to doing anything she wants him to do. Lisa's evil grin lights up her face. approximately 3,000 words

Close Encounters of the Heart by LACE
EXCHANGE STORY with author: LACE This is a story about an on-line romance that became a beautiful and fulfilling love affair. A heart reaching story of romance and sex appeal that is a must read.--

Take My Hand, My Lady.......See the Review by Annex Review
Do you believe in Peter Pan? Do you believe in Tinkerbell? If your answer is yes, come on a journey with me. Together we will fly into the sky and dance on the rainbow. We will play hide-n-seek in the clouds and make love in the moonlight. This story lets you float and dream. approximately 3,000 words

The Beach Party
A chance meeting in a cafe allows a man to see the most romantic lady that he had ever meet. Cynthia is the lady of his dreams. Her beauty and manner makes her appear unapproachable to the insignificant man. After wrestling with his fears and doubts, he approaches her at The Beach Party and finds his true love and his true soulmate. approximately 3,000 words  

The Butterfly Smiles
Two lady friends attend the social event of the year, the city Valentine dance. To everyone's surprise the most eglible bachelor arrives for the party.
approximately 3,000 words

The Picnic
The Picnic was Tim's last shot to win back the love of his life, Jenny. She was a most beautiful lady who was now dating his best friend. Now that rumors were spreading that Jenny and Roger were having problems, Tim saw his chance. Can Tim win Jenny back without betraying his friend? (Note: This is the story that earn The Devil in Blue Jeans his name GRIN) (written 1998)
Chapter 1 approximately 3,000 words
Chapter 2 approximately 2,500 words
Chapter 3 approximately 2,500 words
Chapter 4 approximately 2,500 words
Chapter 5 approximately 3,000 words

Her Majesty’s Glorious Perfume
A very short story about a lady's perfume that has unbelievable powers (written 1982)  

Lady on the Dock
a short tidbit of a romantic meeting on the seaside. (written 1998)

36 Steps- How To Make Love
Learn about what the 36 steps means and how to use it in your life.
Golden Rules
Tree of Pleasure
Principle 1-5
Principle 6-10
Paper on Foreplay & Afterplay

Airport (Mature)
A man who is taken away on business for a long time, and how his lady greets him on his return. FIRST CHAPTER ONLY NOT COMPLETED

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