Ka Mele Ho`omaika`i
More commonly known as: The Hawaiian Doxology

Ho`onani i ka Makua Mau
Praise to the Eternal Father
Ke Keiki me ka Uhane
The Son with the Spirit indeed
Ke Akua Mau
God Eternal
Ho`omaika`i p
Bless together
K kia ao, k kl ao
Of this day; of that day (everyday) *
Amen (And so be it)

To help with your pronunciation, using phonetic syllabication:

Ho`onani i ka Makua Mau
[hoh oh nah' NEE  kah  mah koo' (w)ah  mau]
Ke Keiki me ka `Uhane
[keh  kei' kee  meh  kah  oo hah' neh  NOH]
Ke Akua Mau
[keh  (y)ah koo' (w)ah  mau]
Ho`omaika`i p
[hoh oh mai kah' ee  POO]
K kia ao, k kl ao
[KOH  KEH ee' (y)ah  ao  KOH  KEH LAH' ao]
[AH meh' neh]

The tune is the same as the doxology in English:

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise him all creatures here below
Praise him above ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

* Not certain of the last line's literal translation. 

If you have the definitive translation, kindly e-mail me. Be sure to refer to this URL:


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