London Masturbation Club
I have long been interested in group masturbation, so I'm putting together an online community for men and women interested in the group masturbation scene.

The purpose of the group is to plan and co-ordinate group masturbation sessions in London and the surrounding areas. 

Membership is open to
both men and women, gay, str8 or bi-sexual.  You will need to be over 18, but there is no upper age limit.  In fact the wider the variety of age ranges the better.

Group Meetings
The aim is to set up montly group meetings.  These are either hosted at one of the group members homes or a london hotel.  For home-based meetings there is a nominal fee (of about 3) to cover the costs of items such as lube and wipes.  For hotel based meets the fee is upped to cover the cost of the room, which we split evenly.  So 10 people in a 100 would pay 10 each extra for the room.

The aim is to get between 5 & 20 people for each session.

Rules and Boundaries
Rules are set in advance for each meeting by consenus on the group message board.  Meetings may be "No Touch" where we simply wank and watch, mutual masturbation meetings or "wank and suck", where oral is permitted.

On-Line Resources
For more information on the London Masturbation Club, email me on

We currently have two on-line homes...

Yahoo users, go to:

Microsoft Network (Hotmail) users, go to:

Note: You will have to sign in using your Yahoo and Hotmail sign-on details.
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