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College is where it all somehow started. It is a stage or period in anybody's life which makes a very deep impression.

I was one of the smallest guy in high school during those freshmen and senior years. I often got intimidated by my fellow students who almost scale a height. And I always been wishing to have one then. All of my parents could tell me is be patient with myself because these things take time. Oh, if only they could imagine what embarrassment , insecurity , self-disgust I felt every time they teased me. They couldn't imagine how my high school peers could be hurting. Talking about peer pressure, I got it, the hard end of it.

Now I needed to boost my self-confidence and self-esteem. I badly needed acceptance, if not appreciation, because I was then a teenager with a problem of my own. they say all teenager go through a crisis of one kind or another. Life was still very dear to me! And I chose to fight in my own little way.

I started to develop those things that I see to have in abundance of. I began to turn into reading , writing, expressing ideas, and growing with principles. I also began to involve myself in a more active participation among groups. Because of these, I suddenly realized that there was something that my teachers have seen in me and trusting in me.

With the trust they've given to me , all I did was to develop my potentials and be well-informed of everything that happens around. I digged my brain a lot.

It was an upward climb after that. With that special recognition I gained during my senior years, I gained appreciation of myself. I like myself now. I wasn't that handsome or tall guy as my well-endowed classmates but I had a beauty within me, the other side of beauty I can say.

Now that I'm already a graduate of college, I' still into reading, writing and will not stop of course. I attribute of all these things that happened to me, to Almighty god, who in his very special way does see all our tears and plight, and in His right tie makes commends for any injustice or unbearable pain and shame that we experience.

Yes, both high school and college days have made their marks on me, scars and victorious both, but as I look back, I'm glad I passed through everyone of them.

-dex nobleza
naga city subd., naga city

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