In Loving Memory of Our Past Ones

This page is dedicated to the members of our 4-legged family that have passed way before their time. They were devoted members of our family and will forever be in our hearts and in our memories.


 Scoozer - our Boston Terrier

Passed away 7 yrs ago to stomach cancer. She was a wonderful dog, full of life and always willing please. I would love to have another one, but I don't think that there is one out there that could fill her paws. 8 yrs old.

Scoozer w/bone

"Lets Play Mom"

Scoozer w/her cat-Garth


Divine's Diamond Duke

Passed away 8/99, he was playing in the yard and lay down to take a nap under the car and never woke up. He was my best companion and true friend, he left us several lovely pups and some of the most cherished memories one could ever ask for. You are forever in our hearts and our thoughts. Rest in Peace sweetheart! 4yrs old.

Duke w/peapod at 5 wks old

Duke waiting for food at the condo in Key Largo, FL

Duke at the beach in Key Largo, FL

Duke w/ his 1st Major


"PR" SSD'S Kachina Cannon - aka Jake

Jake came to live with us in Dec 98 and passed away in Aug 99, he was loved while he was here and quickly became part of the family. We know that he spent the happiest 8 months of his life at our house. He had free run of the yard and lots of play time with his girls and puppies. We know that in doggie heaven, he has a big pool to play in and lots of bones to chew on. You will be missed my friend. 5yrs old.

Jake the day he came to live with us, Dec 98

Jake in his pool, his favorite spot

Jake and Diamond playing tug-o-war







Donnie & Lori Divine

Jacksonville, NC


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**We do not believe in nor engage in the illegal use of this or any other breed. We do not allow aggression in our yard, if you are looking for real game dogs, look somewhere else!! We only breed family dogs**