Night City is an E-mail based Role Playing Game, on Yahoo!Groups.

Like many others of its kind, it is based on the idea that people with supernatural abilities exist. However, it is different from other games in two significant points.

The first is that each player is required to play at least two characters, one Supernatural, and one "normal". This means that there will be interaction between "norms" and "supers" on a deeper level than is usually reached through the use of NPCS.

The Second is that this game is meant for Adults only.
This does not mean, under any circumstances, that this is a pornographic or sexual game. The reason for the limitation is NOT to allow mature content (though there will be slightly more tolerance towards it than generally accepted in E-RPGs). It is to allow Mature Playing. The idea is to create full, interesting and adult characters, on a level that younger players often (though not always) fail to achieve.

This means that we excpect players to devote some time to the game, and to make an effort to achieve high playing quality. For this reason, all new players are auditioned.

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