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AL-1 In Puerto Rico 2001

Would you like to join the official email list of Alabama-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team.   To subscribe send a message   Please include name, DMAT, DMORT, or VMAT Team you are a member with.  If you would like to join our team leave mailing address and/or phone number so we may contact you.  It may take up to 72 hours to approve you for our mailing list.

Alabama One Disaster Medical Assistance Team Inc. (AL-1 DMAT Inc.) is composed of volunteer physicians, nurses, EMT's, technical staff, and non-medical support staff to provide austere medical care in a disaster area or medical services at transfer points and reception sites associated with patient evacuation.  Another important role for DMAT is to offer relief to existing medical providers who are overwhelmed in a disaster situation.  AL-1 DMAT proud to be part of the federal NDMS system and is a Level One Team.

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Thanks for all the members that were on alert status and that help at the Argo Warehouse.....

We still have a lot of work to do at our new Argo Warehouse before May Watch.  Please schedule some time to come by and help out....  

If you go to the Argo Warehouse to work or visit you MUST sign the visitors log (Team members included).

Command Staff Email:

Donna Mason-Smith -  Team  Commander

  Tony Ceci - Assistant Team        Commander

Larry Saunders - Detachment-2 Commander

Guillermo Pierluisi MD - Chief Medical Officer

Sarah McNutt MD - Physician Coordinator

Sarah Tudisco - Finance Officer

Susy Burke - Administrator

Theresa Wright -  Administrative Assistant

David Nash - Logistics & Mental Health Section Chief

Bonnie Vance - Pharmacy Coordinator

Robert "Bob" Buelow - Communications Section Chief

R.T. Bardenwerper - Facilities Manager

Kyle Boyett- Safety Officer 

Laurie McNeilly - Nurse Coordinator

Charles Roe - EMT Coordinator

Jamie Blair - Training Section Chief & Webmaster


Salt Lake City 2002

April Meeting




10th April 2003 7 p.m.

Spring FTX

Will be in Huntsville Area in April 2003...More Information to Come...


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