"DAKAR". -Israeli submarine mystery.

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  The Inquest of INS "DAKAR" and its crew loss in 1968.
                             32 years ago.
25 January 1968 the Israeli submarine "DAKAR" vanished on the way from Portsmouth, England to Haifa, Israel. -In May 28, 1999, the submarine was found near Crete, 500 km from Haifa, in deep 2900 meter of water (near the point of it's last communication with Haifa Navy Base. -At last the "DAKAR" is found.. But as 32 years before, the secret of its mysterious sunk -left unsolved. -The all present explanations of what caused the wreck are doubt because they were not proved. -Below given the supposition of causing the wreck and what occurred with "Dakar" and its crew at night of disaster, 31 years ago, 25 January 1968, -as conclusion after research ruins of "Dakar". This time supposed as there were the technical reasons of the wreck. -But the realty entrance its -correctives. The specific form of wreck-buoy's broken cable gives new version about what in real occurred at -last hours of "Dakar". -We regret if in this version fall an mistake, -for got more accurate answer necessary got more information that in the meantime -ignored. Please read an actual information -Click here!!! Then this version demand be update and be changed. There are several versions of causing the disaster. Up to moment of found ruins of "Dakar" I was sure that it was caught in a -special net( or casually). It was my 1968 th version of "Dakar" lost. Up to day it left as earthly and logical. -Now is clear that my supposition about Optimal Area where found submarine "Dakar" was assumed right. It was found accuracy in a place that I pointed. My letter to Prime Minister -(Year before of "Dakar" found).

The way of "Dakar" running... and .. Sketch of disposition the "Dakar" ruins

  1. The Official Version.
  2. My Opposition against official version.
  3. The research of causing the wreck!
  4. The obtained last data!
  5. Probable reasons for the wreck.
  6. The newsreport from the wrecked ship.
  7. The Crew fought against disaster.
    The men attempt to save the "Dakar".
  8. Experience for rescue drowning men
  9. Unanswered Question. Please Update me!
  10. Why did officials hide information?
  11. What occurred 23, 24 January 1968,
    what was the report from "Dakar"
    one day before occurred the wreck?.
  12. It occurred at 3 AM 25 January 1968.
  13. The wreck occurred here! Probable.
  14. The crack could cause as metall fatigue!
  15. Did What I disclosed in this thesis ?
  16. Recommendation for security.

  17. Thanks the veteran submariners! for help.
  18. The technical data of "Dakar".
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                          How began this thesis

The old version about "Dakar" mystery vanisher.

Dear Submariner,
Your critic and opinions are Important! We are establishing the truth about losing "Dakar" as based on proofs, real facts and circumstances with mechanical, and logical proves.

For disclose the mystery Necessary more information!
Please Update me! Correct me, Object with proves!

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 The Inquest of INS "DAKAR" and its crew loss in 1968.
                         32 years ago.

  The ruins of "Dakar" were discovered by the famous
  wreck, Nauticos Williamson Corporations.
  As it shows the photo, the submarine "Dakar" rests
  on bed of the sea, as it broken on two great parts.
  The main bow's part is directed in angel of ~ 60
  degrees relatively to the smaller -stern part.
  Around the stern are many fragments of submarine.

 The commanders bridge was located 230 meters away.

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The research of the Reasons of Wreck! -Final Update

  The official version of what caused the wreck.
  The current official version of "Dakar" wreck
  based on do not proved supposition of the 
  famous Nauticos Williamson Corporations seekers 
  that found the ruins of "Dakar". Perhaps they 
  supposed that the dent that seen on the stern, 
  occurred as result  of collision of the "Dakar" 
  with another ship.

  I mean that on the time, when these dear men
  answered on the question of media, -they yet
  could not succeed to analyze all data that
  were obtained and to do accurate analyzing.

  But our officials forced to inherit that first
  impression of specialists as final opinion;
  because this formula make free from liability.

  Others why they closed from public no secret data?
  Why they sought for "Dakar" in no expected places?

  -The all present explanations of what caused the wreck
  are left as suspect, because they have not been proved;
  -then the real reason for the wreck is ignored.

    My Opposition against official version.
  If the official opinion as if the 'Dakar' 
  sank as result of wreck occurred because of 
  collision with other ship was correct, then 
  the ship that pushed the "Dakar in its stern's 
  area should to place the submarine horizontal
  sternal helms that composed in half-second
  distance along the submarines running.

  Because the horizontal helms left are not
  placed in this manner, we may not be sure
  this official version is correct.
  There was not an arguments for this version.

  It clear, the dents that is on the hull, could
  occurring as result of high pressure action in
  the deep where it was found.
  Also these dents could occurred as result of
  blow at the moment the stern hit the sea floor.

  There is direct proves that the submarine did not
  sunk immediately as it would be in collision case

  I do not agree with official version of the wreck
  because the negation of proofs are explained.
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The technical version of this disaster. ------------------------------------ I believe another version of what caused "Dakar" to sink, but before of given my text I would wish obtain and analyze the photos and design data of several details that were obtained after "Dakar" was found in order to check myself my version. But I am convinced that the officials are covering-up data and reasons of the wreck and loss of "Dakar" with 69 men crew.. -Then I am not agree to wait more (yet 30 years). Just now I am convinced that between other hypothesized the main reasons of "Dakar" loose is poor design as composition of added tank caused unexpected strong local concentrate dynamic power that acts in the system and so caused uncalculated stress to the hull. Would this changes is necessary then the area of the hull where the tank placed required strengthen by welding a ~ 2.0 x 2.0 meter plate from a 30 or 40 mm steel sheet. The State Controller have to check all proofs. -but this office silence and no answer me.

Up today I got confirmation from the Government Controller Office about receiving my demand of establishing commission for checking reasons of "Dakar" sunk, no more.

The edge of the "Dakar's hull destruction.

The vertical edge is the line of tear the submarine hull, it remember the metal fatigue destroing of a steel sheet. The dangerous Dynamic Powers. ----------------------------- -I suppose that in result of board swing in storm the kinetic energy of a moving tank (that was added) in moments of change the direct of swing turned in strong various dynamic powers that broken the support of that tank (that was welding with hull) and so a hole in the hull was created that allowed outboard water to gush in
As follows from describe the design was flawed.

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  -What caused the sunk and the circumstances of it.
  Did why occurred the wreck ? casual or reasoning?

  For exactly disclose of causing wreck demands proofs:
Please Update me, answer this question! -------------------------------------- 1. 2. As explained me at last, a wreck dam-buoys bound with a ship by a ~1/2" steel cable; the 1.5 meter shred that found with the dam-buoy was crashed as causing in case of a tear and it were not rusty, also the cage of the dam-buoy is not found between ruins. Then the two questions annulled. This update causing changes in the logical picture of disaster, so as we have return to option of intervene any external factor in the hope of submarine "Dakar". I am very regret that no got these information before. 3. The bridge, that flayed 230 meter, does were deformed ? the details that fasten it with Conning Tower does broken? 4. The conning tower has flayed out, but I wish seen the form of it's supports as it seeing now and it bolts. 5. I should seen the photo of brims of the broken hull. Do I can see the photo of submarine from open part site? (at last I have seen the foto of the brims from one (the right hull site's), it remembering as oldness, as fatigue crack destroying of steel. 6. The found ladder is the ladder using for coming up on the bridge, it assembled into Conning Tower. Near the ladder are disposed details of the conning tower shell and its construction. 8. -It was added a tank, based on box or cylindric form branch construction with flanges fasting; -does the 4-8 Ton construction were computed as dynamic and kinematic forges that influence on basis branch body with flange and bolts of them? 9. Perhaps the tank conducted with the Conning Tower construction; then the support of this tank could be influenced (in the storm condition) by the adding outside bending power. 10. Did when the Conning Tower was increase, does it's fasting to hull of submarine were strengthen ? 11. Sizes of bolts, photo of some details after wreck. 12. Do there is a crater in ground around of the stern, near of the helms ? It is deep? 13. Did from "Dakar" were received information about crack that were repaired on the way? where it was?? What occurred 23, 24 January 1968, one day before occurred the wreck; do was reported any problem? 14. Did the intervals between communication with Navy base always was 6 hours or only the last day ?? Does there were reason for change the interval ? 15. From the airplane did could sight a submarine from 100 meter deep of water in the storming sea? 16. Do would the central section with radio station are flooding with water, if watching a possible got communication with Navy base from other point of wrecked submarine ? 17. Would the central section with central command desk flooding with water, do possible turn on a pumps in other sections by individual knife-switch? 18. Would the central section with central command post is flooding with water, do then possible turn on a pumps for raising submarine to surface? 19. Does if it could happen that at time of began searching after "Dakar" yet it do not sunk, but hold on the permission deep and yet a few days?? Then when began search after "Dakar" there is not were found any thing, what usually found in area where submarine sunk, as machine oil, etc.. 20. Probably there not were found the tank and details of its supports between ruins? 21. Please inform me the velocity and direction of the sea flows in the Mediterranean, area with coordinates 34.16 N , 26.26 E ; no far from Crete; in deep of 30 and 100 meter about 25 January. 22. Important to know what ships passed in the 24 and 25 January 1968 about the geographic point with coordinates 34.16 N , 26.26 E ; 23. The form and measures of supports of the tank meantime does not updated, then we calculate the strength of details approximately only. Supposed as reading about Diam 0,6 meter hole. Remember! we think about submarine class T, born in 1944, England ! Each data about special details regarding to the wreck is important for made correct conclusion.

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 There is not any witness of man about disaster as
 caused falling of "Dakar" and his 69 sailors crew
 for 32 years ago. Now is impossible to disclose the
 reasons of occurred without studying attractive data
 that were obtained after "Dakar" found(as photo of
 it ruins, that helps to understand of what realty
 occurred then and so to disclose the disaster.

 But I embark on mission to disclose the truth alone
 without the possibility to see the relevant data.

 I have a real version of happen with "Dakar", but only
 after research all details around of "Dakar" ruins
 will be possible given a based opinion of occurred.

 There is absurd situation, as the officials got
 data but spread for public an improbable legends.
 So cased in the past, the officials got data but
 during 31 years continued seeking after "Dakar"..

 Did why an ordinary data inclosed for research?
 I fill that officials got the attractive data,
 but they watch it inclosed for resisting the
 disclosing the causing loss the "Dakar".

 My opinion regard reasons of the wreck given here
 as analyzed and assumed on real information as data
 that was publicized and obtained after "Dakar" found.

 My recommendation for changes in left T class
 submarines will be written below.

  Describe of conclusions written here,

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  ** Did What I disclosed in this describe ? **
As it seen, my opinion about reasons of the wreck is contrary to officials opinion in all topics.
1. We know that the wreck occurred around 3 AM in 25 January 1968. 2. In the meantime ignorance what realty caused the wreck with "Dakar" in the stormed sea at night of 24 - 25 January 1968 up to 27 January, -Remember that 27 J yet got the signals S.O.S.!
3. There is not proofs that submarine was damaged by any external factor as great ship or other, as it noted officials after "Dakar" found. Also there is doubt for suspect as if the wreck occurred so stark that the ship sunk rapidly. As in the meantime are not proved what caused the sunk, also we could not know about the real ships condition in first time after wreck and its disposition in the first moment of sunk; also we could not know the velocity of sunk. As sow above, there is lack of proofs for suspect an exterior causation of the wreck. Then the official version of "Dakar" falling give impression as no argued fancy. 4. Just now I suspect that is more feasible as the real reason of the wreck could be the changes in the body of submarine by inexperienced engineering; or there is an unknown technical reasons, as their disclose could help to prevent a similar disaster in the future. 5 a.The crack could cause as metall fatigue! 5 b. The analyze prove that in storm the adding tank should tear out from the hull and so would open a leak into the Conning Tower(see p 15); then the crew tried to close this leak outside. 6. As explained, the found bridge was dismantled by man during any time -after wreck; 7 a. The emergency buoy of "Dakar" was pulled out from the desk together with its cable and its house. For this action necessary about three Ton power; then it passible only by partnership of any ship or it could occurred in an exclusively case, as the wreck buoy released in more of 250 meter deep of water. 7 b. These breaking of the emmergency buoy system could happen also in case as the buoy was realised just in the moment of the wreck occurring, as the wreck occurred so quickly and as the ship sunk with high velocity, that caused the break. 7 c. More probable as this action was causing by any foreigner ship that come near "Dakar" for the S.O.S. signal, or come before of the wreck occurred, or any fish-bot passed with a trade fish-net that caught it casually. 7 d. As the dam-buoy was pulled out from "Dakar" it was flight out with it cage and cable together. Then, after any time it was thrown off in the sea in area no far from Crete and so sunk on the bed of the sea, as it cage rest on the ground and the buoy floates above it on the 272 meter and so the buoy for a long time was kept in ~300 meter deep of water, as it was kept fast only by three wires of the damaged cable, that were broken about of seven weeks before of the emergency buoy was found. Click for Topics 8. The disposition the ruins of "Dakar" are witness that -a long time passed after wreck up to moment of dismantle the bridge. 9. From the moment as the bridge dismantled up to it sunk, the submarine succeed drift 230 meter. (in direct of a slowly SouthEast sea's flow). 10. The points of last rest the ruins of "Dakar" and of a little bridge, are last points on the way of the wrecked "Dakar" that drifted under water. If the wrecked "Dakar" drifted about one or more kilometer, then it passed a time, as long as the crew succeed to hold the submarine on the secure permissible deep, before of it final sunk. -As we know when the wreck occurred, as now is ignored the time when the submarine sunk. The aeroplanes that sent on the next days for searching after the submarine could not seen the submarine drifted under the waves. If the "Dakar" up to this time no crushed, then on the surface could not be any proof that shows the wreck. (Look, only after the submarine deep changed up to critical ~300 meter (when the ballast and air tanks and the hull began crushed), then in short time submarine filled water and so quick sank). Does the drift could continuing one day or more? If so, then the final sunk could occurred after the searching for "Dakar" were stopped? 11. Just this time I may give a sure opinion about the last moment of "Dakar" sunk with analytical technical explanation of its finish destroy. Regards to realty position of all "Dakar" ruins, we must suppose that before of meeting(a blow) with the bed of the sea the ship sunk in position as turned with the stern's site down. Then the blow occurred as meeting of the stern with a ground. I suppose as for testing and prove this opinion, in the area around of stern will be found a deep crater in the ground. 12. The ship was destructed on parts as illustrate, as result of meeting with the bed of sea(a blow) (then does not were collision of ships). 13. The dent seen on the stern could occurred with this blow or because of a high pressure in a deep. 14. As already proved, the supposition of our officials as if "Dakar" sunk after collision with any great ship -there consist negation of proofs. Then my explanation the wreck, as caused because breaking the supports of the Conning Tower, or because a crack occurred in hull, with accent on do not succeed design of the composed tank with dangerous fragments, is preferable to others. 15. I would check causing the wreck as not a due fastenings of supports of the Conning Tower with the hull of submarine, then it could be broken and so the Conning Tower could turn from its place and with them to cause destroy of accessories composed into them. The outboard waters could flow into by the broken accessories, as snorkel, or added tank or other. 16. Into the Conning Tower established any tank, that fasting on an open welding construction with flanges bounding the tank with the hull; There is warning attention, that the place should be checked accuracy as dangerous. I do not know the real designing form of this fragment, but it is area of influencing by increase variable dynamic power with action up to 50 000 kGm of bending moment. As the tension in section raised up to 2000 kG per quadrate centimeter. The submarines hull do not were calculated and not designed for adding this tank that caused a new scheme of external locate concentrate powers that acts on the hull. Then before of to do these changes as done required to strengthen the area of the hull by plate of a 30 or 40 mm steel sheet. 17. Were given opinion that there is not an option to find any remains of men in the main, head part of submarine. (This fragment update 14.01.2000 ) The other reasons of wreck could be technological. 18. -The wreck could be occurred due to an imperfect technology of the modifications in the hull of "Dakar"; as do not right choose of materials, or technologic wrong welding process, as it was explained in my appeal to the Ambustman , in 1999. 19. -Or could be inaccuracy execution of the described technological process, even with a due technology. -Or it could happen all these defects together. 20. The fatigue crack of the hull's steel sheet could to turn be a causation of the wreck.
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    There is a place do changes as required:
   Please check and strength the remind details.
1. The thickness of walls and flanges of support that keeps the added tank, should be no less of 100 mm steel with recommendation to changes, Rather to make better constructive design. The area of the hull where the tank placed required strengthen by welding a ~ 2.0 x 2.0 meter plate from a 30 or 40 mm steel sheet. 2. Should not be Hard Contact (bound) between the added tank with the Conning Tower construction. 3. In the meantime I wish recommend to dismantle the added tanks from the "T" class submarines. The open branch should be inclose with flange, or to use the branch as an addition hatch. To strengthen the hull around of the hole. 4. Demands an inspection of the scheme of the keeping of the Conning Tower with the hull in two submarines that continuous serving the Navy. The loading power must be distributed along of perimeter the shell of Conning Tower. 5. Should be added secure valve on the air duct tube in point after the sector Q and to add a siphon system for separating air from water. 6. If the told below is not existing (I do not knew the systems of submarine and no updated about ordering below) then should be established an individual security system for each section with possibility to turn on the emergency pumps system on accumulators from a parallel (by-pass) connected(or individual) emergency desks that should be in each section of submarine.

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     What occurred at night of disaster.
-The wreck happened about 3 AM in a storming night. -Ignorance what really occurred from 3 AM at night of 25 January 1968 up to 26 -27 January. -Just now, before of analyze the ruins of "Dakar", we may make only supposition as possible versions that "Dakar" could be damaged by local explosion, or occurred any cracks in the hull along a weld, or the hull destroyed in it a weak section as result of increase dynamic powers in storm, or as result of collision with other ship, if that will be proven. Or "Dakar" caught in a special net and damaged. Below describe my last, after "Dakar" found version that based on the real data that was obtained. Click for Topics

     The opinion about causing the wreck
 Into the Conning Tower established any tank,
 that fasting on an open welding construction
 with flanges bounding the tank with the hull;

 I suppose that in result of board swing in storm
 the kinetic energy of a moving tank, (that was
 added) in moments of change the direct of swing
 turned in strong various -dynamic powers that
 destroyed the cylindric support of the added tank,
 that is welding with hull and so opened a great
 leak that allowed outboard water to gush in
Click for Topics -Meanwhile there is many of ignorance and mystery. -We do not know why the crew not succeed to set free the second (bow's) emergency buoy. Could be the crew do not busied with it because of uselessness or because of other circumstances. -We know not how much time the crew succeed to fight. -Also up to moment as will be more data we can not know exactly the point on the sea where occurred the wreck and the last kilometer of "Dakar" way up the place of it last rest, because any time the submarine wreck could drift with a sea flow. Probable the drift continued about one kilometer. -My opinion of causing the wreck with "Dakar" and recommends for improving, are written Here. Help me got the data regards of "Dakars" wreck! E-mail me doboris@hotmail.com
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             So occurred the wreck
  Our purpose to report the truth destiny of "Dakar".

  I decide to report real version of disaster
  occurred with "Dakar" as based on knowledge
  and on obtained data, although the officials
  inclosed from public attractive information;
  then the circumstances demands corrective of
  this text in the future. With updating proofs.

  Then I compelled to give my no accuracy checked
  opinion based on optimal supposition that it is not
  happened clash of ships as told officials, but
  the wreck began with a leak causing in other way.

  The text based on proofs, that used with liability
  and logical and engineering experience research.
  - Of course, as the information will be update,
   as will be update the text.

  As it prove above, the official version of
  losing "Dakar" is not logical and not proved
  version told as if "Dakar" was very damaged by
  any great ship that were collision with it.

  As sow, by official version the "Dakar" and its
  crew of 69 men after clash immediately sunk.

  After analyze we draw a conclusion that official
  version is mistakenly( as many other notes ).

  So I wish to explain my version for convince our
  owners of authority in realty of my statement
  regards with causing the wreck and about it.

  In contrary with the official version my
  version based on proofs and logical proves.
  The wreck occurred with a leak, causing others.

 Then we have basis to suppose that the sunk
 occurred not so immediately, as publicized.
 and the crew of "Dakar" fought a long time
 for rescue the submarine and itself.

 The wreck and loss of "Dakar" occurred so:
-As describing, the wreck occurred around of 3 AM in a storming night 25 January 1968. One day before of occurring the wreck were changed intervals of communication with Navy Base from 8 hour interval on the 6 hours interval. I suppose that in 23 January the headquarter got report from "Dakar" about occurring any local disrepair as a crack in hull of submarine that the crew succeed to remote during a short time; then the contacts was returned to old ordering. Others why were changed the ordering intervals of communication in 23 January? -Then the next communication waiting in 8 AM 25 January. Accordance with the last communication with its Navy Base, that made at 00:04 AM in 25 January on the "Dakar" got ordering to delay 24 hours the time of coming home. Then on the submarine changed it running with economic velocity by electric engine; so was running during 3 hours. Then it were decided to change the running under Diesel engine power with use the snorkel system. When the vessel come to surface was a storming blind night, it was difficult seen by periscope the circumstances around, the waves.. The leak occurred so -------------------- Because of lack vision the submarine raised more of wish with inertia. Then any time the submarine were influenced by a strong board swing. Action of dynamic power explained above Probably, during this short time occurred a crack in the cylindric support of the added tank and so caused the leak as opening 0.6 meter hole in the strong submarines hull that allowed outboard water to gush in
Immediately made experience go down lower for relaxing the submarine from waves influence. The Diesel engine stopped. The men released the emmergensy buoy that had goes to surface and sent the S.O.S. signals. -In a short time the central section with main desk and radio point were flooded. Probably all men that there were in that time in the central section have been lost. The doors between other sections of the submarine were hermetical closed as usually. (The submariner could update us if passible to turn up pumps if the central desk is flood). -We suppose the wreck occurred because the tank builded up into the Conning Tower, -turned of from the hull and so occurred a great leak. The crew knew that for coming to the leak necessary to dismantle the bridge composed on the tower. The crew left for us the witness that the men fought for rescue the submarine and itself. Maybe the men has hope to rescue their friends, closed in the flooding central section. The left men decided that the leak possible inclose from outside. -It was the only chance for inclosing the leak. The crew knew here each detail because they took a part in the repair works before. Then several underwater swimmers armed with repairing tools succeed go out from submarine; they goes out during the torpedo camera or in other way; they should to inclose the leak.
-They does the unique for open a rescue way. These men dismantled the bridge and so the aqualungers group opened a way for get reach the leak and to carry out the repair. But they had not the necessary for inclose the leak.

  The proofs are witness.
 The crew left for us the witness that he fought
 for rescue the submarine, as dismantled bridge
 that found 230 meter from ruins of "Dakar")

 The bridge dismantle thesis based on the argue
 by proofs: (for prove of sow will seen that the
 fastens of bridge with bolts does not damaged).

 -if the rests of the bridge left not crushed,
 then the bridge dismantled by man;
 the next prove based on the supposition that
 an opening sheet's construction would not fly
 under water 230 meter along causing by any blow.

 The fact, that the crew dismantle the bridge
 -proves that the leak occurred into town.
Click for Topics From time of dismantle this bridge up to sunk the submarine succeed drift 230 meter. We may to calculate approximately how much time passed..., who know the velocity of a sea flows in this point of Mediterranean (In a short time the velocity will be update). But a veteran seamen told me that in deep of this area the flow could be very slowly; then the time for 230 meter drift should be long. Yet is not know how much time passed before of was given the decision to dismantle the bridge, We have compute the time as the wreck continued move with inertia along of its running; after this began the drift with a sea flow that could occurred a much time after the wreck. The experience to rescue a drowning men. ---------------------------------------
But the crew do not succeed to fight with a debit of the gushed waters. The waters are raised. The crew and the ship were doom. It was clear as there is not option for rescuing; Then it's left the one actual purpose -to rescue a drowning men. When the water raised, as the unique possible shelter in the doom situation turned be the little tank that composed above on the submarine hull(would up this moment the tank do not was torn away, as I supposed). (Would the tank was torn off from the hull then left an option use it as improvised float). Roundly the weight of tank is 4.5 Ton, there is 6 cubemeter of its volume; then the tank could raise about 10 men with minimum balloons of Oxygen. Then the commander decide use this little tank for rescuing of several men as it possible and so to inform the headquarter about disaster or for bring rescue or send mercy for their kinds. So probable that the left men believe that the sent men will succeed to report about wreck and so will bring rescue for all who left here. It was an optimal decide. All sailors of this crew were as brothers, they worked for help one other as could do only a good organized navy crew. In contrary to any means, there were experience sailors, that got a good training, they understand their situation and operated correct and quickly. The crew succeed make a hard work in very hard circumstances, in cold water. All men who could do made a passible for to stop the submarine sunk; -The people usually helpless to fight against a stormy sea in a blind night, closed in a narrow shell that fill with water. But in negation to circumstances and impossible the crew fought and sent the S.O.S. The proofs -are their witness ! As explained above, the bridge was dismantled by men during any time after wreck; so they opened the way to close the leak and set free this tank(then the tank is not found!). In the meantime a part of men prepared the tank for take into several sailors, and so the tank should turn be as a ring-buoy. Then the sailors cut the steel cable that joins the wreck dam-buoy with submarine and bound it with the tank, yet added a life-ropes. Then they dismantled the tank from the hull.. So a little tank began its unforeseen function as a life-float (as several men hold on myself for the life-ropes around of it and perhaps also several men into).

 As proof for thesis that the tank was used
 for rescue of men used its missing between
 of the other remains of "Dakar". In other
 case the tank would be rest between other
 remains of wreck as a flatten steel detail.
 But all could beoccurred others, if
Click for Topics So they took unique chance for rescue men. They believed that their S.O.S will hearing and anyone will save they! Say me, what do you do in this situation as the ship is sinking and the rescue isn't? So the strange float, with several men around began their drift in direct of waves, flows and winds. The sea was near 14 C cold, it was a storming night, or it began the morning of 25 January 1968. The high heavy waves attacked the men and tore off them from their float and the hands become so numb, as they could not more hold the life-rope. Scarcely as a man able to bear all this more of 1 hour. The men that were sent for help were doom. But so or others the life-float continued to drift. Yet in 27 January the radio station of Nicosia got the S.O.S. signals on the "Dakar" buoy frequency, ( because in first two days the tank bound with dam-buoy drifted near of Create ), -but the people who had should hear the signal of disaster ( the Navy base in Haifa), -they did not hear the S.O.S. (The help not sent that day, neither the next day) - But who could understand that into the strange cask there is men(if they was into). But it were seeking the submarine, not any tank. -Realty even would to suppose that the seeking for "Dakar" began at 8 AM, at time when "Dakar" does not made his communication with its base, probably it was to late for given real help. -Up to 8 AM already passed 5 hours after wreck. -But in realty up the time of began of the Navy seeking for "Dakar" passed to much time... -I mean that regard with real circumstances, -the men could be saved only in happy case would in the moment of wreck near of them were passed any ship. Would the S.O.S were got. But it not had happen. (It ignorance what real occurred in this time ). Did what occurred with "Dakar" after moment when the part of its crew succeed loss it? ------------------------------------- We know not exactly if the pumps worked and what time the crew succeed to hold they working. There is not an absolute isolated sections. During the time the outboard water soaked into. Obviously that after the compressed air ended "Dakar" continued slowly sunk, up to 300 meter critical deep passed; then the ballast and air tanks began crushed under the high water pressure(40 ATI) influence in these deep. As the submarine suddenly flooded with water, as began the acceleration sunk (up to 20 km/h). The following occurred so, as explained before. Do what occurred with the drifting tank? --------------------------------------- Obviously that the tank continued drift for a long time and was exploined as strange thing; but could be as hermetic does not was due or the men into tryed goes out, then the tank has filled with water and sank. But for these tank with men could be other end, We have not proofs about occurred during they last drift, but the left proofs shows that the "Dakar" men were sending for bring help. ( the dismantled bridge, do not found remains of the tank, the torn dam-buoy with a specific for 300 meter deep of water of flora remains as in opinion given by the researcher of the Sea Research Institute). The men in real could not left living for long time in circumstances of storm, as occurred. Also the cable that hold the dam-buoy could torn because of storm(with negation to my supposition). or other unsolved reason. Then the reasons of disaster up today left as a mystery. I ask, please to seen my interpretation of disaster with "Dakar" as an individual opinion, based on proofs, that made under liability. My version should be accuracy checked and corrected by official commission that have an exactly regard data, that were inclosed for me. This story occurred maybe does not accuracy as I told it, but it occurred so. I was there. I apologize before of relatives of our falling sailors that my describe caused them a graveness. -I sure that the officials have responsibility for establishing an Expert Commission for check the all improvements, that was made with "Dakar". It necessary for prevention a similar in future. For memory of the falling 69 Israeli sailors. Boris Dobrovensky (This fragment update 14.01.2000 and 13/03/2000)

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 My August 1998 th message to Mr. B. Nataniyahu,
 the Prime Minister, (written Hebrew in TEXT system editor)

                       "צוללת "דקר

                                 ,לא האמנתם לי

     "עם עלייתי ב 1972 הבאתי רעיון שצוללת "דקר
    נתפסה ברשת וכך נטבעה, -כול החכמים בצבא דחו
           רעיון שלי -שכביכול הנחיתי לא ריאלית

  ;הנה ספרו לי שצוללת של סין נתפסה ברשת ונטבעה
 ?ועוד: -איזה אידיאות שלך לחפש "דקר" בים היגיי
                           ?!? איפה ראש יהודי

         ,לדעתי הקברניט של "דקר" היה בסדר גמור
                            ............... המ

       דקר" יש להתחיל לחפש אח ורק מסביב נקודת"
             ! קשר אחרון אתה, ובכוון אופטימלי
        !!! שלא יחזרו לשגויות מטופשות הקודמות

                 בוריס   דוברובנסקי

As seen from text, Year before the submarine "Dakar"
found, I supposed right the optimal area for seeking
after "Dakar" and told and sent to administration.

Now, more of in the past we must note our officials
that for sending during 31 years the expeditions to
seek for "DAKAR" in Hegey and near Alexandria were
not any reason and any logic! -Absolutely, Always!

Sincerely    .    .  . Boris Dobrovensky.

                   -Mechanical Engineer,
            -Odessa's Marine Engineers Institute.

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-In 9 January 1968 -the INS DAKAR crew goes out in the sea and no come back. They are were 69 our sailors... Remember!
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 My Great Thanks for Submariners, "Dolphin" veterans
 Moty Even Hen, Mosheah Moshe, Uri Dotan and others
 and foreigner for helping me, contact, explanation,
 study the specifically details of submarine and so
 helped me going a correct way disclose the disaster.
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