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I began researching my family heritage in the early 1980's. In addition to querying relatives and searching through traditional records, I have used the resources of the Internet and World Wide Web to assist me. The first thing I learned is that although there are a number of RHODENs using the Internet to search for their ancestors, none of them are apparently related to me. This has prompted me to create this web site in the event that there are long-lost relatives out there who are connected to the Internet, but haven't published their own work.
My paternal grandfather, Louis Oscar Rhoden, died in 1957, six years before I was born. My paternal grandmother died in 1983, but due to my parent's divorce when I was very young, I never had the opportunity to speak to her about her and my grandfather's ancestors.
Since being reunited with my father (Leonard Don Rhoden, Sr.) in 1993, we have accomplished a great deal.

The Latest on our Genealogy Search

Louis Oscar Rhoden 1890-1957 Louis Oscar Rhoden

My grandfather was born in Peabody, Marion County, Kansas on October 12, 1890. Evidence indicates that his parents, Ernest and Florentinea, or Flora, were immigrants from Germany. He had two brothers, William and Arthur, and three sisters, Bertha, Anna, and Mary. He moved to Wichita, Kansas in 1908. He married Evelyn Pearl Smith in 1929 and had three children: Louis Eugene, born in 1931; Rose Mary, born in 1936; and Leonard Don (see below), born in 1941. Louis and his wife divorced in 1942.
He worked the last 35 years of his life as a clerk for Rock Island Railroad and died on June 4, 1957. He was a tall man for his time, standing 6'2", with a medium build, brown hair and blue eyes. His wife was also tall (almost 6') and his sons grew to 6'6" and 6'8".
According to my father, Louis was a hard-working and meticulous man and reputedly brewed his own beer. He died only a month after his retirement, his first pension check lying uncashed on a dresser in
his home.
here for more photos of my grandfather.

Leonard Don Rhoden, Sr. Leonard Don Rhoden

My father was born in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas on September 14, 1941. He married my mother, Delores Dianne Malone, in 1962. He had two children by this marriage: Leonard Don, Jr. (see below), born in 1963 and Dana Kristine, born in 1965.
He and my mother divorced in 1966. He married Janice Penner in 1969 and had five more children:
Shaun Eric, born in 1970; Heather Elleen, born in 1973; Donice Marie, born in 1975; Derrick Eugene, born in 1981; and Bryon Donovan, born in 1990.
He and his second wife divorced in 1997.
My father is 6'6" tall and weighs around 280 pounds.
here for more photos of my father.

Leonard Don Rhoden, Jr. Leonard Don Rhoden, Jr.

I was born in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas on March 8, 1963. I may be the most widely traveled of the Rhoden clan, having visited 24 States and the District of Columbia, five of the nations of Europe, and living at various times in Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Florida, our present home.
I've been married twice, but have no natural children of my own. But my wife
Libby and I raised her daughter from a previous marriage, Jamie, and as far as we're concerned, she is our daughter, since I have been her Dad since she was three. She is now a Freshman at the University of Florida studying to be a Nurse like her mother
Physically, I'm 6'3" and a fit 220 pounds. Click
here for more photos of me.

My parents divorced when I was three and I did not know my father growing up. We had no contact whatsoever until I moved to Memphis in 1992. I was unpacking and came across my genealogy materials and decided to finally write my father a letter. I obtained his address in Arkansas through a former co-worker of mine in Wichita, Chad Kallenbach, who knew my half-brother Shaun from high school in Valley Center, Kansas. My dad and I have been exchanging letters and emails ever since.

My sister Dana and I finally saw him for the first time in 29 years in January 1995. My sister and her family and me and my family traveled to Bentonville, Arkansas to meet him and the brothers and sisters we had never seen. It was a happy reunion. Everyone commented on how my father and I looked so much alike.

I have gotten my father's interest up on researching our heritage and most of the photos on this site are from his collection. He also has a great deal of information on my grandmother Evelyn's family, with Smith, Hooven, and Rogers being the surnames. There are quite a number of relatives on that side of the family: my grandmother had two brothers, a sister, 27 cousins, and 16 nieces and nephews on her mother's side alone. When I have successfully traced my Rhoden line back to Europe, I will begin my grandmother's genealogy site.

The Descendants of Louis Oscar Rhoden


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