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Started: 02/15/2000 Updated: 04/08/2002

Satelite of Love

Okay. I enjoy MiSTings. I even enjoy being MiSTed. MiSTing is based on the show, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (hereafter, shortened to MST3K, for easy typing) where a guy (Joel or Mike) and some robots (Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot) are stuck on the Satelite of Love (SOL) by some evil people, most notibly, Pearl Forester, Bobo (Planet of the Apes reject), and Brainguy. The villians --called Mads-- send the crew of the SOL really bad movies (B-Movies), which the human, Tom, and Crow have to watch. The three of them attempt to keep their sanity by mocking --or "riffing" -- the movies.

There are MiSTings for fanfics, too, and several websites that have MiSTings of these fan-written fiction. The MiSTings are all in fun, and not meant to be taken seriously. If the author of a MiSTed fic can take being MiSTed, than the readers of the MiSTed fiction should not take offence, either.

Which brings me to the point of this page. I have decided to try my own hand at MiSTing. I'm going to try and use different groups from my own site (the Bugaloos, the Drak Pack, the Kids from C.A.P.E.R., etc.) for the MiSTings. The premise will be the same for each group --their respective villans have trapped the heros in the SOL, where the heros have to read the fics that the villians send them. None of the groups will MiST their own fanfic stories, nor will they meet, or refer to each other as "fellow captives". No group will be aware of the others' involvement.

The MiSTings will be arranged according to group, as follows:

The Bugaloos:
SOL: I.Q., Joy, Courage, Harmony, Seiko, and Sparky
Mads: Benita Bizarre, Funky Rat, Tweeter, and Wolfer
Allies: Melvin Bizarre, Reiko, and Peter Platter
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly
03/23/2001Practice MiSTingJo AnnPractice MiSTing. I MiST my own MiSTing page!
03/23/2001Spam MiSTing #4SPAMMore spam MiSTing...

The Drak Pack:
SOL: Drak, Frankie, Howler, Draka, Joni, Frost, and Reta
Mads: Dr. Dred, Vampira, Toad, Mummy Man, and Fly
Allies: Count Dracula, Countess Dracula (Beth), Vamprina, and Dractina
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly
03/23/2001Spam MiSTing #2SPAMThe Drak Pack MiSTs Spam.

The Kids from C.A.P.E.R.:
SOL: Doc, PT, Doomsday, and Bugs
Mads: Pearl, Bobo, and Brainguy (who are puzzled about the new residents of the SOL.) Allies: Sargent Venton and Kurt Klinsinger
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly
03/23/2001Spam MiSTIng #1The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. MiST SPAM. What plot?

Sailor Moon:
SOL: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask,
Mads: Queen Beryl, Jedite, Wiseman, and Rubius Allies: Sailor Pluto, Rini, Luna, and Artemus
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly

Max Steel: Team Steel Mystery Science Theater 5000
MiSTers: Max Steel, Berto, & Cat
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly
03/23/2001Team Steel MiSTs SPAM ISPAMTeam Steel MiSTs SPAM.
03/23/2001Team Steel MiSTs SPAM IISPAMMore SPAM MiSTing with Team Steel
04/04/2001Team Steel MiSTs SPAM IIISPAMEven more SPAM MiSTing with Team Steel
04/23/2001Team Steel MiSTs SPAM IVSPAMYou guessed it: MORE SPAM MiSTing with Team Steel
04/23/2001Team Steel MiSTs SPAM VSPAMYou KNOW this already. Guest MiSTer: Rachel Leeds!

Mystery ReBoot Theater 4000: An alternate universe.
SOL: Bob, Mike, Crow, and Tom
MADS: Pearl, Bobo, Observer (Brain Guy), and Magabyte
ALLIES (If any...): The Mainframers
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly
04/04/2001Mainframe Comes Alive: MiSTed! (Almost)A_EinomeBob and Hex takes a trip to the User-world.

Other ReBoot MiSTings
MiSTers: Jo Ann, Wild Card, Hexadecimal, Rab, Lotus
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly
O4/08/2002Hex MiSTs SPAM! #1SPAMHex and friends MiST a Money Saving SPAM

Mighty Orbots
MiSTers: Rob Simmons/Orbots' Commander, Dia, Oh-No, Bo, Boo, Bort, Crunch, & Tor
MADS: Umbra and Shadow Agents
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly
05/20/2001Mighty Orbots MiST SPAM!SPAMMighty Orbots are sent SPAM by Umbra, who has discovered Pearl Forrester's castle.
03/18/2002Mighty Orbots MiST SPAM 2SPAMOnce again, Umbra sends the Mighty Orbots team SPAM, and they MiST it.
03/21/2002Mighty Orbots MiSt "The Captive Commander"Jo Ann/DiaAs Rob and Dia plan their wedding, Umbra sends them an early present: "The Captive Commander", the first chapter of my Shadow Mirror Saga. Rob, Dia, and the Orbots MiST their first fic!

Guest MiSTings
DateTitleAuthorPlot, Briefly

Tom, Mike, & Crow in theater.

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