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Here's a peek into my Bookmarks file, past & present!

Last linkrot check:  July 2002.

Useful utility sites:

Would you give a minute a day to feed a hungry person?  Then please make The Hunger Site one of your daily visits.  It's totally free, paid for by ads.
Wanna to a completely random URL?  Then try a spin on URouLette!
Check out NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day for a daily picture from or about space, descriptively annotated with plenty of links.
Spruce up your desktop with thousands of desktop background photos in many categories that you can have change automatically.  (My desktop background changes every half-hour!)  Includes a great screen saver, too. Visit Webshots for new photos each day.
The best, most accurate search engine out there is Google.  To the point and on-target.
Info on most any movie or actor (& more than a few TV shows): The Internet Movie Database.

Nanotech & other visions of the future:

New Beginnings
 The Artemis Project, a private venture to establish a lunar colony.
 SpaceDev Inc., another private-sector company dedicated to space exploration and development.
 Visit The Long Now Foundation, a group working to promote very long-term thinking.  Projects include a 10,000 year clock and a new Rosetta Stone of most of Earth's languages.
 The Millennial Project shows how to colonize the galaxy in eight steps.
 Live free on the high sea!  The Oceania Web page.  (Still up, but apparently moribund.)
 (Click here to see the flag of Oceania; there's also a newsgroup.)
 Another organization working to build a new, free nation through education, the Libertarian Nation Foundation.
Everything you ever wanted to know about nanotech but were afraid to ask:
Black Hole pic
 An introduction to nanotechnology and nanocomputers for those who want to know.
 The ultra-high-tech BreakThrough! newsletter.  Site's still up, but nothing new since 8/97.
 Nanotech guru Ralph Merkle's home page.
 An electronic nanotech magazine:  Nanozine.
 Zyvex Corp. has a good nanotech page too.
 Check out the Mind Uploading Home Page"Cool!"
 "Molecular Repair of the Brain," Cryonics magazine, January 1994 page 16 & April 1994 page 20.
 And, here's NASA's nanotech site.
 You can read Eric Drexler's Engines of Creation at the Foresight Institute's website.
Visions of Things to Come:  The Future, Today

The wave of the future!  Check out The Extropians"Cool!"
Timely discussions in RealAudio of current events in science & technology:  NPR's ScienceFriday site.
True fact:  the Andromeda galaxy is on a collision course with our own.  Read about it here.
Probably the best futurism site I've seen.  Learn about postbiological life, megascale engineering, and much more at Anders Sandberg's Transhuman Page"Cool!"

Info on Libertarians:

  Statue of Liberty
 Free markets, free minds, free people.  Find out why the Libertarian Party is the Party of Principle!
 Be sure to take a look at the UIUC Libertarian Web!
 Information about many of the Libertarian Party of Illinois' candidates and present officeholders.
 Check out these libertarian pamphlets on the World Wide Web.
 Here's a broader Libertarian Web page with an intro to libertarianism.
 Want the quick run-down on what the Libertarian Party stands for?  Here's a scan of their Statement of Principles (GIF, 56kb).

Great entertainment home pages:

[Anime collage from 'Gundam 0083' and 'Battle
Angel'] Simply the best show on TV.  Ever. Babylon 5 episode guide.  "Cool!"
Here's the Official Babylon 5 Home Page
Max Headroom is still on the net!  Check out Network 23's favorite talking head on the Squares.
Do you know who creepy surrealistic artist H.R. Giger is?  If you've seen the movie "Alien" or any of its sequels, you've seen his designs.
Another good surrealist artist, not quite as spooky, is Salvadore Dali.  (Check out the image archive!)
It's America's favorite dysfunctional animated family, The Simpsons!
JAC WWW page, UIUC's anime club.
Do you like Maison Dreamer?  Take a look at the romantic comedy Maison Ikkoku, from which I derived the name for my website.

Other places of interest:

Search for strings of numbers (like your phone number) in the first 100,000,000 digits of pi at The Pi-Search Page.
Should adults be restricted from viewing whatever sites they want?  Should children be kept from seeing certain purely educational sites?  Learn the truth about net filters and other censorware.
You've got your web page.  (Don't you??)  Now make a statement and show the world how you feel--pins, bumper stickers, and more at
Last but certainly not least, check out my girlfriend Viveka's homepage.  She's got pics from Hawaii!

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