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It's Andrew's Op-Ed Page!

   Here you will find a collection of columns I've written on a variety of subjects, some relevant, some esoteric, some humorous, some serious, some short paragraphs, some long rants.  I am not a political scientist, professional(?) satirist, or even regular writer, and you should read these columns with that in mind.  The date(s) after the article denote when I wrote it.  Ideas for future topics, and constructive (non-flame) comments or critiques of current ones, are welcome.

The Political Arena
We could have world peace if only everyone would do things my way!
Da Future!
So what are your plans for the next 1,000,000 years?
My Personal Beliefs
Me, me, me, it's always about ME, isn't it?
UFOs (Unidentified Freelanced Op-eds)
Or, "None of the above."
Coming Attractions
Coming sometime soon (or whenever I get around to it):

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