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  • Here's a couple renderings of the stunnels:

  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2

  • (These jpeg pictures come from  Mucho thanks to David L. Morgan.) 
       This list is for discussion relating to the various UIUC area tunnel systems, but especially the campus-wide steam tunnels (aka stunnels).  I am Andrew Trapp, list creator & moderator.  This document is to familiarize you with the list.  Please feel free to mail me or, when appropriate, the list with any additional questions you might have that aren't covered here.


       I'm currently running this list off of what amounts to an electronic sling shot.  (Maybe wide-field shotgun would be more appropriate. :-)  I make no guarantee as to the reliability of this list, although to date things seem to be running fairly smoothly.

       If you wish to be added to or removed from the list, or you're having a tech problem with this list, send email to  Be patient with me.  I'll try to get problems worked out ASAP.  Letters sent to will probably be taken care of within one day if it's something simple like a list addition or deletion.  Mail sent to my personal address,, will probably also be answered, but may take longer and is liable to annoy me, so be nice. :-)

       Now a bit about this email list, beginning with its format.  It is unmoderated, as if I could moderate it if I wanted to. :-)  Nevertheless, I expect y'all to show a little *maturity* and resist any urges you might get to flame some unfortunate newbie/idiot.  Also, simple "Me too!" messages (especially the ones that quote extensively) are a big waste of bandwidth and of peoples' time.  Although I have a fairly high tolerance threshold, I will consider BOOTING anyone who extensively abuses this email list.  (Explanation to conservatives:  it's my list right now, so I make the rules! :-)  (Explanation to liberals:  it's for the common good! :-)

       If you want to send a personal message to someone, do not send it to the list.  If a conversation starts in email, keep it there (unless you have the expressed, written (via email) consent of all parties involved in said conversation).  If you are responding to a post, then reply to the list only if it would be of value to everyone (or least a majority).  If the reply is to an individual, then reply to that individual.

       The posting of spoilers (entrances, etc.) is discouraged by the members of this list.  Note that this is the expressed list consensus, *NOT* official list policy.  If at any point you want to discuss a specific entrance, you will receive less flames if you put "SPOILER!" or some similar warning in the subject line.


       A few people have brought up the subject of using PGP on this list, due to the potentially illegal nature of some of the conversations that may occur.  My stand is this:  use of PGP is allowed but NOT required.  Users of PGP should realize that what they encode will be read by a (far) smaller number of list members.  So if you want your message to be read by everybody on the list but you're concerned about legalities, then write it in the third person or hypothetically speaking.  For those interested in obtaining a copy of PGP, it's available at numerous ftp sites. (Type "archie pgp | more" for a listing.)  Although email lists are more private than newsgroups, you might want to play the side of caution anyway.  (Or maybe not. :-)


       This list is dedicated to discussion of the steam tunnels (stunnels for short) here at UIUC, and *related* topics.  Some things to be discussed include (but aren't limited to):  entrances, escapades, stunnel history and future, lore, mapping, and local stunnel issues.  We've had a few get-togethers at Garcia's; no doubt these will continue.  Perhaps in the future we can arrange a SORF-funded Urban Spelunkers Club.  (Yeah, right! :-)


       While stunneling may be of questionable legality (the campus police claim that stunneling is "criminal trespassing"), there are some related activities which are clearly illegal and that I hope you would not be engaged in.  By this I mean stuff like theft, damage to property (e.g. breaking open a lock by force), etc.  Graffiti is questionable, especially permanent stuff like spray paint; (what about chalk?), etc.  Also, one's participation on this list should not by default be construed as conspiracy to commit an illegal act, or condonement thereof.

       Some concern has been noted about participation by minors on this list.  At present I am not restricting access to this list in any way, and that's how I'd like to keep it.  Minors should realize that us old folks might get in a heap of trouble if we were to involve you in some of the activities discussed on this list.  (Which is not to say we'll never involve you!)  Most minors on the net also have access to things like sex & drug newsgroups, porno GIF's, etc.  This list ain 't _that_ bad, but it should be kept in mind that it is intended for *responsible* people.  (Even though there may be times when we don't sound very mature! :-)

    Subscription Info

       The STunnels email list is low-volume, usually less than a message a day on average.  If you'd like to subscribe, or would like to unsubscribe if you're already on the list, send your email address to:

       Well, that's about it.  Sorry if I sound overly restrictive, it's not intentional.  This is my first time as a list manager and I'd like things to go right the first time, if you catch my drift. :-)  So be excellent to your fellow stunneler, and let's stunnel on!!

    Andrew Trapp,,

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