Letters, Journals, Histories, and Other Writings
of, and concerning,
the Yancey Family of America
From the 17th Century Until Present Times
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The Story of the Yancey Family - is the story of America!

The Late 17th and Early 18th Century -

The Nanney-Yancey Connection

Life in Early Virginia

The Virginia Yeoman

The Dilemma Faced by the Virginia Yeoman

The 1704 Quit Rent Rolls of King William County, Virginia

The Leighton/Yancey connection

Manakin Town in Virginia 

The 18th Century -

Margaret Lynn Lewis - American Immigrant - grandmother of Frances Lynn Lewis Yancey

Arlington Yancey Family Estate & Cemetery

Records from Store Accounts concerning early Yanceys of Virginia

Revolutionary War Pension Applications

John Yancey & General Washington

Letters of James Yancey in New York during the Revolutionary War

Sermon of the Rev. Robert Yancey of Louisa County, Virginia

Letters between Daniel Boone and Capt. Charles Yancey

Descendants of Jechonias & Hannah Yancey - Among the First Fruits of the Methodist Movement in America

The Murder of Henry Yancey of Louisa County, Virginia

William & Nancy Yancey Miller at Boonesboro and Fort Paint Lick

Rosa (Faulkner) Yancey Speaking of Her Husband's Family

Early 19th Century -

Yanceys of  Yanceyville, Louisa County, Virginia

Robert Shepard Letter

Life in Caswell County, North Carolina 1810 - Bartlett Yancey

George Yancey (son of Capt Robert Yancey?) - killed at Raisin River Massacre

Joel Yancey of Bedford County, Virginia

Memories of William Tudor Yanccey

Writings of Jeremiah Yancey concerning his exploration of Central Florida

Speech of Charles Yancey to the Agricultural Society of Buckingham County, Virginia and other writings

Charles Yancey of Buckingham County, Virginia - FreeMason and associate of Thomas Jefferson

Court Martial of Robert Leighton Yancey of Louisa County, Virginia

Letters from Thomas Jefferson to Major Joel Yancey of Bedford Co., VA

Letters from Thomas Jefferson to Col Charles Yancey of Albemarle Co, VA [another site]

David Yancey of Louisa County, Virginia

Was Mary Yancey really a Witch?

Senator Joel Yancey of Barren County, Kentucky

Family Letters of Robert & Agnes Yancey of Mecklenburg Co., VA

A Tribute to Joel Yancey (1796-1865)

Yanceys involved in the Gold Rush of early California and Nevada

Annie Elizabeth Yancey - her experience with early Plastic Surgery

Charles S Yancey and the Osage Indian War in Missouri

Thomas Yancey and the Bell Witch

Two Yancey sisters and the Yellow Fever Epidemics of New Orleans  

The Civil War and the Question of Slavery

Interviews With Two Confederate Soldiers

Memories of Uncle Jake & Aunt Nancy

Letters from John H. Yancey, Union Soldier, at Vicksburg, Mississippi

The death of John Yancey, Confederate Solider

William Lowndes Yancey, Orator & Secessionist of the South

Excerpts from Speech of Major Charles Yancey

Information concerning Lewis Yancey Christmas

Letter written by William Howard Yancey

Letters written by Mary (Gibbons) Yancey

Letter written by James E. Yancey

James Monroe Yancey, Confederate Soldier

Slave Narrative of J H Banks

Other Slave Narratives

Records of Yancey Slave Holdings

Charles Yancey - emancipated slave

George Washington Yancey - slave faithful to the Confederate cause


Post Civil War Era

John F. Yancey of Yellowstone Park

Early Mormon Converts among the Yancey family

Adam Yancey, Mormon Missionary

Robert Davis Yancey of Lynchburg, Virginia

William Yancey, Pioneer and Miner of Arizona

Flournoy Yancey - and his search for Jesse James

Yancy Emigration to Liberia Africa


The 20th Century

Yancey Indian Fighters of Texas

Am Yancy - Hunting Tales from the Ozarks

Robert Davis Yancey's views on Prohibition

Murder of Jesse B & Zula K. Yancey

Cyrus Yancey in World War I

Lewis Alonzo Yancey - noted Navigator

Yancey Brothers of Atlanta, Georgia

Patrick Henry Yancey, Catholic Priest

William Paul Yancey, soldier

Becky Yancey - My Life with Elvis

Edward B. Yancey - Vice President of duPont

John Yancey - Korean War Veteran


Approaching the 21st Century

Bert Yancey, Golfer

Philip Yancey, Christian Author

Dwayne Yancey, Author

Paul Yancey, Biologist

William Hugo Yancey, Author and Educator


The New Millennium

September 11th and the Death of Vicki C Yancey

September 11th and the Death of Kathy Yancey Laborie

Tom Yancey at Oklahoma City

Shirley Yancey and the Peanut Museum  [More info] [More info]

Dustin Allan Yancey - killed while serving his country in Iraq

Three Yancey Brothers Serving in Iraq



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