East Piedmont Armor Club
Our club is based primarily in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. We came together to be able to build large scale radio control armor in the 1/16 to 1/6 scale range. The members of our group have access to mills and lathes as well as foundry, spin casting and vulcanizing capabilities.Our first project is the Soviet T-34/85  in 1/6 scale.

There are 7 T34 models planned for the members of the Eastpac group. The primary construction is aluminum. All the running gear is cast either in aluminum or in the case of the tracks zinc alloy. The tires are actual rubber for high detail. There are a few resin parts such the drivers hatch and muffler shields, some models has these items cast in aluminum. The turrets are made from fiberglass.

There are no plans to reproduce this tank any further than the 7 tanks already built. We like to thank the AAF Museum in Danville, VA. which kindly allow our group access to their T34-85 for pictures and measurements. Please visit this great museum at the link below and offer your valued support!

Updated 1/20/2008
Time flies by so quickly, it really only seems that we started this project only a few short years ago. The constant comment of "Just a few more weeks" over the past 4 or 5 years has I think become our motto. My family is glad to see the model close to completion as I. Of the original 5 guys that started this project, there are 2 of us (James Miller) left that continue to work with the T34-85 model project. Without the intial work by others in the group we would have never got this far.

We've tried many ideas and learn much more as time has marched forward. For myself, I honestly planned on a year from beginning to end for this project. After I built the first model I had many design changes and ideas I wanted to do with my personal T34-85 model. These changes included gas motors, better responding shock absorbers, better detailed swing arms, turret rotation ideas, sound, smoke... well you get the idea. Each change turned into a project unto itself.

Now here I am at the beginning of 2008 with 95% of my personal model complete. Of course I didn't spend every waking moment working with the tank model as many times I needed a break from the project for a month or so at time.  Now I close to be able to actually take the model out and show it off a bit. A few friends have ask what I plan on doing with the T34-85 model now its just about complete. A nice display case with a very large sign pasted on the front reminding me not to do this again comes quickly to mind. They have also ask if I plan on doing another model.

Truthfully I'm not sure if I have it in me to scratch build another large scale RC tank. Although my buddy James Miller has his eyes set firmly on a Panther and I do admit to looking too much at the design details. The question of "How can we make that part?" has begun to run around my empty little of late.

Some of you have noticed the layout of the EastPac web site changing a little recently. I hope to add some more up to date pictures and video as time permits. If you are interested in building a large scale RC tank model, I urge you to check out our new forum posted below. Many of the best builders visit the site and are always interested in helping others.

Rusty Bates
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If you are interested in running your RC tank on the largest indoor battleground built for RC tanks ?
Check out the pics on the largest indoor battleground in the USA.
Only at the AAF Museum in Danville, VA.

Click here to see the 1/16 RC battlefield
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Metal Casting
Road wheels
Making the tracks

Lower hull

Shop pictures

Spin Casting
Building rubber tires

Turret details for the T34 model

Upper hull

The real T34-85

Suspension shocks for the T34 model


Tank in progress1

Tank in progress2

Swing Arms
Smoke units
Model pictures
Sound effects unit
Smoke unit section now complete. Click link above.
Interested in building your own MP3 sound effect unit for less than 100 bucks.
The sound effect unit page almost complete, now with sound clip. Click above link.  
A few added pictures of the one of the T34-85 project, this model was built by J.R. Bates and is now owned by Dick Bernier. The model is 95% complete with electric motors installed. Some high detail parts are still needed a complete model. The final weight with batteries and motors installed is 175 pounds. The turret rotates and the main gun elevates up and down. James Miller and son are shown standing with the model as my own daughter in the lower picture. This the second model to be completed with electric motor drives.
Looking for a transmission for you tank? Check out
Cerjak Trannies
A few questions answered about the T34 model seen here.
The latest model I've worked with uses wheelchair motors. The motors are controlled by a wheelchair controller in the following video. This is a great way to test your models without the worry of blowing your ESC due track alignment problems
You can see a short clip of the tank moving up and then back down off the ramp at:

Tank Movie
The T34 in the above clip is now under remote control with a ESC package from Joe Sommer's Anvilus Products. The following clip is of the tank with turret control and ESC control of the tank tracks.
Tank Movie #2

Have a question about large scale tank building? Interested in building a large model but not sure where to start? Want to chat with others who have been there? Well then you can start right here at our new forum for Large Scale RC military models. CLick on the link below.
Large Scale Models
Coming soon!
Turret rotation upgrading
Building your own sound effect units for less than 100 bucks!
Partial page complete see above.

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