Descendants of

Edward Boykin

1650 - 1728

This report shows the nine generations of the

Boykin Lineage from

Edward Boykin

through the family of

Lynch Horry Deas Boykin, Jr.

(As researched and documented by L. H. Deas Boykin, Jr.)

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1. Edward Boykin was born about 1650 in Huntingdon, England. He died on May 27 1728 in Isle of Wight County, Va.. Research completed by Lynch Horry Deas Boykin Jr., born at Pine Grove, Boykin, S. C., February 7, 1921.

The name BOYKIN means an endearing diminutive of boy.

A New England Dictionary of Historical Principles, by James A.H. Murray says: BOYKIN (Borkin), a little boy used as a term of affection, 1547.

Ewen's SURNAMES p. 164 shows "Huntingdonshire Names, A.D. 1327" List of payers under the 20th year of King Edward III, "Joh'n Boykin". Joh'n, undoubtedly intended for Johann, gives us a connection to the continent where we find in Randt's SECAUZ ARMORIES PAYS-BAS ET DES POYS AVOISINANTS OF BELGIUM, LUXEMBOURG ALLEMANE ETC., reference as follows, translated: "Godfrinus Boiken, a gentleman of Brusselles in 1286, was granted arms where the shield had a chevron ten billettes (litters) which were arranged 2 & 1, in each upper corner, and 1,2 & 1 in the lower portions Etrangers, "Forenign Boiken was also of the same stock, and lived in 1300.

Jules Wignielle, in his book on the arms of this same locality, says, "the field (or background of these arms) is silver, and the billets are blue. The chevron is red. He gives the crest to go with the shield which is a pair of wings (one blue and the other silver) with a billet poised in front of them on the wreath of silver and blue.

"These arms would indicate the bearer had borne many important messages with fleetness and honor, and was awarded the red chevron for this, and other service. If a "Foreign minister" as the sign of this cross indicated, no doubt he was the conveyor of many important messages."

Another reference in Randt's book is translated: "Nicholas Boykin, a gentleman of Breda in 1376/7, was granted arms, which bore only 'one fleur-de-lis' on his shield."

From the noted Boykin (Boiken) reference it appears the family was of Flemish Celt origin. The Boykin family was successfully established in the jurisdiction of Brusselles and Breda as early as 1286. At least one of the family must have migrated to England and was paying taxes in Huntingshire by 1327.

A Jarvis or Jervase Boykin, came to Charlestown, Mass. from Charing Cross, Kent, England, with one servant in 1635/6. He, a Carpenter, moved to New Hampshire in 1639. He married and had issue: Nathaniel Boykin, b. 1641, bapt. 9/11/1642; Bethia Boykin, bapt. 4/30/1643; Sarah Boykin, 1/18/1646. He died Jan 1662 leaving widow and children Nathaniel, Sarah and a daughter Bethia (Boykin) Dennison.

"My Uncle, Lemuel Whitaker Boykin (Buck), b. 11 28/1861, d. 6/4/1932, always contended the Boykins came from Russia. While I was employed employed at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (1965-1958), I was informed of a town of Boykin, in White Russia, by one of the Garden's security guards, who was a native of that area. Elizabeth McCrae (Boykin) Wells, a columnist who started out in New York City, travelled widely through Europe, Asia and Africa informed me, some fellow columnist from Russia, told her in 1932 of a town called Boykin, in White Russia."

There are no records of any Boykins in Virginia preceding to 1670. On the records are many New Englanders having come down to Birinia by water as this mode of transportation to and from Virginia and New England Colonies was used almost entirely. The Boykin family in Virginia may have migrated from New England to Virginia, however, the first Boykin appears in Virginia records in 1670 as Edward Boykin. He is referred to as a boy. He rented or leased land in that year (1670 by Fathergill). HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF THE BOYKIN FAMILY, by Anne Jacobs (Boykin) Murphy (Mrs. Robert Neal Murphy), p. 1-5.

Edward Boykin, b. about 1650, possibly came to Virginia with friends or relatives; as a family member, and included in sponsors land patent. Records in co. Kent, England, refer to the Boykin Family as Yeomen )a gentleman farmer, who owns a small estate in land). Before 1635, the family resided in Charing Cross, co. Kent.

He settled in the Blackwater country of Upper Parish of Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. In 1685, he was granted 525 acres of land by Francis, Lord Howard, Governor of Virginia, in Isle of Wight Co., for transportation of eleven persons into the colony, etc., 4/201685 (p. 580, SEVENTEENTH CENTURY ISLE OF WIGHT). In 1678, before his grant, he owned land. On 7/3/1678, Edward Boykin had land adjoining that of Nicholas Cobb, who sold Thomas Tooke land adjacent to Edward Boykin. On 1/23/1690, Edward Boykin had land grant from Nathaniel Bacon for transportation of four persons, 162 acres (Ibid. p. 605). Arthur Allen sold him 525 acres at Blackwater, 8/9/1692 (Ibid. p. 649). Again on 2/5/1702, Arthur Allen of Lawnes; Creek Parish, Surry Co., sells to Edward Boykin, Upper Parish of I. of W. Co., on half of 800 acres of land granted said Arthur Allen and Wm. Wdwards, late of James City (Ibid. p. 649). Edward Boykin held 1100 acres of land in the Wuiet Rents of 1704 (Ibid. p. 698; HISTORICAL SOUTHERN FAMILIES: II:116; THE PLANTER OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA, by Baker, p. 195).

Edward Boykin, Sr., was approximately twenty-eight years of age in 1678, a land owner, planter, home owner and probably had a wife with whom to share his residence. It is the opinion that Ann Gwaltney was his second wife, for reasons as follows:

1) John Boykin was named co-executor in the Will of his father. The English law of premeogeniture states the right of the eldest son to inherit the property, title, etc., of the parent to the exclusion of all other children.

2) William Gwaltney, Sr's Will item, states; "I give my grandson Edward Boykin one cow", which suggests that Edward Jr., was the first born of Edward Sr. and Ann (Gwaltney) Boykin.

3) Age of Edward Sr., born 1650 and Ann, born c. 1686.

4) John Boykin's descendants are a full generation ahead of his brothers, Edward Jr., William and Thomas by the year 1777; that is, John's lineage had advanced to the sixth generation. The other three lines seem to have reached the fifth generation by end of 1780. (Chart by Richard manning Boykin, p. 7).

It is probable that Edward Boykin, Sr's first wife was Miss Marshall and the mother of John Boykin. John Marshall bought land in Isle of Wight Co., Va., in 1638, had sons, John and Humphrey, whose families also had issues. (SEVENTEENTH CENTURY ISLE OF WIGHT, p.. 332-3).

Other sources (Boddie) say the Edward died on January 4, 1725 and the date normally given of May 27, 1728 was actually when his will was probated

Ann Gwaltney (daughter of William , Sr. Gwaltney and Alice Flake) was born about 1652. She died in 1729. Edward Boykin and Ann Gwaltney had the following children:

  • +2 i. William W. Boykin.

    +3 ii. Thomas Boykin.

    +4 iii. Mary Boykin.

    5 iv. Edward , Jr. Boykin was born in 1701 in Isle of Wight County, Va.. He died on Dec 24 1745 in North Hampton Co., N. C..

  • Edward Boykin and Miss Marshall had the following children:

  • +6 i. Edward Boykin.

    7 ii. John Boykin.

    8 iii. Thomas Boykin.

    +9 iv. John Boykin.

    +10 v. Francis Boykin.



    2. William W. Boykin died in Apr 1731 in Kershaw Country, S.C..

    William W. Boykin and Ann Burwell had the following children:

  • +11 i. William W. Boykin.

    +12 ii. John Boykin.

  • William W. Boykin and Margareet Vickers had the following children:

  • 13 i. Thomas Boykin.

    14 ii. Martha Boykin.

    15 iii. Simon Boykin.

  • 3. Thomas Boykin.

    4. Mary Boykin was born in Isle of Wright, Va..

    She was married to George Rotchell in 1751 in Southampton Co., Va..

    6. Edward Boykin.

    Judith Hill (daughter of William Hill) was born on Feb 22 1722/23. She died in 1743. Edward Boykin and Judith Hill had the following children:

  • +16 i. Soloman Boykin.

    17 ii. Benjamin Boykin.

    18 iii. Edward III Boykin.

    19 iv. Thomas Boykin.

    20 v. Hardy Boykin.

    21 vi. Martha Boykin.

    22 vii. William Boykin.

  • Edward Boykin and Mary had the following children:

  • +23 i. Jesse Boykin.
  • 9. John Boykin was born in 1679. He died on May 5 1729 in Isle of Wright, Va..

    10. Francis Boykin was born in 1700. He died on Aug 1 1761 in North Hampton Co., N. C..

    He was married to Millicent Williams in Bertie County, N. C.. Francis Boykin and Millicent Williams had the following children:

  • +24 i. John , Sr. Boykin.

    +25 ii. Anne Boykin.

    +26 iii. Mary Boykin.

    +27 iv. Francis Boykin.

    28 v. William Boykin.

    +29 vi. Mildred Boykin.

  • Francis Boykin and Sarah Wall had the following children:

  • 30 i. Selah Boykin.

    31 ii. Henry Boykin.

    32 iii. Charles Boykin.

    33 iv. Elizabeth Boykin.



    11. William W. Boykin was born in 1710 in Southampton County, Va.. He died in Apr 1760 in Camden District, S.C.. William received grants of land from the British Crown on Town Creek, Seift Creed, and Wateree River in Kershaw County near Camden, S.C..

    He was married to Elizabeth Bryant in 1750. Elizabeth Bryant was born in Northampton Co., S. C.. William W. Boykin and Elizabeth Bryant had the following children:

  • +34 i. Burwell Boykin.

    35 ii. William Boykin.

    36 iii. Elizabeth Boykin.

    +37 iv. Samuel Boykin.

    +38 v. Francis Boykin.

    +39 vi. John T. Boykin.

    40 vii. Amelia Mildred Boykin was born on Dec 22 1757.

  • 12. John Boykin died in Mar 1795 in Southampton Co., Va..

    16. Soloman Boykin died in 1771 in St. George's Parish, Ga.. He was born in Isle of Wight County, Va..

    He was married to Ester about 1741. Soloman Boykin and Ester had the following children:

  • 41 i. Solomon Boykin.

    42 ii. Dorcas Boykin.

    43 iii. John Boykin.

    44 iv. Hardy Boykin was born in 1745.

    45 v. Francis Boykin was born in 1745. He died in 1750.

    46 vi. Tobias Boykin was born in 1747.

    47 vii. Jesse Boykin was born in 1749.

    48 viii. William Boykin was born in 1751.

    49 ix. Olive Boykin was born in 1760.

  • 23. Jesse Boykin. Was living in Edgecombe Co., N.C., in 1768. (Ancestral Records and portraits, p. 45)

    24. John , Sr. Boykin died in 1777 in North Hampton Co., N. C.. On December 10, 1766, John Boykin received from Robert Williams, Richard and mildred (Boykin) Wall, and William and Selah (Boykin) Pace, parts of two tracts of land in Northampton County, N.C., for "love and natural affection.." these coming more particularly from the Walls and the Paces. Of these tracts, one, called the "new" tract, had been patented by his father Francis Boykin, and the other, called the "old" tract, had been patented by James Turner and sold by him to Francis Boykin.

    Mary Deloach of Northampton deeded to John Boykin of same, land in Northampton County formerly called Bertie on Cypress Swamp formerly belong to Francis Boykin and devised by him to Samuel Deloach lately. November 9, 1772. 1135(185) Deed Book 5.

    John , Sr. Boykin and Sarah Hart had the following children:

  • +50 i. Jeremiah Boykin.

    +51 ii. John , Jr. Boykin.

    +52 iii. Jesse Boykin.

    +53 iv. Burrell Boykin.

    54 v. Harriett Boykin.

  • 25. Anne Boykin died before 1768.

    Robert Williams Rev. died before 1768. Rev. Robert Williams was a Baptist Minister of Northampton County, NC and leter Society Hill, S.C.. Anne Boykin and Robert Williams Rev. had the following children:

  • +55 i. Celeste Anne Williams.
  • 26. Mary Boykin.

    Samuel Deloach was born in Edgecombe County, N.C.. Mary Boykin and Samuel Deloach had the following children:

  • 56 i. William Deloach.

    57 ii. Jesse Deloach.

    58 iii. Samuel Deloach.

    59 iv. Solomon Deloach.

    60 v. John Deloach.

    61 vi. Averilla Deloach.

    62 vii. Selah Deloach.

    63 viii. Molly Deloach.

    64 ix. Millie Deloach.

  • 27. Francis Boykin.

    29. Mildred Boykin.



    34. Burwell Boykin was born in 1752 in North Hampton Co., N. C.. He died on Aug 17 1817 in Mt. Pleasant, Camden S. C.. As gathered by L. H. Deas Boykin, Jr., born 1921.

    From the Camden Gazette, 8/18/1871, "Departed this life, yesterday morning (8/17/1817) at his seat of Residence (Mt. pleasant) near this place, Burwell Boykin, Esq., one of the oldest (66 yrs.) and most respectable inhabitants of this District." His tombstone states:

    The Father of 11 sons and 7 Daughters.

    He was upright and just man in all

    his dealings with the world.

    An honest man is the noblest

    Work of God.

    (From the South Carolina Historical magazine, Vol. 25)

    He moved with his parents to Camden District, S.C., c. 1755, where on 3/26/1756, a conveyance was made to William Boykin by Ann Sinnexon, formerly Ann Duyett, of 300 acres in Fredricks Township, adjoining lands of Benj. McKinnie, near Town Creek (Bk. R-R, p. 369). He possessed in a high degree the family qualities of enterprise and sturdy manhood. He too was militant patriot of the Revolution, ever ready to respond to the call of Marion, Sumter and other leaders.

    He was an eminently successful planter, and acquired a great deal of choice land, in c. 1773 he acquired 400 acres in grants; in 1776 he bought land, the Town Creek tract, to be known as Fredericksburg Town, amounting to 1050 acres, from Major Pierce Butler of Charleston, S.C., for L7300; surrounding his father;s settlement, extending from Town Creed to the lower side of Swift Creek; including the mill on latter stream, now the property of the estate of the late Lemuel Whitaker Boykin II; Hickory Ridge, Swamp, and Stoney Hill plantations. He drew indents of land for military service during the Rev. War, in which he served, 30 days of military duty as 1st Lt. of Mounted Rangers, in his brother Francis Boykin's Co.; and he supplied provisions and forage for the continental troops. (History of the Boykin Family, Dr. Edward M. Boykin, 1876; Our Children's Ancestry, Sally Cantey Whitaker Allen, 1935; Royal Grants, 23:652; State Grants, 11:647)

    He was elected by the District Eastward of Wateree River to serve in the eighth General Assembly (1789 - 1790). Locally, he served in the following positions: (1774 - 1775) Vestryman of St. David's (Greg's Old Cheraw's, p. 227); in 1795, commissioner to approve of securities offered by the sheriff of Camden District; in 1797, he was included in a list of persons given exclusive right to open a canal from Pint Tree Creek to the town of Camden; in 1778 and 1798, he served as road commissioner (St. David's journal, P. 31).

    Burwell married twice, they were both daughters of William Whitaker, a descendant of Whitaker family of Jamestown, Va., whose member Rev. Alexander Whitater, the Prophet, baptized Pocahontas, (painting of occasion in rotunda of U.S. Capital) and later performed her wedding ceremony; the first wife, Elizabeth Whitaker, a daughter of Catherine (Wiggins) Whitaker, was born 9/7/1760, died 10/2/1887, and married in 1782. The second wife, Mary Whitaker, a daughter of Mary (Lenoir) Whitaker, was born 12/3/1776, died, 10/7/1838, and married in 1792. (Quaker Families of S.C. & Ga., William F. Medlin, p. 128; Ann Jacobs Boykin Murphy, History and Genealogy of the Boykin Family, p. 42).

    He wrote his Will a few days before his death, and Burwell divided his estate among his wife and children. Monetary bequests made by him were in excess of #38,000. A lengthy inventory of his estate lists 288 slaves and shows a property value of nearly $143,000. (Kershaw C. (WPA) Inventories, 1782 - 1823) p. 438-448; Jersgaw Co. (WPA) Wills, 1(1770 - 1841), p. 245-249).

    In 1812 Burwell Boykin built his home "Mt. Pleasant", south of Camden, S.C., in the sand hills. This old Country-house was kept by Burwell's widow Mary as a home for her own large family, and a center of hospitality for relatives and friends. The country behind it for sixty miles was a forest of primeval pine and oak, abounding with deer and other game. The horse, horn, hound and chase held sway, rooms filled with guests; there was plenty everywhere, and enough for all. Her large family of sons living with her, made it sort of an Osbaldistone hall, save the hard drinking, that could not be, for a true high hearted woman held the reins, and a mother and sister's influence was over it all. Neighboring estates where occupied by relatives and friends of similar tastes and pursuits; the Canteys, Chesnuts, Whitakers, Langs, McRaes, Deas, Hopkins, English and Ancrums. Those were as feudal times touched with chivalry and romance. And a deer hunt in July, or a fox-hunt at Christmas was like a Highland gathering. (History of the Boykin Family, Dr. Edward M. Boykin, 1876).

    Tradition states, the lumber for building the home cut and dried for two years, and the logs were hand hewn. The house was built on a sandstone foundation which was found on the plantation. The chair rails along sides of walls were of one continuous long strip of pine. The dining room table which seated 45 people, was bought by Mr. Walton Ferguson. Mrs. Burwell Boykin (Mary Whitaker) had an avenue of red cedar (Juniperus Virginian) planted from the front door straight down to the river. The side porch, on the south, was added by Mary (Whitaker) Boykin. (Much of this information was given to me by Cousin Margaret, Mrs. Newton C. Boykin, Beechwood, Camden, S.C..

    As I recall, the home was three stories high, with the bottom floor being one full story high, the basement was divided into several room-like areas, without doors, probably used for storage of vegetables, the walls were like balesters from about 3 to 4 feet up to the sill of the next floor. The floor was of 8" square bricks, 2" thick, which were made by the slaves. The ceiling was about 7 or 8 feet. The ceilings were 12 to 14 feet high on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The rooms were large, about 12 feet sq., being two on either side of an 8 ft. wide hall, being about 24 feet long. The front entrance had a porch about 8 ft. sq.. On the door was a sterling silver door knob and knocker. Above the front entrance porch was a room on the second floor. The doors and windows were spacious but well proportioned to permit cross ventilation. Across the back was a porch with a small room at each end, which probably served for storage or to serve the dining room from an outside kitchen. There was no bathroom or necessary facilities, so their must have been an outside necessary, or chamber and slop buckets under each bed.

    Mt. Pleasant" passed into the hands of Burwell Boykin's grandson, Thomas L. Boykin, the to Sally and Minette Boykin, who later sold it to Mr. & Mrs. john Calvin Hill (Filed and indexed 9:30 A.M., 1933, and recorded this the 18th of April, 1933, Sallie W. & Minette C. Boykin to John Calvin Hill. Mrs. hill, Isabelle, secretary to Mrs. Clare Booth Luce, mother of Ambassador John C. Hill, and sister of Martha (Hill) Luce Williams, Mrs. David R. This property then passed to a Boykin descendant, David R. Williams, then to my Uncle, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Blackwell (Dixie) Boykin. During the ownership by Dixie and Barbara, extensive restoration, including adding bathrooms in the hall upstairs took place. During this period of time (c. 1947) an electrical fire occurred in the wall of the nursery, and being constructed of heart of pine lumber, there was little chance of saving the house from total destruction.

    Burwell Boykin and ? had the following children:

  • 65 i. Stephen Henry Boykin was born in 1774. He died on Mar 29 1855. As gathered by L. H. Deas Boykin, Jr., born 1921.

    "We regret to announce the death of this gentleman, which occurred on Thursday night the 29th. Mr. Boykin was 81 years of age, and highly respected, and for many years occupied an honorable and useful position, as one of the oldest and best surveyors in the State. We have no doubt, but that her has often in the judicious discharge of his duties, reconciled many adverse parties and consequently prevented a great deal of unnecessary hard feeling and litigation." (The Camden

    Weekly Journal, Tuesday, April 3, 1855, Tho. J. Warren, Editor.) He witnessed the Prenuptial Agreement of Burwell Boykin and Mary Whitaker, dated 12/4/1793.

  • Burwell Boykin and Elizabeth Whitaker had the following children:

  • 66 i. Burwell Boykin was born in 1783.

    +67 ii. Francis Boykin.

    +68 iii. Elizabeth Boykin.

  • He was married to Mary Whitaker (daughter of William Whitaker and Mary Lenoir) in 1792 in S.C.. Mary Whitaker was born on Dec 3 1776 in S.C.. She died on Oct 7 1838 in Camden, S.C.. She was buried in Buried in the Boykin Cemetery near Camden on the Plantation of Thomas Boykin.. Burwell Boykin and Mary Whitaker had the following children:

  • +69 i. Alexander Hamilton Boykin.

    +70 ii. Katherine Boykin Boykin.

    +71 iii. Samuel Boykin.

    72 iv. John Boykin was born in 1797. He died in 1865. John Boykin graduated from S.C. college in 1814. He built the Swift Creed Baptist Church at Boykin Mill. He died on his knees in church and is buried under a large Oak tree.

    +73 v. Thomas Boykin.

    +74 vi. Lemuel Boykin.

    +75 vii. Amelia Boykin.

    +76 viii. Mary Whitaker Boykin.

    +77 ix. Sarah Boykin.

    +78 x. Elizabeth Tunstall Boykin.

    +79 xi. Burwell Boykin.

    +80 xii. William Whitaker Boykin.

    +81 xiii. Charlotte Boykin.

  • 37. Samuel Boykin was born in 1750 in N.C.. He died in Dec 1791 in Kershaw Country, S.C.. English law prevailing, being the first born, Samuel inherited his father's lands. He was Inspector and Collector for the District in 1784. Judge of the 1st session of the County Courts 2/28/1791 (Historic Camden, p. 116-120). Six feed weighing 225 lbs; Delegate to Provincial Congress in 1775; "Indian Agent, commanding a company of Catawba Indians to scout parishes of St. George, Dorchester and St. Paul's" etc. Active in the Rev. War, a Capt. He married Elizabeth Brown, sister of his brother John's wife, Frances. He adopted his brother John T. Boykin, to whom he gave a Plantation.

    Samuel was six feet tall and weighed 225 pounds. As there were no courts beyond Charleston, law and order was maintained by a process called regulation. This man was known as "Regulator Sam". Eventually he died of wounds suffered when dealing with vandals that had camped on his land.

    Will: WB C p. 47 Kershaw County, S.C. Recorded February 19, 1792. Mentions wife, Elizabeth, daughetes, Sarah, Elizabeth and mary. Executors: Burwell Boykin, John Boykin, Zachiriah Canty. The 1790 Census shows 3 young males but non mentioned in his will.

    Samuel Boykin and Elizabeth Brown had the following children:

  • +82 i. Elizabeth Boykin.

    +83 ii. Sarah Boykin.

    84 iii. Mary Boykin.

  • 38. Francis Boykin was born in 1751 in Southampton County, Va.. He died in 1821 in Milledgeville, Ga.. This Francis settled in Milledgeville, not twenty miles from the home of Francis of Jasper County and began a prominent line which spread to Columbus, Ga..

    Another Francis Boykin moved to South Alabama and began a prominent family in Dallas County, Al.. A third, Major Francis Boykin, left NC after the Revolution and was living in Washington County, Al. (Then a Spanish possession) in 1791. Major Francis

    Boykin had a son, Sterling (not Sterling, father of Robert who moved to Tx..

    He was married to Catherine Whitaker in 1780. Francis Boykin and Catherine Whitaker had the following children:

  • 85 i. William Boykin.

    86 ii. Mary Boykin.

    +87 iii. Samuel Boykin Dr..

    +88 iv. James William Boykin.

  • 39. John T. Boykin was born in 1756 in Va.. He died in 1798 in Columbia, S. C.. John T. was adopted by his brother, Samuel, after his father's death.

    He commanded a Company in Co. Wade Hampton's South Carolina Regiment of calvary. (DDR#63805).

    According to "Historic Camden" by Kirkland & Kennedy, he was incarcerated by the British for refusing to join them. After the Revolution he moved to Fairfield County and served in the General Assembly. He died in Columbia in 1798 while attending the legislature.

    John T. Boykin and Frances Inman Brown had the following children:

  • 89 i. Frances Boykin.

    90 ii. William Boykin died in 1812.

    91 iii. John Boykin was born in 1790.

  • 50. Jeremiah Boykin.

    Jeremiah Boykin had the following children:

  • 92 i. Robert Boykin. Robert Boykin, who, by his grandfather's will, was given the plantation "that my son Jeremiah Boykin now lives on." He disposed of his land in Northampton Co. in 1785, selling 150 acres to his uncle Jesse Boykin, 70 acres to Benjamin Brown, and 80 acres to Flood Smith. In 1784 he was witness to transfer of land between his uncle Jesse and John Boykin.
  • 51. John , Jr. Boykin was born in 1745. He died in 1799 in North Hampton Co., N. C..

    He was married to ? Peebles in 1767. John , Jr. Boykin and ? Peebles had the following children:

  • +93 i. Sarah Boykin.

    +94 ii. Elizabeth C. Boykin.

    +95 iii. Francis Boykin.

    +96 iv. Sterling Boykin.

  • He was married to Elizabeth Taylor in 1782. John , Jr. Boykin and Elizabeth Taylor had the following children:

  • 97 i. John Boykin.

    +98 ii. Nancy Boykin.

    99 iii. Rebecca Boykin.

  • He was married to Lucy Williams in 1795. John , Jr. Boykin and Lucy Williams had the following children:

  • 100 i. John William Boykin.

    101 ii. Jensey Hart Boykin.

  • 52. Jesse Boykin died about 1801. Interstate Estate of Jesse Boykin divided in 1801 by Benjamin Howell, Sterling Boykin, Cordell Bynum, James Clark, and John Howell.

    Jesse Boykin and Martha had the following children:

  • +102 i. Tobitha Boykin.

    +103 ii. Sarah Boykin.

    +104 iii. Mary Boykin.

    +105 iv. Winifred Boykin.

    +106 v. Martha Boykin.

  • 53. Burrell Boykin died in 1795 in North Hampton Co., N. C.. The Will of Burrell Boykin names sons, John and Arthur and daughter Martha. Executors: Little Berry Smith and John Boykin. Witnesses; Cordal Dupree, Sarah Doles, Francis Doles. Made December 6, 1794, Proven June, 1795.

    Burrell Boykin had the following children:

  • 107 i. John Boykin.

    108 ii. Arthur Boykin.

    109 iii. Martha Boykin.

  • 55. Celeste Anne Williams.



    67. Francis Boykin was born in 1785. He died in 1839. As gathered by L. H. Deas Boykin, Jr., born 1921.

    Major in the War of 1812, moved to Alabama in 1818 from S.C. Settled in Conechuca Co., sixty miles from Pensacola, then to Dallas Co., Alabama.

    he left a large estate in land and Negroes. Their sons at the time of surrender were among the wealthiest Planters in Alabama. Lived in Portland, Dallas Co., Ala. in what is called Boykin Settlement. his sister Elizabeth and half brother Thomas, settled there with him. After two hundred years his lands are held by his descendants. (Anne Jacobs Murphy Boykin, History and Genealogy of the Boykin family, p. 44.)

    Francis Boykin and Mary Darlington James had the following children:

  • +110 i. Burwell Boykin.
  • 68. Elizabeth Boykin was born in 1787. She died in 1853.

    She was married to Starke Hunter in 1806.

    69. Alexander Hamilton Boykin was born on Dec 10 1815 in Mt. Pleasant, Camden S. C.. He died on Mar 8 1866. He was buried in Quaker Cemetary at Camden, S.C.. The "Hon. A. H. Boykin was a native of Kershaw District, a member of a large family, all of whom have been of our most excellent and useful citizens. Of remarkable energy, industry, system and devotion to agricultural pursuits, he has been long regarded as one of our most successful planters, carrying into his private pursuits all that perfect fairness and plain dealing which has characterized his intercourse with his fellow man and his public walk in life. As a large slave holder he did his full duty in providing for the comfort and advancing the conditions of his dependents, and certainly did as much as any one within our knowledge to make that system of labor a beneficent one to the operatives, while it was of benefit to the State.

    "He served his district for over twenty years consecutively - some fourteen years in the House of Representatives and six years in the Senate. No higher evidence could be given of the confidence of his fellow citizens than for so long a time he continued to receive their suffrages. At the commencement of the late war he raised, mostly at his own expense, a very superior company of cavalry, which he commanded from the Battle of Manasses until about the commencement of the Peninsular Campaign of 1862, when failing health forced him to retire.

    "Inheriting a large estate, he successfully added to it, and became one of our wealthiest citizens, ever using his means liberally and generously. Every public enterprise and private charity met from him a hearty and unostentatious response; and there are many, very many, who will sadly miss this generous aid in these trying times. He was a member and generous supporter of Grace Church, Camden, from whose portals his corpse was born to the grave, after a mist touching tribute to his worth and excellence by the venerable Bishop.

    "Col. Boykin, though of delicate organization, was in the prime of life, being about fifty years of age. he died suddenly in Charleston, while on a visit to friends and relatives there but was surrounded by his family, who had accompanied him." (Hon A. H. Boykin, Obituary, Camden S.C. Weekly journal, March 23rd, 1866).

    At the time of his death, he owned some five thousand seven hundred and thirty seven (5,737) acres of land, most suited for agriculture. One tract "Boykin Mill" was inherited from his father. At "Boykin's Mill" one of the last skirmishes of the Civil War took place. At his home-place "Plane Hill", later called "The Terraces", following the construction of the terraced gardens, he had a large collection of Shakespeare's works and original Audubon prints. In his Will he leaves a large estate of land and slaves. He, with his family, traveled abroad; and he was well informed on government and history. He was Captain of "Boykin's Rangers", a calvary unit, which he fitted out at his own expense. (Murphy p. 52; Richard manning Boykin, Captain Alexander Hamilton Boykin).

    "Plane Hill was built by Gov. Stephen Decatur miller in 1828, as a home for his wife Mary Boykin, sister of A. H. Boykin, and family. The location is about seven miles southeast of Camden.

    The mansion consisted of eight large square rooms and two long halls. The house has two stories and is white. The kitchen was in the cellar. There was a large porch on the east and south sides of the house. A large double stairway in the west end of the hall. The windows raised and opened at the bottom onto the porch. The fire places in each room had large black marble mantels.

    It was later the home of A. Hamilton and Sarah Jones (DeSaussure) Boykin and their nine children, and during their residency the famous terraced gardens were constructed.

    The gardens were constructed and planted under the supervision of an English gardener who came from Charleston to design and plant the garden for Mrs. A. H. Boykin. The gardener also planned and planted Holly Hedge in Camden, at the same time. There is a different hedge at the top of each terrace and there are three terraces. The bottom terrace has a line of red cedar (Juniperus Virginian) at the bottom of it. There is a fish pool, on the bottom terrace, which is fed by springs. There are also three springs, on that level, which supplied the water and also was used for cooling milk and other perishables. On the second terrace tea was served. Flowers, shrubs, and plants for the terraces came from every country in the world. There were several cork trees in the garden.

    In front of the house and alongside the garden was an avenue of American holly (Ilix opaca) used as a drive for stage coach to the stables below the terraces.

    Hamilton was sick towards the end of the Civil War. During the War, he had his cotton hidden, and he sold it a soon as the War was over. he died in 1866, almost a year after the Civil war was over.

    Sarah Jones (DeSaussure) Boykin was a beautiful and charming lady. She met A. H. Boykin while he was a student at South Carolina College, in Columbia. His meeting her influenced him to quit college after two years. He was interested in entering the business world as soon a possible in order to have a home for himself and Sarah. She was the toast of the country and the handsome Hamilton indeed was a fortunate man. The young couple were very popular and he was anxious to provide for his wife-to-be in a style in keeping with the times, one of lavishness and plenty. He acquired a beautiful home, excellently built, less than a mile from the old homestead, Mount Pleasant, to which he took his bride; for on 11/26/1835, they were married in Columbia. (R.M. Boykin, Captain Alexander Hamilton Boykin).

    Mrs. Hamilton Boykin used to drive "Coach and four" to White Sulphur Springs, Va., using the Black River Road to Camden, the trip took her in those days, three weeks each way.

    He was married to Sarah Jones De Saussure (daughter of William F. De Saussure) on Nov 26 1835 in Columbia, S.C.. Sarah Jones De Saussure was born in 1817 in Columbia, S. C.. She died in 1895. The mistress of "The Terraces", Sarah (DeSaussure) Boykin, was a small woman, a brunette, exuberant, well-informed, and a very happy mother. Before the outbreak of the Civil War, Sarah had nothing to do with the plantation, except to plan for the well-being of the slaves. her niche was in the home at "The Terraces" caring for the children. When her soldier husband felt his duty lay in active military service, Sarah courageously undertook to carry out his business tasks as well as her own with considerable success.

    Sarah, like the other women, was intensely patriotic and gave detailed attention to the plantation, often going to "Pine Grove" where she would meet Mr. Higgins or have him come to "The terraces" for consultations. The chief concern was supplies for home and for the Army.

    With all the cares and additional responsibilities of supervising the numerous slaves and several plantations was too much for her frail body to stand. The care of eight children, Whitaker, the youngest, eight months; and the others ranging from three years to seventeen, with "Ham" at fifteen, the eldest son; even with the able assistance of Nancy could have been enough. Sarah;s capable shoulders were called on to carry more. Had it not been for the assistance of "Ham"in the management of the plantations it is doubtful if the perplexed, hard-pressed and dutiful Sarah could have carried on.

    After the war, growth and marriage of her children, she was unheralded head of the community. Her children, daughters-in-law and grand-children were devoted to the dear lady who knew intuitively their troubles. Her sympathy knew no bounds and she would be radiant with joy when something occurred to give her family pleasure or happiness. In the shadow of her life she was a happy person with few cares. She never hesitated to express herself with clearness and vigor on political and domestic affairs or to her sons if she thought the occasion required it. She frequently walked through her lovely garden, and thought of her grandchildren's education. Alexander Hamilton Boykin and Sarah Jones De Saussure had the following children:

  • +111 i. Lemuel Whitaker Boykin.

    112 ii. William DeSaussure Boykin was born on Feb 22 1841.

    +113 iii. Mary Whitaker Boykin.

    +114 iv. Alexander Hamilton , Jr. Boykin.

    +115 v. Elizabeth Gabriella Boykin.

    +116 vi. Burwell Henry Boykin.

    +117 vii. Elias Miller Boykin.

    +118 viii. Allen Jones Boykin.

    +119 ix. William DeSaussure Boykin.

  • 70. Katherine Boykin Boykin was born in 1794. She died in 1817.

    71. Samuel Boykin was born in 1795. He died in 1835.

    Samuel Boykin and Fitzgerald Glover Ross had the following children:

  • +120 i. Thomas Edward Boykin.
  • 73. Thomas Boykin was born in 1798. He died in 1826 in Conecuh County, Al.. Thomas Boykin moved to Alabama in 1818 when there was a general exodus from S.C.

    74. Lemuel Boykin was born in 1800. He died in 1853. Lemuel Boykin was a professor in the school at Boykin, S.C.

    Mary Elizabeth Hopkins was born in Hopkins, S.C..

    75. Amelia Boykin was born on Jan 9 1802. She died on Nov 12 1880. She was buried in Quaker Cemetery, Camden, S.C.. Amelia Boykin and John McCaa had eleven children.

    She was married to John McCaa on Apr 12 1820. John McCaa died on Jul 27 1859. He was buried in Quaker Cemetery, Camden, S.C..

    76. Mary Whitaker Boykin was born on Mar 3 1804. She died in 1895. Mary wrote a Diary under the Name Mary Chesnut about experiences during the Civil War years.

    She was married to Stephen Decatur Miller Sen. in 1821. Mary Whitaker Boykin and Stephen Decatur Miller Sen. had the following children:

  • +121 i. Sarah Amelia Miller.

    +122 ii. Mary Boykin Miller.

    123 iii. Catherine Boykin Miller was born on May 24 1827.

  • 77. Sarah Boykin was born in 1806. She died in 1839.

    She was married to William Claiborne Clifton in 1831.

    78. Elizabeth Tunstall Boykin was born in 1809. She died in 1866.

    Elizabeth Tunstall Boykin and Thomas Jefferson Withers had the following children:

  • 124 i. William Randolph Withers.

    +125 ii. Mary Miller Withers.

  • 79. Burwell Boykin was born in 1811. He died in 1861. (Murphy, p. 43)

    Sally Wily Lang died on May 17 1889.

    80. William Whitaker Boykin was born in 1813. He died in 1889 in Portland, Al.. They moved to Portland, Dallas Co. Alabama, after selling lands on the Wateree River, near Camden, S.C.. (Murphy, p. 51)

    He was married to Martha Whitaker Rives in 1836. Martha Whitaker Rives was born on Dec 20 1817 in Va.. She died on Oct 22 1874 in Portland, Al.. William Whitaker Boykin and Martha Whitaker Rives had the following children:

  • 126 i. Thomas Rives Boykin was born in 1841. He died in Died in the Civil War.

    +127 ii. Martha Whitaker Boykin.

    128 iii. Burwell Boykin was born in 1841.

    +129 iv. Samuel Francis Boykin.

    130 v. William Boykin was born in 1847.

    131 vi. Hunter Rives Boykin was born in Mar 1850.

  • 81. Charlotte Boykin was born in 1817. She died in 1900.

    82. Elizabeth Boykin.

    83. Sarah Boykin.

    87. Samuel Boykin Dr. was born in 1786 in Kershaw Country, S.C.. He died on Apr 29 1848 in Columbus, Muscogee County, Ga.. Dr. Samuel Boykin of Milledgeville, received the Marquis Lafayette in his home in Milledgeville. Dr. Boykin moved to Cloumbus in later life, near his plantation on the Chattahoochee River in Russell County, Al..

    Dr. Boykin specialized in Botany (Genus "Boykinia" was named for him).

    He was married to Sarah Ann Maria Maxwell on Apr 19 1818. Samuel Boykin Dr. and Sarah Ann Maria Maxwell had the following children:

  • 132 i. Burwell Boykin was born in 1819.
  • He was married to Marcissa Cooper on Jul 31 1822 in Putnam County, Ga.. Samuel Boykin Dr. and Marcissa Cooper had the following children:

  • +133 i. Francis Boykin.

    134 ii. Emily Catherine Boykin was born in 1832.

    135 iii. Narcissa Boykin was born in 1834.

    +136 iv. Thomas Cooper Boykin.

    +137 v. Harriet Emily Boykin.

    +138 vi. Samuel , Jr. Boykin.

    +139 vii. Leroy Holt Boykin.

    140 viii. James H. Boykin was born in 1843.

    141 ix. Emily Lulah Boykin was born in 1847.

  • 88. James William Boykin was born in 1792 in Kershaw Country, S.C.. He died in 1846 in Russell County. Al.. James was a founder of Mercer University. He was one of the first settlers of Russell County. Six of the first 12 deeds in the courthouse are from individual Creek Indians to James, approved by Gen Andrew Jackson . One tract was bought from Tukosasyoholo, a Creek Indian under a treaty with Creeds of March 24, 1832.

    James William Boykin and Clarissa Ann Owen had the following children:

  • 142 i. Francis E. Boykin.

    143 ii. Clara B. Boykin.

    144 iii. Ann Catherine Boykin was born on Mar 16 1817.

    145 iv. James Owen Boykin was born on Aug 7 1821.

  • 93. Sarah Boykin.

    94. Elizabeth C. Boykin.

    95. Francis Boykin was born in 1776 in Va.. He died in 1822 in Jasper County, Ga.. Francis grew up in Northampton County, NC. This is established through many entries in his Cypher Book now in the Coykin Archives in the Troup County Ga. Archives. He settled in Greene County, Ga. before 1800. The obituary of son John T. Boykin says he was born in Green County in 1799 (though a census gives his birth place as Virginia). Francis still owned and acquired land in Northampton Bounty in 1800. The first record of Francis acquiring land in Greene is 1802. He mentions a wife, Polly in one of the deeds.

    Francis must have moved to Hasper County in 1817 or 1818. In a deed to him of December 9, 1817, he is referred to as " of Greene County." In a deed of September 17, 1818 he is " of Jasper County." His land was on the Eastern Boundary of Jasper County, on the road to Eatonton.

    Francis was a JP in Greene and Jasper Counties.

    Francis died a wealthy man. He had 21 slaves, at least 400 acres of land, considerable furniture, 7 horses, 25 sheep, 10 cows, 42 pigs, 4 spinning wheels, a loom, 2 rifles, 2 stills, 250 gallons of brandy and 12 gallons of rum together with much farm equpment, pork, corn and fodder.

    Francis Boykin and Polly had the following children:

  • +146 i. Rebecca Julia Boykin.

    +147 ii. John Thomas Boykin.

    148 iii. William P. Boykin was born in 1802. He died on Aug 15 1822 in Jasper County, Ga..

    +149 iv. Martha Jane Boykin.

    150 v. Jesse W. Boykin was born in 1806.

    151 vi. Ann D. Boykin was born in 1808.

    +152 vii. Sterling Robert Boykin.

  • He was married to Elizabeth Abner on Aug 4 1819 in Jasper County, Ga.. Francis Boykin and Elizabeth Abner had the following children:

  • +153 i. Francis A. Boykin.

    +154 ii. Mary Adeline Boykin.

  • 96. Sterling Boykin was born in 1782. He died in 1829 in North Hampton Co., N. C..

    Sterling Boykin and Charlotte had the following children:

  • +155 i. Rebecca Boykin.

    +156 ii. Nancy Boykin.

    157 iii. Phadra Boykin.

    158 iv. Jesse L. Boykin died in 1830 in North Hampton Co., N. C..

    159 v. Daniel B. Boykin.

    160 vi. John F. Boykin.

    161 vii. William Sterling Boykin.

    162 viii. Charlotte W. J. Boykin.

  • 98. Nancy Boykin.

    102. Tobitha Boykin.

    103. Sarah Boykin.

    104. Mary Boykin.

    105. Winifred Boykin.

    106. Martha Boykin.



    110. Burwell Boykin was born on May 29 1813 in Kershaw Country, S.C.. He died on Jun 21 1857 in Al..

    Burwell Boykin and Mary Shortridge had the following children:

  • 163 i. Robert J. Boykin.
  • Burwell Boykin and Elizabeth McRae had the following children:

  • 164 i. Colin McRae Boykin was born on Aug 21 1844 in Al..

    +165 ii. Mary Elizabeth Boykin.

    166 iii. Starke Hunter Boykin was born on Sep 13 1848.

    +167 iv. Charles Hunter Boykin.

    168 v. Walter Hayne Boykin was born on Oct 22 1855 in Al.. He died in Tx..

    +169 vi. Lillie Ross Boykin.

  • 111. Lemuel Whitaker Boykin was born on Nov 16 1861 in At "The Terraces". He died on Jun 6 1932 in Columbus, S.C..

    He was married to Ellen Douglas Cantey (daughter of Margaret Horry Cantey) on Dec 22 1887. Ellen Douglas Cantey was born on May 22 1871. She died on Oct 7 1912. Lemuel Whitaker Boykin and Ellen Douglas Cantey had the following children:

  • +170 i. Lynch Horry Deas Boykin.

    +171 ii. Meta Cantey Boykin.

    +172 iii. Sarah Hamilton Boykin.

    173 iv. John Canty Boykin was born on Apr 9 1892. John died in infancy.

    +174 v. Lemuel Whitaker Boykin.

    +175 vi. Ellen Cantey Boykin.

    +176 vii. James Willis Cantey Boykin.

    +177 viii. Richard Blackwell Boykin.

    178 ix. John Manning Boykin was born on Oct 4 1912. He died in 1918.

  • 113. Mary Whitaker Boykin was born on Jan 1 1843. She died on Jan 4 1910.

    She was married to Edward Alfred Brevard Cantey Major (son of James Willis Cantey and Camilla Floride Richardson Gen.) on Feb 10 1862. Edward Alfred Brevard Cantey Major was born on May 28 1836. He died on Apr 1 1916. Edward Alfred Brevard Cantey was married on crutches, as a result of being shot through both legs, while in the command of Co. C, 6th Regiment S.C. Infantry, on 9/17/1862, in the Battle of Sharpsburg. They had 13 children.

    114. Alexander Hamilton , Jr. Boykin was born on Mar 5 1846. He died in 1923. Memories from L.H. Deas Boykin, Jr., b. 1921.

    Uncle "Hammy" inherited "The Terraces" where his wives continued to entertain and use the garden. Later he obtained "Millway" from his brother Burwell. I remember seeing him at "Millway".

    He was married to Elizabeth Richardson (daughter of Thomas Charles Richardson and Mary Cunningham McWillie) in 1863. Elizabeth Richardson was born on Mar 6 1851. She died on Jan 16 1878.

    115. Elizabeth Gabriella Boykin was born on Jan 29 1847. She died on Feb 11 1924. Elizabeth married Col. Brown Manning as his second wife, thus making him a brother-in-law, as well as father-in-law of Alexander Hamilton Boykin, Jr.

    Brown Manning Col. (son of Richard Irvine Manning Gov. and Elizabeth Perye Richardson) was born on Oct 12 1824.

    116. Burwell Henry Boykin was born on Apr 19 1850. He died on Feb 9 1934. Burwell Henry Boykin, at the early age of 15, became a courier in the Confederate Army and helped to oppose the advance of the Union Army under General potter at a skirmish at ice house pond. This skirmish was a part of the Confederate plan to harass the enemy in its march on Camden in the Spring of 1865, from Georgetown by way of Sumter and Bradford Springs. A few days later at Boykin Mill Pond, Burwell took his place among the sharpshooters in an effort to prevent the crossing of Swift Creek by the union forces. He and others did their work well and while each shot took its deadly toll, the hordes kept rolling on. After the war, he went to a preparatory school in Newton, N.J., where his uncle William lived. He studied chemistry three years at Yale. He inherited the Boykin Mill Pond property which included Millway, and later bought Carter Hill from his brother Elias miller Boykin. Burwell and Deas had seven children, five brothers and two sisters.

    He was married to Mary Deas Manning (daughter of Richard , Jr. Manning Irvine and Elizabeth Allen Sinkler) on Dec 16 1875. Mary Deas Manning was born on Aug 28 1852. She died on Sep 2 1938. Burwell Henry Boykin and Mary Deas Manning had the following children:

  • +179 i. Bolivar DeSaussure Boykin.
  • 117. Elias Miller Boykin was born on Oct 16 1851. He died on Nov 16 1903. Elias Miller Boykin fired on the union soldiers in the skirmishes about Camden. After the War, he attended the University of Virginia, during which time he probably met Miss Cooke. During one of the Cleveland Administrations he was appointed United States Marshall at Charleston. Some years later, while they were living at "The Terraces" with his mother, he organized and became president of the Commercial Bank of Camden. He also promoted a cotton mill for the manufacture of cloth and became its president. This bank and cotton mill were quite successfully operated for several years. He took an active part in agricultural and industrial pursuits of the community. He was quiet, reserved and slow of speech, hard working and a very much respected citizen. Miller received Carter hill plantation from his father's estate.

    He was married to Lula Carter Cook in Nov 1875. Lula Carter Cook was born on Aug 22 1854. She died on Nov 18 1930. Elias Miller Boykin and Lula Carter Cook had the following children:

  • 180 i. Newton Cook Boykin.
  • 118. Allen Jones Boykin was born on Dec 13 1854. He died on May 11 1937. Allen Jones Boykin attended school with his brother, Burwell, at Newton, N.J. He inherited land from his father and lived in a comfortable home near "Mount Pleasant". Jones and Bessie had three children.

    He was married to Elizabeth Chardon Courtney (daughter of William Crocker Courtney and Maria Louise (Hicks) Valk) on Dec 22 1894. Elizabeth Chardon Courtney was born on Jul 25 1853. She died on May 5 1939.

    119. William DeSaussure Boykin was born on Nov 28 1858. He died on Jun 4 1932 in Columbus, S.C..

    Ellen Deas Shannon (daughter of Charles John Shannon M.D. and Mary Douglas Ancrum) was born on Dec 7 1860. She died on Feb 22 1884.

    120. Thomas Edward Boykin was born in Dallas County, Al.. Thomas Edward Boykin was a doctor in Dallas Co., Alabama. Married Sarah Miller, the daughter of Governor Stephen Decatur Miller of S.C.. (Ancestral Records and Portraits, p. 43)

    121. Sarah Amelia Miller.

    122. Mary Boykin Miller was born on Mar 31 1823. She died on Nov 22 1886.

    She was married to James Chesnut on Apr 23 1849.

    125. Mary Miller Withers. (Charlotte Boykin Salmond Brunson, Kershaw County Cousins, p. 14)

    William Lennox , Jr. Kirkland was born in 1828.

    127. Martha Whitaker Boykin was born in 1839.

    129. Samuel Francis Boykin was born on Dec 30 1845 in Portland, Al.. He died on Mar 12 1902.

    He was married to Margaret Ancrum on Nov 9 1869. Margaret Ancrum was born on Mar 6 1848 in Portland, Al.. She died on Apr 8 1883. Samuel Francis Boykin and Margaret Ancrum had the following children:

  • +181 i. Douglas Ancrum Boykin.

    182 ii. William Whitaker Boykin was born on Sep 5 1872.

    +183 iii. Samuel Francis Boykin.

    184 iv. Martha Rives Boykin was born on Sep 22 1875.

    185 v. William Ancrum Boykin was born on Oct 5 1877.

    186 vi. Lynch Deas Boykin was born on Oct 31 1878.

  • 133. Francis Boykin was born in 1825. He died in 1863 in Barbour County, Al..

    136. Thomas Cooper Boykin was born in 1836. He died in 1902 in Atlanta, Ga..

    He was married to Arrabella Alexander on Apr 13 1858. Thomas Cooper Boykin and Arrabella Alexander had the following children:

  • 187 i. Kate Boykin.

    188 ii. Thomas Cooper , Jr. Boykin.

    189 iii. Basil Manly Boykin.

    190 iv. Belle Boykin.

    191 v. James Chambers Boykin was born on Jan 11 1866.

  • He was married to Mattie Dickerson on May 4 1881.

    137. Harriet Emily Boykin was born in 1837. She died in 1903 in Atlanta, Ga..

    She was married to William Truman in 1862.

    138. Samuel , Jr. Boykin was born on Nov 24 1839 in Milledgeville, Ga.. He died on Nov 3 1899 in Nashville, Tn..

    He was married to Laura Josephine Nisbet on May 10 1853 in Bibb County, Ga.. Samuel , Jr. Boykin and Laura Josephine Nisbet had the following children:

  • 192 i. Laura Nisbet Boykin was born on Jun 7 1866.

    193 ii. Eugenia N. Boykin.

  • 139. Leroy Holt Boykin was born in 1840.

    He was married to Laura Eloise Hunter in 1859. Leroy Holt Boykin and Laura Eloise Hunter had the following children:

  • 194 i. Lee Holt Boykin was born in 1862.

    195 ii. Annie Boykin was born in 1866.

    196 iii. Phillip Boykin was born in 1869.

    197 iv. Samuel Boykin was born in 1872.

    198 v. Emmis Boykin was born in 1874.

  • 146. Rebecca Julia Boykin.

    She was married to Simeon O'Neal in 1832. Rebecca Julia Boykin and Simeon O'Neal had the following children:

  • 199 i. Jesse O'Neal.

    200 ii. Francis A. O'Neal.

    201 iii. John T. O'Neal.

    +202 iv. Mary Elizabeth O'Neal.

  • 147. John Thomas Boykin was born on Dec 22 1799 in Green County, Ga.. He died on Apr 13 1869 in Troup County, Ga..

    He was married to Sarah Ledbetter on May 14 1829 in Jasper County, Ga..

    He was married to Cynthia Hawkins on Oct 13 1832 in Putnam County, Ga.. John Thomas Boykin and Cynthia Hawkins had the following children:

  • +203 i. John Thomas , Jr. Boykin.
  • 149. Martha Jane Boykin was born in 1804.

    She was married to John Sample on May 22 1821 in Jasper County, Ga.. Martha Jane Boykin and John Sample had the following children:

  • 204 i. Mary Ann Sample.

    205 ii. Jane L. Sample.

    206 iii. Rebecca Elizabeth Sample.

  • 152. Sterling Robert Boykin was born in 1810 in Ga.. He died in 1879 in Russell County. Al.. After his father died, his brother, John T. Boykin, became his guardian, and he was living in Jasper County with John in 1830.

    In 1836 Sterling enlisted in Muscogee County in the First Regiment of the Militia under Col. William Porter for the Indian War of 1836 Others also enlisting were Joel hunt, Hartwell Bass and James Willis.

    According to his wife obit in the southern Christian Advocate, they moved to Russell County in 1836. the first land obtained by Sterling R. Boykin in Russell County was is 1839. He obtainde 320 acres on a federal land patent signed by President Polk in 1847. In the 1850's, the returned value of his land appears to be among the highest in the county.

    Sterling R. Boykin is in Russell County in the censuses of 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870, Robert was living there in 1870. The information in the family Bible has Sterling's middle name as Asbury. This is clearly wrong.

    Much of this information came from "Remembrances of Russell County".

    He was married to Harriet Roby on Oct 16 1832 in Putnam County, Ga.. Sterling Robert Boykin and Harriet Roby had the following children:

  • 207 i. Sarah Elizabeth Harriet Boykin.
  • He was married to Sarah Hurt on Nov 20 1834 in Putnam County, Ga.. Sterling Robert Boykin and Sarah Hurt had the following children:

  • 208 i. Francis Boykin was born in 1836.

    209 ii. John Boykin was born in 1838.

    +210 iii. Robert Henry Boykin.

    211 iv. Joel W. Boykin was born in 1844.

    212 v. Charles T. Boykin was born in 1846.

    +213 vi. Emma Jane Boykin.

  • 153. Francis A. Boykin was born in 1820 in Jasper County, Ga..

    Francis A. Boykin and Caroline Campbell had the following children:

  • 214 i. Amelia Boykin.

    215 ii. Cornelia Boykin.

    216 iii. Caroline Boykin.

    217 iv. Francis A. , Jr. Boykin.

  • 154. Mary Adeline Boykin was born in 1821 in Jasper County, Ga.. She died in 1885 in Russell County. Al..

    She was married to Jesse Wilkerson on Sep 1 1840 in Troup County, Ga..

    155. Rebecca Boykin.

    156. Nancy Boykin.

    Nancy Boykin and ? Williamson had the following children:

  • 218 i. Westly Williamson.

    219 ii. Turner S. Williamson.



    165. Mary Elizabeth Boykin was born on Oct 13 1844. She died on Sep 17 1898.

    167. Charles Hunter Boykin was born on Oct 15 1850 in Mobile, Al..

    169. Lillie Ross Boykin was born on Jan 4 1857.

    170. Lynch Horry Deas Boykin was born on Feb 2 1896. He died on Jan 10 1952 in Charleston, S. C.. Deas, after attending the Citadel, served in the U.S. Cavalry on the Mexican Border Patrol During the last months of W.W. I, he served as an Aerial Observer for the U.S. Army Artillery in France. Upon returning home from W.W. I, he was appointed Rural Letter Carrier, U.S. Postal Service, Boykin, S.C., Post office. He suffered two accidents while serving on the mail Route, the last one being fatal, when hit by a dust-cloud raising sand transporter crossing the main road of the S.C. State Farm.

    He served his community in other capacities also, being a member of the Camden Hospital Board, Kershaw County Selective Service Board for W.W. II, Vestryman of Grace Episcopal Church, President of Kershaw County Wildlife, and S.C. Wildlife associations. He also served as attorney in court for two or three cases, in which local persons had no faith in the law. Deas was a great sportsman, he loved to hunt deer and turkey, and he fished with rod and reel every opportunity he had, in fact, one day while in a hurry, he failed to set the brakes and when he got ready to leave, the car had nosed down the bank into the pond.

    Deas learned to plant shrubs and do household chores, in order that his wife, Caroline, would have time to paddle the boat for him to fish the Boykin mill pond. He had a wonderful personality that endeared him to all who knew him. He was kind, witty and clever man whose "home Remedies" and clever sayings are frequently repeated. Once while visiting his sister, Sarah, and walking alone along the Edisto island Beach, he saw a horse-shoe crab which he pulled back to the house with his boot lace, after throwing loops around the spiked tail, in query of what the monster was.

    He was married to Caroline LeConte Simons (daughter of William Baynard Simons and Laura Adams Hanahan) on Sep 18 1918 in Charleston, S.C.. Caroline LeConte Simons was born on Jul 17 1898 in Charleston, S. C.. Lynch Horry Deas Boykin and Caroline LeConte Simons had the following children:

  • +220 i. Lynch Horry Deas Boykin, Jr.

    +221 ii. Caroline Leconte Boykin.

    +222 iii. William Baynard Boykin Dr..

  • 171. Meta Cantey Boykin was born on Dec 7 1888. She died in 1948. Meta Cantey Boykin married her first cousin, Bolivar, the son of Burwell Henry and Mary Deas Manning.

    Meta was so named by her father in honor of his mother-in-law Margaret Horry (Deas) Cantey, who was commonly called by her nick-name Meta. She had a charming personality which endeared her to all her relatives and friends, and she was an excellent hostess. Meta inherited her father's love for hunting. She attended St. Mary's in Raleigh, N.C.. Bolivar was an energetic enthusiastic person. He graduated from Clemson A. & M. College, was on the board of trustees, and he was a founder of the state Farm Bureau.

    Bolivar DeSaussure Boykin (son of Burwell Henry Boykin and Mary Deas Manning) was born on Dec 9 1888. He died on Sep 25 1946. Meta Cantey Boykin and Bolivar DeSaussure Boykin had the following children:

  • +223 i. Lemuel Whitaker III Boykin.

    +224 ii. Meta Cantey Boykin.

  • 172. Sarah Hamilton Boykin was born on Nov 11 1890.

    Homer McGowan Holmes was born in Charleston, S.C.. Sarah Hamilton Boykin and Homer McGowan Holmes had the following children:

  • 225 i. Sarah Boykin Holmes was born in 1923. Sarah died tragically as a young woman in a mysterious way at the Oak Ridge nuclear plant, TN.

    226 ii. Jeannie McGowan Holmes was born on Jun 27 1924.

    +227 iii. Ellen Cantey Holmes.

    +228 iv. Margaret Horry Holmes.

  • 174. Lemuel Whitaker Boykin was born on May 18 1894. He died on Feb 27 1967. Buck graduated from the Citadel, served in the Army Engineers during W.W. II, obtaining the rank of Captain before becoming 21. Following the war he was school superintendent in Sumter, S.C., and later Camden, S.C.. He and his family lived near Aiken, S.C., for several years, where he with his able assistant Ken yon Mallory surveyed properties, maintained estates, and Kenyon, an excellent artist, under Buck's supervision, drew the south Carolina Garden Club map, and later the Sportsmans map of Camden. Buck spent several years with the Federal government in Washington, D.C.. He was supervisor of construction (Whit and Phil called "Pop's Project") of Cheraw State Park, S.C.. He later returned to military service during W.W. II, where he served in Europe, with Allied Military Government, during which time he paid me a visit in Lunerville, France. After the war, he served the U.S Engineers in Alaska, where he was retired as Colonel. He remained in Alaska with Marcia, where they hunted, and he retired from Civil Service, which didn't last long, for eventually he began working with ken Mallory at the Charleston Air Force Base.

    Lemuel Whitaker Boykin and Marcia May Clark had the following children:

  • +229 i. Lemuel Whitake III Boykin.

    +230 ii. Phylip Augustus Stockton Boykin.

  • 175. Ellen Cantey Boykin was born on Sep 25 1899. Wrennie has always been a gentle, kind hearted person, with a keen sense of humor.

    Thomas Loryea Alexander Brig. Gen. (son of Dedrick B. Alexander and Lillian Malone) was born on Feb 7 1893 in Wagner, S.C.. He died in 1975 in Baptist Hospital, Columbia, S.C.. Alec graduated in 1915 from the Citadel and received his M.S. from Oglethorpe University. He served in the Mexican Border conflict in 1916 and in France during W.W. I During W.W. II, he commanded the 179th F.A. and later commanded 16 P.O.W. camps in N.C. He served in China after W.W. II as chairman of the executive headquarters field team Nos. 5, 31, and 12 in mediation efforts between the National government and the Communist party of China. In his later years, he contributed his time to those afflicted with emphysema and related diseases through the better Breathing Clubs. Ellen Cantey Boykin and Thomas Loryea Alexander Brig. Gen. had the following children:

  • +231 i. Ellen Cantey Alexander.

    232 ii. Issac Newton Alexander Lt. was born on Jun 14 1920. He was buried on Dec 16 1944 in US Cmetery I, Henri Chappelle, Belgium. Isaac died in action in Belgium during W.W. II. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals.

    233 iii. Thomas Loryea Alexander Col. was born on Jun 14 1920. Thomas was wounded, prior to his twins death, in Italy. He retired from the Army while working at the Pentagon in Washington, DC., however, he continued working in the same position under Civil Service, from which he later retired. He is a very congenial and generous person.

    +234 iv. Meta Boykin Alexander.

  • 176. James Willis Cantey Boykin was born on Jan 7 1902 in Pine Grove Plantation, Boykin, S.C.. He died on Jan 19 1969 in died of cancer at his home, Fairholme, Boykin, S.C.. Stew married his cousin, Ellen Deas Boykin.

    Stew, a prominent sportsman, retired in 1967 as Vice-President for Southeastern sales of the Ideal Cement Company. He loved hunting small game, turkeys, and deer, as well as fishing. Even though he had received a shot in his eye, he was an expert with the shot-gun as well as with a rifle. He liked to hunt turkeys with his dog and after flushing, he would call the turkeys back with his turkey-yelper.

    He was married to Ellen Deas Boykin (daughter of Henry Deas Boykin and Anne Cunningham Johnson) in Sep 1929 in Boykin, S.C.. Ellen Deas Boykin was born on Jun 5 1909 in "Bat Roost" Plantation, Boykin, S.C.. Duck enjoyed hunting and fishing as well. She received her nickname from being an excellent swimmer at an early age. James Willis Cantey Boykin and Ellen Deas Boykin had the following children:

  • +235 i. Henry Deas Boykin.
  • 177. Richard Blackwell Boykin was born on Dec 24 1908 in Pine Grove Plantation, Boykin, S.C.. He died on Oct 3 1959 in Cool Springs, Camden, S.C.. Dixie was named for Aunt "Richie", wife of his uncle James Willis Cantey, former professor at the Citadel, Charleston, S.C.

    Dixie loved to tease and was a practical joker; however, he was a lot of fun. He was compassionate and ready to help at any time.

    He and a friend, Matt Ferguson, once owned an elephant, Alice, which they used to scrape the road, and one day they rode her down Broad Street into Camden.

    Richard Blackwell Boykin and Barbara Baker had the following children:

  • +236 i. Rigdon Hiet Boykin.

    237 ii. Burwell Henry Boykin was born in 1947 in Mount Pleasant, Boykin, S.C.. She died in 1967. Burwell was married and had one child who is being brought up by her husband's parents.

    +238 iii. Meta Cantey Boykin.

    239 iv. Bolivar DeSaussure Boykin was born in 1952 in Mt. Pleasant, Boykin, S.C..

  • 179. Bolivar DeSaussure Boykin was born on Dec 9 1888. He died on Sep 25 1946.

    Meta Cantey Boykin (daughter of Lemuel Whitaker Boykin and Ellen Douglas Cantey) was born on Dec 7 1888. She died in 1948. Meta Cantey Boykin married her first cousin, Bolivar, the son of Burwell Henry and Mary Deas Manning.

    Meta was so named by her father in honor of his mother-in-law Margaret Horry (Deas) Cantey, who was commonly called by her nick-name Meta. She had a charming personality which endeared her to all her relatives and friends, and she was an excellent hostess. Meta inherited her father's love for hunting. She attended St. Mary's in Raleigh, N.C.. Bolivar was an energetic enthusiastic person. He graduated from Clemson A. & M. College, was on the board of trustees, and he was a founder of the state Farm Bureau. Bolivar DeSaussure Boykin and Meta Cantey Boykin had the following children:

  • +223 i. Lemuel Whitaker III Boykin.

    +224 ii. Meta Cantey Boykin.

  • 181. Douglas Ancrum Boykin was born on Jan 15 1871. He died in Oct 1946.

    183. Samuel Francis Boykin was born on Jun 15 1874 in Portland, Al.. He died on Jul 26 1953 in Willmington, De.. He was buried in Columbus, Ga.. Samuel was the Sec-Trea. of the Coco-Cola Company.

    Samuel Francis Boykin and Annie Flewellen Alexander had the following children:

  • +240 i. William Ancrum Boykin.

    241 ii. Martha Chambers Boykin was born on Jan 31 1900.

    +242 iii. Frances Hurt Boykin.

  • 202. Mary Elizabeth O'Neal.

    203. John Thomas , Jr. Boykin was born on Mar 3 1835 in Troup County, Ga.. He died on Jun 25 1901 in Troup County, Ga..

    John Thomas , Jr. Boykin and Elizabeth Fuller had the following children:

  • 243 i. Dora Boykin was born in 1858.

    244 ii. Sarah F. Boykin was born on Oct 9 1860.

    245 iii. Samuel J. Boykin was born in 1863.

    246 iv. Alice Boykin was born in 1865.

    247 v. Jessie Welborn Boykin was born on Apr 16 1866.

    248 vi. J. T. Boykin was born in 1869.

    249 vii. William , Sr. Boykin Sterling was born on Jun 17 1871.

  • 210. Robert Henry Boykin was born on Mar 11 1839. He died on May 12 1871 in Seale, Al.. Robert joined the C.S.A. in May, 1861, and for one year was in the 6th Alabama Regt. Robert was captured at Vicksburg and after being exchanged, robert was made a lieutenant in Emery's Battery, Waddel's Battalion. it was an artillery battalion organized in Russell County in 1862. In 1863 it was ordered to Dalton, Ga. He was cited for bravery at baker's Creek. The last action of the battalion was in defending Russell County in the Battle of Girad (Phoenix City, Al.) on April 16, 1865, after Lee's surrender on April 9, 1865. It is said that 2/3's of the men in the Battalion were captured although Robert was not. He died of a wound he suffered during the War Between the States.

    Robert Henry Boykin and Eliza Tabitha Howard had the following children:

  • +250 i. Carrie Roberta Boykin.
  • Robert Henry Boykin and Fredonia Stafford had the following children:

  • 251 i. Robert Boykin was born in 1866.
  • 213. Emma Jane Boykin was born on Jul 13 1853. She died on Feb 3 1881.

    Emma Jane Boykin and Charles Bickerstaff had the following children:

  • 252 i. Robert Humber Bickerstaff.

    253 ii. Sallie Bickerstaff.

    254 iii. Eula Mae Bickerstaff.



    220. Lynch Horry Deas Boykin, Jr. was born on Aug 7 1921. Deas, during W.W. II, saw service with the Third Infantry Division in French morocco, across North Africa to Tunisia; mad the invasion of Sicily at Licata, made two other invasions behind the lines, along the Borth Coast of Sicily; went into Italy at Pasteum, crossing of the Volturno River, up to the Casino front; hospitalized, returned to Naples, 17th Gen. hosp. overlooking the Bay of Naples to Mt. Besuvius; made the invasion of Anzio, and into Rome; returned to Naples (Pozzuoli area) to prepare for the next invasion; invasion of Southern France near St. Tropez; across to Aix; up the Rhone valley, through Montelimar, Remiremont; and into the Bosges Mts.., where due to the unit strength being reduced, was transferred out of the Third Inf. Div., and placed in an unseasoned division, the hundredth (Century) infantry Div. With the 100th Div., he saw action in the Biche sector of Alsace-Lorraine, crossing the Rhine and Nectar Rivers into Germany to Ludwigsburg, Goppingen and Gmund.

    He left the Biche sector for the hospital, going back to Lyon, Epinal, Paris, and on to Wrexham, Wales. Deas had a cast on his left arm, and being winter, there wasn't enough coal to keep the training moving and also heat the cars; so they kept shifting from one to the other, all the way to Paris, where taken by bus from the train to the hospital, seeing views of Notre Dame Cathedral, Arch de Triumphe, Eiffel Tower, and others. Approaching the united kingdom by med-plane, he saw the White Cliffs of Dover, prior to landing. Upon landing, the patients were loaded onto a hospital train to Wrexham, Wales. While in the UK, he saw Manchester; Chester; Swindon, where a friend from basic training at Fort Bragg, was stationed, and they spent a few days together in London, Bath and Birmingham, where i reported to a Repl. Dept on return to my unit in Germany. i had spent a week, while in Sicily, in a hospital in Palermo, which city I saw three other times - On the way to Messina from Licata; from Messina to Trapani, where we bivouacked prior to going to Italy, during which time he walded up the mountain to the ancient town of Eryx, which was quite a steep climb, and here we performed practical artillery survey problems; lastly, the staging area for going to Italy.

    His service during W.W. II was with artillery survey sections which surveyed artillery battery positions and some readily visible strategic points on the terrain, thus tying these positions to maps for more efficient accuracy and surprise attack.

    After serving in the U.S. Army from Aug. 1942 through July 1945, he attended Clemson A. & M College, where he received a B.S. in ornamental horticulture in June 1948. following employment with various nurseries, and a period of time, at the University of S.C., Deas returned to the Army, attending AOBC at Fort Sill, serving at Bragg, and with Fort Benning School Troops, prior to going to Korea, where he served with the 623rd F.A. Bn., as motor officer, Bn. Arty. Survey officer. After thirteen months in Korea, he returned home, and went to Ft. Bliss, Texas, for the transition course to Air Defense Artillery, in which capacity he served in N.Y. City Air Defense from Nov. 1953 through Feb. 1957, on 90 mm guns, and after further training at Ft. Bliss in 1955, on Nike I (Ajax), during which time I was married in Franklin lakes, N.J. where the Nike base was located.

    Upon leaving the Army, I was employed by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and later by the Charlotte Park and Recreation Commission in Charlotte, N.C., prior to being employed as horticulturist by the National Park Service, National Capital region, Washington, D.C., in Oct. 1963, serving in the NW area; in Oct. 1966, I was transferred to Independence N.H. Park, Philadelphia; in Oct. 1974, as Botanist to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and in 1975 horticulturist for the Southeast Region N.P.S. with his office in the G.S.M.N.P., but in Oct. 1978 he was directed to move the office to Region Hq., in Atlanta, from which he retired in Feb. 1980.

    He always had an interest in Indian artifacts and rocks, but it wasn't until he became employed by the Charlotte Park & Rec. Commission, met T.D. and Jean Burns, and joined the Charlotte Rock and Mineral Club, that his interest really developed. During this time, he started volunteer work with the Charlotte Children's Nature Center, teaching and developing interest in the kids, through classes and field trips, one day and overnight, hunting minerals. In Washington, D.C, he joined three clubs and began displaying in shows, local and national.

    After living in Levittown, Bucks Co., Philadelphia area, for six months, and their was no club in the county, so he had an article and picture placed in the local newspaper, resulting in the formation of the R. & M. Club of of lower Bucks Co. Earth Science Society. in this area, the nearest club was in U. T., Knoxville, but it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain permission to enter desirable areas, so i never made the effort to start one in Sevier Co. where I currently reside.

    He was married to Phyllis Ruth Bergen (daughter of Harold Perine Bergen and Iva (Ivy) Ruth Alsbrow) on Mar 24 1956. He was married to Phyllis Ruth Bergen on Mar 24 1956 in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Phyllis Ruth Bergen was born on Jul 22 1920 in Toronto, Canada. She died on Aug 23 1973 in , Bucks Co, Pa.. Phyllis was born in Toronto, Canada, while her father was on an architectural assignment. She was an R.N. graduate of the Philadelphia osteopathic hospital , where she also received instruction from the University of Pa. Hospital. She was a nurse at the Catholic Parochial School, HoHoKus, N.J., Marlowe Pumps, in the Wycoff, N.J. area and Camp Wawayanda, a summer YMCA camp for boys in Andover, N.J.. She was quite artistic and enjoyed handcraft. She loved people and was a sociable person, with a keen interest in working with children and teaching Sunday School to youth groups. Lynch Horry Deas , Jr. Boykin and Phyllis Ruth Bergen had the following children:

  • +255 i. James Willis Cantey Boykin.

    +256 ii. Richard Deas Boykin.

  • He was married to Shirley Elizabeth Gibby (daughter of Porter Gibby and Margaret Jane Byrd) on Nov 8 1975 in First Baptist Church, Gatlinburg, Sevier Co., Tn.. Shirley Elizabeth Gibby died on Dec 24 2000 in Gattlenburg, Tn.. She was buried on Dec 27 2000. She was born in Bryson City, N.C.. Shirley's first husband was an Army Colonel, in the A. G. Section, and she with the children traveled considerably. She had taught school in Bryson City, and later was employed by the Great Smoky mountains Natural History Association, as business manager, with the responsibility of sales in the visitors centers, and living history demonstrations throughout the park. She made life-long friendships with many whom she met.

    221. Caroline Leconte Boykin was born on Jan 11 1923.

    She was married to Vernon Granville , Jr. Haslam on Nov 25 1944 in Grace Episcapal Church, Camden S. C.. Vernon Granville , Jr. Haslam died in Nov 1982. He was born in Eastbrook, Maine. Vernon and Caroline met at Shawfield Air Force Base, Sumter, S.C., where Vernon was stationed as a mechanic technician on the B-17, and Caroline was employed in supply.

    Following W.W. II, Vernon attended a business college in Cambridge, Mass., and gained a position with DuPont in the accounting department, from which he retired. Caroline Leconte Boykin and Vernon Granville , Jr. Haslam had the following children:

  • +257 i. Caroline Elizabeth Haslam.
  • 222. William Baynard Boykin Dr. was born on Jul 7 1925 in Boykin, S. C.. Baynard graduated from the Camden public schools, earned a B.S in Agronomy from Clemson in 1950, and received his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, with a major in soils chemistry and minor in plant physiology in 1953, In August 1953 he was appointed Associate Professor of Agronomy and Soils at Clemson University's Dept. of Agronomy, which position he resigned in 1960 to return to cultivation of the soil, of his ancestors, in Boykin, S.C. He was named the 1984 distinguished Agronomist award winner, an award usually given to researchers or teachers, by the Agronomy Society of South Carolina, as "an innovator on the farm, a pioneer in no-till cultivation and an agricultural leader."

    He has served as Chairman of the South Carolina Peanut Board; President of the Wateree Pest management Association, which scouts cotton, peanuts and soybeans in Kershaw, Lee, Sumter, and Clarendon counties; Director of the South Carolina Farm Bureau marketing Association, which controls grain elevators in Charleston, Easley, and Anderson; county committeeman for the Agricultural Stabilization and conservation Service; State Director of S.C. Farm Bureau; Director of S.C. Farm marketing Assoc. in Charleston, Director of the Peanut

    Growers Cooperation & Marketing Assoc., owner of Boykin Fertilizer Co.; and vestryman of Grace Episcopal Church, Camden, S.C.

    He was married to Matilda Ann Sweet (daughter of James Sweet and Ruth) in Apr 1951 in Camden, S.C.. William Baynard Boykin Dr. and Matilda Ann Sweet had the following children:

  • +258 i. Ruth Boykin.

    +259 ii. Willis Deas Boykin.

    +260 iii. Leroy Sweet Boykin Dr..

  • 223. Lemuel Whitaker III Boykin was born on Oct 14 1914. He died on Dec 21 1989 in Camden, S.C..

    Elizabeth Gardiner Carrison (daughter of Henry G. Carrison and Phyllis Dudley Hickson) was born in 1916. Lemuel Whitaker III Boykin and Elizabeth Gardiner Carrison had the following children:

  • +261 i. Mary Deas Boykin.
  • He was married to Alice (Shoolbred) Leonard on Mar 30 1959 in Eastover, S.C.. Alice (Shoolbred) Leonard was born on Dec 6 1927. Lemuel Whitaker III Boykin and Alice (Shoolbred) Leonard had the following children:

  • 262 i. Alice Boykin was born on Mar 2 1961.

    263 ii. Lemuel Whitaker IV Boykin was born on Mar 6 1962.

    264 iii. May Cantey Boykin was born on May 9 1963.

  • 224. Meta Cantey Boykin was born on Dec 18 1924.

    She was married to William Shepard , Jr. Rose on Dec 27 1946. William Shepard , Jr. Rose was born about 1924. Bill retired from ARMCO (steel), as President, for whom he opened and started new mills in Italy and France. With his and Pete's wonderful personality they easily made friends world-wide. Meta Cantey Boykin and William Shepard , Jr. Rose had the following children:

  • +265 i. William Shephard III Rose.

    +266 ii. Meta Cantey Boykin Rose.

    267 iii. Bolivar Boykin Rose was born on Sep 15 1959.

  • 227. Ellen Cantey Holmes was born on Nov 1 1925.

    She was married to Samuel Ernest Wright in St. Johns's Espicopal Church, Columbia, S.C.. Samuel Ernest Wright was born in Columbia, S.C.. At one time, Samuel was connected with Tourism of the state of S.C., and in the banking business. Ellen Cantey Holmes and Samuel Ernest Wright had the following children:

  • 268 i. Cantey Holmes Wright was born on Feb 13 1951.

    269 ii. Ross McGowan Holmes Wright was born on Jul 16 1954.

  • 228. Margaret Horry Holmes was born on Oct 11 1927.

    She was married to Page Pendleton , Jr. Robinson in The Espiscopal Church, Edisto island, S.C.. Margaret Horry Holmes and Page Pendleton , Jr. Robinson had the following children:

  • +270 i. Margaret Deas Robinson.

    +271 ii. Sarah Boykin Robinson.

    272 iii. Page Pendleton III Robinson was born on May 29 1959.

  • 229. Lemuel Whitake III Boykin was born on Dec 6 1920.

    Elizabeth Ravenel Cain was born in May 1914. She died in Jan 1976 in Somerset Plantation, Pinopolis, S.C.. Lemuel Whitake III Boykin and Elizabeth Ravenel Cain had the following children:

  • +273 i. Elizabeth Ravenel Boykin.

    274 ii. Lemuel Whitaker IV Boykin was born on Sep 4 1946.

    275 iii. Marcia Stockton Boykin was born in 1948.

  • 230. Phylip Augustus Stockton Boykin was born on Jul 29 1922.

    He was married to Elizabeth Lenhardt Peters in 1945. Elizabeth Lenhardt Peters was born on Jun 21 1918. Phylip Augustus Stockton Boykin and Elizabeth Lenhardt Peters had the following children:

  • +276 i. Philip Stockton , Jr. Boykin.

    +277 ii. Miriam Peters Boykin.

    +278 iii. Ellen Douglas Boykin.

    279 iv. Theodore Peters Boykin was born in 1953.

    280 v. Elizabeth Peters Boykin was born in 1953.

  • 231. Ellen Cantey Alexander was born on Oct 10 1918 in Pine Grove, Boykin, S.C.. Ellen married her cousin, Henry Edward Beard.

    She was married to Henry Edward , Jr. Beard (son of H. E. Beard and Mary Chestnut Boykin) on Feb 20 1941 in Millway Plantation, Boykin, S.C.. Henry Edward , Jr. Beard was born on Mar 6 1916 in Camden, S.C.. Ellen Cantey Alexander and Henry Edward , Jr. Beard had the following children:

  • +281 i. Henry Edward III Beard.

    +282 ii. Thomas Alexander Beard.

    +283 iii. Ellen Cantey Beard.

  • 234. Meta Boykin Alexander was born on Apr 8 1924. Meta married her cousin, Ned Beard.

    She was married to Edward Boykin Beard (son of H. E. Beard and Mary Chestnut Boykin) on Sep 22 1946 in Grace Episcapal Church, Camden S. C.. Meta Boykin Alexander and Edward Boykin Beard had the following children:

  • +284 i. Edward Boykin , Jr. Beard.

    +285 ii. James Alexander Beard.

    +286 iii. Meta Alexander Beard.

  • 235. Henry Deas Boykin was born on Jun 12 1931 in Boykin, S.C.. Henry is a very successful architect in Camden, S.C.. He is the State's Historical Architect. He is known as the "privy man" as he designed the restrooms for the state's Interstate Highway system. He has the neat-cut appearance of his father, and always looks a though he just stepped out of the best men's clothing store.

    He was married to Alexandra Heyward (daughter of Alexander Salley , Jr. Heyward Admiral and Nancy Birginia Nicholson) on Feb 16 1952. Alexandra Heyward was born on Jul 12 1931. Henry Deas Boykin and Alexandra Heyward had the following children:

  • +287 i. Salley Douglas Boykin.

    +288 ii. Ellen Deas Boykin.

    289 iii. Alexandra Heyward Boykin was born on Apr 17 1959.

  • 236. Rigdon Hiet Boykin was born on Dec 9 1946 in Boykin, S.C.. Rigdon is a practicing attorney in New York City.

    He was married to Patricia LaBruce Williams on Oct 18 1969. Patricia LaBruce Williams was born on Oct 7 1948. Rigdon Hiet Boykin and Patricia LaBruce Williams had the following children:

  • 290 i. Richard Blackwell Boykin was born on Jan 3 1974.

    291 ii. Arthur Middleton Boykin was born on Apr 17 1976.

  • 238. Meta Cantey Boykin was born on Sep 17 1949.

    Richard Buttonheim was born in Allentown, Pa..

    240. William Ancrum Boykin.

    242. Frances Hurt Boykin was born on Jun 1 1912.

    250. Carrie Roberta Boykin was born on Apr 17 1871 in Seale, Al.. She died on Jun 28 1960 in Waverly Hall, Ga..

    Carrie Roberta Boykin and John Grant Owen had the following children:

  • 292 i. Edith Howard Owen was born on Sep 5 1898 in Talbot County, Ga.. She died on Feb 3 1907 in Waverly Hall, Ga..

    +293 ii. Helen Willis Owen.

    +294 iii. Caroline Owen



    255. James Willis Cantey Boykin was born on Dec 24 1956 in Paterson, New Jersey.

    He was married to Wanda Fenton (daughter of Doyle Fenton) on Aug 11 1989 in Hollywood, Fla.. James Willis Cantey Boykin and Wanda Fenton had the following children:

  • 295 i. Crystal Boykin was born in 1994.

    296 ii. James Willis Cantey , Jr. Boykin was born in 1996.

  • 256. Richard Deas Boykin was born on May 17 1958 in Paterson, N.J..

    Richard Deas Boykin and Holly Holsapple had the following children:

  • 297 i. Jennnifer Boykin was born on Sep 23 1985.
  • He was married to Gina Graves on Dec 16 1988. Gina Graves was born on Aug 12 1961. Richard Deas Boykin and Gina Graves had the following children:

  • 298 i. Joshua Boykin was born on Apr 14 1987.

    299 ii. Andrea Boykin was born on Sep 3 1989.

  • 257. Caroline Elizabeth Haslam was born on Dec 2 1948. Caroline attended the University of Delaware College of Nursing. She and Jammie had twins.

    She was married to James Russell Jones on Apr 19 1969 in Camden, S.C.. Caroline Elizabeth Haslam and James Russell Jones had the following children:

  • 300 i. James Russell , Jr. Jones.

    301 ii. Caroline Elizabeth Jones.

  • 258. Ruth Boykin was born on May 15 1952. Ruth earned a M.S. in Zoology from Clemson University, and a D.D.S. from the Medical University of S.C. She maintains an office in Travelers Rest, S.C.

    She was married to Gerold Patrick Orr (son of William T. Orr Col.) on Dec 28 1974 in Grace Episcapal Church, Camden S. C..

    259. Willis Deas Boykin was born on Nov 14 1953 in Anderson, S. C.. He died in 1999 in Boykin, S. C.. Willis received a B.S. from Clemson in Agr. Engr., and he assists his farther in operations of the farm. He has served as Director of the Kershaw County Farm Bureau and vestryman of Grace Episcopal Church. He has a wonderful disposition which endears him to everyone who knows him.

    Willis died in a farm accident in Boykin, S.C. in 1999.

    Jennifer Louise Lowder was born in Oswego, S. C.. Jennifer attended Clemson where she received an L.P.N.. She is an excellent photographer, and she has a wonderful personality. Willis Deas Boykin and Jennifer Louise Lowder had the following children:

  • 302 i. Caroline Boykin.

    303 ii. Willis Henry Boykin.

  • 260. Leroy Sweet Boykin Dr. was born on Apr 24 1955. Leroy works in agricultural chemical research for a British chemical company in Wilmington, Delaware.

    He was married to Susan Pierson Shaw (daughter of Burgress Gaither Shaw) on Aug 20 1977 in First Presbyterian Church, Sumter, S.C.. Susan Pierson Shaw was born on Nov 7 1955. Susan is a teacher and does tutoring at home Leroy Sweet Boykin Dr. and Susan Pierson Shaw had the following children:

  • 304 i. Christopher Boykin.

    305 ii. Catherine Boykin.

  • 261. Mary Deas Boykin was born in Oct 1942. They lived for a while in Audubon, N.J., then transferred to Middletown, Ohio. They were divorced. Mary Deas, a person of lovely disposition and compassion, has taught in schools, worked with children, and has raised a charming family.

    Mary Deas Boykin and Theodore , Jr. Wagner had the following children:

  • 306 i. Theodore Wagner III Wagner was born on Jun 3 1968.

    307 ii. Burwell Boykin Wagner was born on Apr 30 1970.

    308 iii. Mary Deas Wagner was born on Dec 24 1971.

  • 265. William Shephard III Rose was born on Mar 9 1948.

    He was married to Frances John Hobbs on Aug 11 1973. Frances John Hobbs was born on Sep 15 1959.

    266. Meta Cantey Boykin Rose was born on Aug 28 1953.

    William Bradford Boyd was born on May 27 1950.

    270. Margaret Deas Robinson was born on Jul 22 1950.

    Stephen Edward Barrett was born on Sep 15 1948.

    271. Sarah Boykin Robinson was born on Oct 22 1952. Sarah is a professional masseuse in Atlanta, Ga.

    Harold Addison , Jr. Rankin was born on Mar 15 1948.

    273. Elizabeth Ravenel Boykin was born in 1943.

    Elizabeth Ravenel Boykin and Ralph Byrd Rev. had the following children:

  • 309 i. Elizabeth Ravenel Byrd was born on Dec 7 1974.
  • 276. Philip Stockton , Jr. Boykin was born on Jan 17 1948.

    277. Miriam Peters Boykin was born on May 10 1949.

    Miriam Peters Boykin and Joseph Franz Kliment had the following children:

  • 310 i. Miriam Sharpe Kliment was born on Mar 13 1971.

    311 ii. Elizabeth Sofie Kliment was born on Oct 9 1973.

  • 278. Ellen Douglas Boykin was born on Jul 23 1951.

    281. Henry Edward III Beard was born on Nov 2 1941 in Camden, S.C.. Henry married his cousin, Katherine DuVal.

    Henry dealt in Real Estate, and he has a Sporting Goods Store in Dusty Bend, Camden, S.C.

    Katherine Lansdale DuVal (daughter of Moylan Landsdale DuVal and Mary Boykin Mustard) was born on Mar 17 1939 in Camden, S.C.. Kitty was the wonderful Kershaw County School nurse.

    282. Thomas Alexander Beard was born on Jan 11 1947 in Camden, S.C.. Thomas and Elizabeth live in Columbia, S.C. where he is a practicing attorney.

    He was married to Elizabeth Orne Abbott (daughter of Samuel LeBaron Abbott) on Jun 6 1976 in Milford, N.H..

    283. Ellen Cantey Beard was born on Sep 27 1951.

    She was married to John McKethan , Jr. Stephenson on Aug 19 1972 in Grace Episcapal Church, Camden S. C.. Ellen Cantey Beard and John McKethan , Jr. Stephenson had the following children:

  • 312 i. John McKethan III Stephenson was born on May 18 1975.
  • 284. Edward Boykin , Jr. Beard was born on Sep 24 1943 in Camden, S.C..

    Elizabeth Rhett Kennedy (daughter of Robert MacMillan III Kennedy and Elizabeth Parker Rhett) was born on Dec 22 1943 in Camden, S.C..

    285. James Alexander Beard was born on Jul 24 1948.

    He was married to Acton Porcher Barnwell on Jul 24 1971. Acton Porcher Barnwell was born on Nov 5 1948. James Alexander Beard and Acton Porcher Barnwell had the following children:

  • 313 i. James Alexander , Jr. Beard was born on Sep 22 1973.

    314 ii. Charlotte Porcher Beard was born on Dec 28 1975.

  • 286. Meta Alexander Beard was born on Oct 15 1951 in Camden, S.C..

    She was married to Richard Maxwell Markley on Nov 30 1974 in Grace Episcapal Church, Camden S. C.. Richard Maxwell Markley was born on Aug 23 1942. Dick and Meta lived in New York City, where he was employed by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, later moving to Myrtle Beach, S.C. where he was employed by a hotel, and then to Camden, S.C.. Meta Alexander Beard and Richard Maxwell Markley had the following children:

  • 315 i. Deas Markley.

    316 ii. Richard Maxwell , Jr. Markley was born on May 16 1978.

  • 287. Salley Douglas Boykin was born on Dec 29 1952.

    Rufus Joe Redfearn was born on Jan 28 1948 in Camden, S.C.. Salley Douglas Boykin and Rufus Joe Redfearn had the following children:

  • 317 i. Sally Virginia Redfearn was born in Jan 1977.
  • 288. Ellen Deas Boykin was born on Sep 30 1955.

    Harlan Bradley Anderson (son of Herman Benjamin , Jr. Anderson) was born in Columbia, S.C..

    293. Helen Willis Owen was born on Dec 5 1901 in Talbot County, Ga.. She died on Aug 29 1964 in Albany, Ga..

    She was married to Wallace Redmond Forrester on Aug 8 1929 in Waverly Hall, Ga..

    294. Caroline Owen was born on Apr 19 1910 in Waverly Hall, Ga..

    She was married to Marvin Roberts Johnson in Waverly Hall, Ga..


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