Profilo elle adesioni ad i EGOCREANET 

per il Progetto FP7 -2007 KBBE 2.1.01 - 

Paolo Manzelli 30/MARCH/2007


-  EGO-CreaNet Profile (Italy)  -


Name of the Organization – Expansion Global of the Observatories of Creativity Network

( acronym : EGOCreaNet)

Type of the Organization : Private –No for Profit - Telematics Association ( , in Joint Venture with the “Laboratory of Educational Research” (LRE) of the Dept. of Chemistry – Florence University (IT) (

Center of  the Organization :

EGOCreaNet c/o – Department of Chemistry Scientific Pole – Street Lastruccia 3 – (I) 50019 -SESTO Firenze- (IT ) Phone: +39/055-4573135 Fax: +39/055-4573077 . Mobile: +39/335-6760004 ; E-mail: LRE@UNIFI.IT -


President and Legal Manager :

PAOLO  MANZELLI , Director of LRE/EGO-CreaNet  ; Mobile: +39/335-6760004


Brief Background .

 EGOCreaNet , is a telematic international multi-disciplinary research association "no for profit", born in Florence (IT) in 1997, on the basis of  a joint Venture with the Laboratory of Education Research and Innovation (LRE) of the Faculty of Science of Florence University.

The role of EGOCreaNet can be qualified as  an “Virtual International Institute” working on various Research & Development Areas  between Science and Innovation and sustainable eco-economic development.

The varied research interest of its members allows to EGOCreaNet to play  an active role in a range of different disciplines to promote and to participate in several European Projects .

The EGOCreaNet broader mission is to create a social cohesion in internet and to contribute to improve  the best modalities for enhancing the European Knowledge Driven Economy.


In fact EGOCreaNet aggregates highly talented researchers with specific skills to realize international  cooperation to favour the complex strategy of improving the European Knowledge Society through developing conceptual innovation and creative alliances for realizing various international  endeavours and to disseminate new knowledge and methods to  long distance permanent education.


To the  EGOCreaNet –Open Network for new Science c/o University of Florence Dept. of  Chemistry  gives adhesion a  international team of European researchers experts  and innovators


All the participants of such “Multidisciplinary research  team EGOCreaNet” , are not engaged to work on the entire goal and aims of the general mission of EGOCreaNet , in fact some of them will be requested to interact to some particular programs promoted by EGOCreaNet to furnish part-time their specializations on the promotion and realization of special tasks, in some  projects or developmental plans.


List of previous European successful Projects :

1) OGM & Bio Pollution Certification : Progetto Leonardo 2002/03 –(  I-02-PP-120211 )See:

2) Learning Folder – (LeFo) Socreates Program 2002-2004 see :

3) FORCO PRECANET Leonardo Project 2002-05 :



Key group researchers enabling multidisciplinary projects .

Regarding he  preparation of the project proposal  titled : Consumer Science in Europe - Open Network for new Science (CSE-ONNS) , where the EGOCreaNet assumes the role of scientific coordinator on the basis of an appropriated team of experts ,  engaged as a “project research - staff “ able to  improve  and    to realize this particular  proposal  in and open  cooperation with other partners and stakeholders.  Hence the  multidisciplinary research  team EGO-CreaNet, during the project CSE-ONNS working for implementing Consumer Science in Europe , is dedicated to furnish a collaboration in those principal areas of activities of the FP7 -2.2 “fork to farm” –Activities : a) Nutrition science including nutri-genomics, b) Food Quality and Safety, c) Sensory Science, d) RfID-marketing  ad food  traceability , e) Life science popularisation and dissemination, e) Knowledge management of collaborative organization.


The above role  of EGOCreaNet  research team  , must do a  continuing characterization during the development of the entire CSE-ONNS  project thus  until  will obtain a successful results and a good final evaluation.

Staff of EGOCreaNet research team  for the CSE-ONNS  Project will be composed by the -following researchers and experts in dissemination methods in internet : Paolo Manzelli EGOCreaNet President (It);  Fortunati Giuseppe EGOCreaNet Vice.President (It) , Vincenzo Vecchio ,  President of the Interdipartimental Centre  of   Food Research of the University of Florence ( ) , Ivano Bertini , Expert in  Nutrigenomics ,  President of the magnetic Resonance Centre  (CERM) at University of Florence (IT) , Marco Mascini , Analitical Chemistry University of Florence  specialized in biosensors development, Stefano Predieri (1959),  food quality, specialist in sensory evaluation and consumer science. Coordinator Portal “RQPA – Research and Quality in Agrifood Production”  for consumer information and education. ( ) ,CNR-University of Bologna (It), Alessandro Bertirotti - Food Antropology-University of Palermo , (, Roberto Cei , Engineer , RfID marketing specialist  ( ),Lucio Scognamiglio, Director of EUROPEAN INFO-CENTRE –, Riccardo Simoni, Neuropsychiatry, expert in Neuro –alimentary disorders., Bruno Nati , Webmaster Egocreanet, Linda Giannini , Carlo Nati, Dario Cillo, Pina Fico, School Teachers experts in the on line dissemination and e.learning, Miguel Molla , EgoCreaNET- section in Peru’.



Director of LRE/EGO-CreaNet – University of Florence


50019 Firenze- Via Della Lastruccia 3 -room: 334: 
Phone: +39/055-4573135 Fax: +39/055-4573077

Mobile: +39/335-6760004

E-mail: LRE@UNIFI.IT ;;