conceptual exercise in bio-semiotics

By : Paolo Manzelli : pmanzelli@gmail.com  

President of :  EGOCREANET/ Open Network For New Science, c/o Educational Research Laboratory, University of Florence (It)

 Firenze, 5/19/07





BIO-Quantum PHYSICS: from an  exercise of Cognitive Science

Title :  DNA/RNA as an information energy catalist’s of  life system  "

  Abstract : -   DNA as a catalyst don't change in the metabolic transformation,  in fact DNA rebuilt a self copy in all living cells , in similar way, a generic catalysis can be present into a reaction  in small quantities and it is unaffected in its quantity at the end of the reaction . (1)  

 This analogy can be a starting point to tray to develop the frontiers of research in Bio-quantum Physics .At present we encounter fundamental problems in sharing theoretical physics with molecular biology,  awaiting solution for a better understanding of  what means life. (2)

First of all I am sceptic about the scientific character of a biological conceptions that considers the more advanced molecule in the evolution, like an inactive matter to take apart in order to copy directly by contact some pieces of genetic information, as well as in the  “LEGO” toys.

Because Life system is based on the communication system , (3) ,  in this paper would like to prevail over  the conceptual  contradiction  where a  “ dead molecule”  must be the  principal  actor of the life in nature. This  paper will be  presented at QUANTUM-BIONET meeting  in Pavia (It)  ( 4) in order to  introduce a new way of thinking, where the DNA functioning, it is not only seen as a storage of genetic information. This is important  in order to  consider " DNA /RNA dynamic system, as an information energy catalyst, able  to transmit and receive BIO-PHYSICAL quantum  signals ( e.g. Bio-Photons and associated Bio-Phonons) , to and from the proteins in the living cells .The interactive dynamic information exchange in Quantum-Bio-Physics ,  requires a more drastic revision of some fundamental concepts of Science than any that have gone before.


(1) chemical bases 

 (2) what means life

(3) communication system

(4) Quantumbionet

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