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... I am sure that the Quantum Science applied to Life Sciences can be te best way to understand the coherent an shared self-co-organized behaviour of living system evolution, based on the " at-distance " intercommunication of information processing system of coherent signals ".

Also I believe that is possible to find a some reasonable answers, in a way that Quantum -Physics applied to Bio- Quantum reality it is completely based on a cause and effect domain. 

I aggre that the fundamental cause may be hidden, or unobservable in the context of the old paradigm of Q.Physics , this principally because till now it is not conceived the Space-time properties fundamental Q. level of energy. Certainly effective progress of science need to believe that nothing is causeless e.g. all changes or effects need to follow a cause.

To appreciate the previous statement it is important to remember, till now Q.Mechanical science studies only single wave-particles and see the "entangled Wave-particles" as an exceptional event .

Differently I believe that the "Entangled Pairs" or Multy-chains of Q.Particles represents a new universal forms of Q-particles having different Space-time properties , that can be based on the changing of the dimension of the space time- field , to enrich the hidden fundamental level of Quantum - Energy.

Traditionally the Space-Time four vector , it is subdivided in three orthogonal dimensions and one for the time. This splitting it is justified because every-interaction betwen fre-energy (E) and condensed energy ,as matter (M) , at any moment the interaction happen only into a specific location.

This assumption of the splitting of the space-time four vector in three space-coordinates and one time-coordinates really it is only derived by a reductionistic interpretation of the Quantum Physics.

In fact the traditional scientific Q.Mechanics approach do not take in consideration that the fre-energy and matter , local interaction, need to admit the fundamental existence of a "delocalized space-time". In fact space, has properties based on three orthogonal dimensions that are all boundless or infinite , and of one dimensional  time that is conceived as a constantly flowing element from a local dimension to infinite. Therefore Space.time need to exist outside of any interaction. e.g. before and after any phenomena of

So that to understand the existence of the space-time, that is not embodied in the physical local interaction, we need to understand the transformation from a localized space-time field existence to an open or delocalized space-time.

In previous articles of I tray to demonstrate how the fundamental level of existence of delocalised space-time, can be possible through transforming a space co-odinate into a second time coordinate during the process of entanglement of Q.Particles.

By means of this Q-entanglement transformation, the Space Time field is becoming composed by one bit of space coordinates and one bit of time coordinates. The last is the condition of a flat space and double time coordinates is the basis of a pure fundamentel "information -energy" Q.level.

Therefore "Information Energy" (I), is the fundamental basic level of the all energy forms into a delocalized space-time. Only upper levels of energy can be observable as phemomena of interaction between the various forms of free- energy (E) and condensed energy as matter (M).

Following this way of understanding of the relationships between local and delocalised space-time conversion, we can conceived in a cause effect conceptual domain that all the space -time events happen in a local dimension can be derived from the fundamental level of "information-energy."

Remembering that quantum-entaglement can give an expanation to all events in nature that happen in a simultanean communication and coherent synergy of the co-evolution of global sistems, it is decisive to understand the process of space-time codification of "Entanglement of Q.particles" .

Entanglement is a process of condensed pair-or multiple state of Q.Particles. In fact Q-particles do not exists as single photons or phonons and more in general as "...ons" , because in similar way of atoms and molecules also the "..ons " can be bonded in entangles duoble o multiple states , changing their space-time activities.

Therefore in similar way that the properties of atoms of matter-energy are different from the joining of atoms in molecules, so that it is now possible to Open a Network
for New Science on the basis of new "Science of Quality" to renew the casuse effect approach on the basis of the papers of Quantum Science applied to Life Sciences publisced in www.wbabin.net.

Entanglement theory see : http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/qt-entangle/
Science of Quality see also : http://www.edscuola.it/LRE.html

Firenze AUG/11./2007



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