- Launch of the “ FOOD for THINK” International Prize to award European youth consumers in the schools , in order to sustain long term activities of the CSE-ONNS EUROPEAN project proposal till 2008 and over the 2012. The “FOOD for THINK “ competition among European youth consumers” would be launch as a WEB -Poster Competition, organised by the CSE-ONNS project to forecast the future of Consumer Science . An European Prize international metting will be held in Roma each two years from 2011 – to 2020 .The Prise winners will get a not costly statuette and a “FOOD for THINK” poster , to highlight the campaign’s messages of the importance to see the food as a good components of thinking about personal and societal well being . The “FOOD for THINK” competition, provides children with an excellent opportunity to learn about food safety issues whilst being creative and having a personal life styles. The aims of the “ FOOD for THINK” Prize will be to promote a strong and broad based consumer movement in each European country, particularly at youth level, in both urban and rural areas of the CSE-ONS participating countries, aiming to assess the consciousness of consumers rights in food healthy diets and well being. Eligibility and awards rules will be discussed during the CSE-ONNS Project with partners and stakeholders . The prize will run no for profit It should not be run for profit for any individual or group of individuals but should serve the general public without distinction of, political creed, and religions. 

Paolo 23 APRIL 2007