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s a l v a d o r
200K - September 2001
Rated R for violence, gore, language, disturbing themes, sex
Seventh season X-File. Mytharc, angst, MSR

Five missing women, all Salvadoran immigrants. A mass grave on the slope of a volcano, the bodies burned beyond recognition. What's the connection? An anonymous tip sends Mulder and Scully on a dangerous search for the truth.

c o l l a p s e
128K - January 2001
Rated R for violence, disturbing themes, sexual situations
X-File, all things post-ep. Angst, MSR.

Mulder and Scully investigate a group suicide with cult overtones - but things may not be what they seem. As they race to prevent more deaths, Scully searches for the truth behind her vision in the Buddhist temple, and Mulder confronts some of his own inner demons.

y o  c r e o
61K - May 2000
Rated R for language, as well as light sex and violence.
X-File, En Ami post-ep.  MSR, angst.

Tensions run high between Mulder and Scully after the events of En Ami. A new lead on Cobra threatens to lead them further into darkness.


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a  c e r t a i n  l e v e l  o f  d i s t a n c e
9K -  July 2002
Post-ep for Conduit. Vignette.

In the aftermath of Conduit.  A RetroX-Scullyfic challenge.

a b s o l u t i o n
2K - December 2001
Rated PG
Existence post-ep. Vignette. Angst.

In response to a Scullyfic contest: Skinner in 155 words.

i n   m e d i a s   r e s
9K - November 2000
Rated PG-13
Vignette. Mid-ep for Requiem. MSR, Angst.

In the middle of things.

c e r e m o n y
11K - August 2000
Rated PG for disturbing themes.
Vignette, SUZ/Closure  post-ep. Angst, UST.

With Scully's help, Mulder fulfills an obligation.

e x o r c i s t  s t a i r s
26K - October 2000
Rated R for violence, language, disturbing themes.
X-File, Orison post-ep. Angst, UST

Scully is adrift and on her own after the events of Orison. A chance encounter forces her to confront the banality of evil.

f a m i l y  b u s i n e s s
6K - First posted June 2002
Missing scenes from the Pilot.

The first thing Billy remembered was the heavy feel of the girl in his arms, and the wind, and the leaves stinging his face.

g e t a w a y
5K - June 2002
Missing scene for Deep Throat

Making a clean getaway. a RetroX-Scullyfic challenge.

h e r o  w o r s h i p
5K - August 2002
Rated PG
Believe or not, a Space post-ep. A RetroX-Scullyfic challenge.

t h e   p a y m e n t
8K - June 2000
Rated PG-13 for disturbing themes and implied bad things.
Vignette, En Ami post-ep. Angst.

After En Ami, a conversation. And payment for services rendered.

s p e c i a l  l i t t l e  g i r l
2K - August 2002
Rated PG
A RetroX-Scullyfic challenge - 155 words, All About Eve

s t u d y i n g   t h e   d e a d
2K - December 2001
Rated PG
Vignette. Pre-XF.

In response to a Scullyfic contest: Scully in 155 words.

s u m m e r  o n  t h e  v i n e y a r d
2K - November 2001
Rated G
Vignette. Pre-XF, angst

In response to a Scullyfic contest: Mulder in 155 words.

u n d y i n g
15K - November 2002
Rated R
Story, inspired by Tooms.

A secret history.


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