Elephant Editions

Elephant Editions are published by anarchists in order to circulate revolutionary ideas, analyses and methods to be discussed, considered and experimented without delay.

We have begun two new series: Anarchist Booklets and Work in Progress.  The first are a kaleidescope of short, agile texts (ideal for bookstalls). Work in Progress, on the other hand, is a laboratory of an in-depth contribution to anarchist thought and methods, and will include economic analysis, the question of organization, the dilemma of national liberation, information technology and its far reaching consequences, education, ecology, science and many other questions which cannot fail to be of interest to anarchists and all those who desire to sharpen their arms against the existent in an experimental, projectual dimension.

The Pocketbooks series will continue, publishing new texts, translations of historical accounts unavailable in English until now, and reprints of some anarchist classics.

We urge anyone interested in translating or reproducing any of our publications to do so without delay, and to contact us if they require further information. It should go without saying that there is no copyright on any of the texts published by Elephant Editions. On the contrary,  our desire is for them to come alive in the great insurrectional cauldron, using every desirable means.

Elephant Editions Catalogue

A catalogue of our new titles

Any requests or contributions concerning this editorial project should be sent to:

BM Elephant
London, UK

Cheques payable to Jean Weir

The Elephant Editions email address is: jean@jeanx.freeserve.co.uk

In the United States, Elephant editions are distributed by AK Press. Also, Armed Joy, The Anarchist Tension, From Riot to Insurrection, Revolutionary Solidarity, Propulsive Utopias, The Poverty of Feminism and the paper "Insurrection" can be ordered from the address below at the dollar equivalent of Elephant Editions prices. Send blank money orders and please include postage:

Killing King Abacus Distribution
41 Sutter St.
Suite 1661
San Francisco, CA 94104


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