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No. 60 - April 2006

Featuring the photo of the priest on his plastic Coke chair with a Coke by his feet and taking confession, the April issue includes an indignant response from a reader regarding Long Beach; the Casual Restaurant Critic visits several eateries in far-away Majahual; also he revisits La Susana Internacional; the Casual Hotel Critic joins the team with this review of the 40 Cańones hotel in Majahual.

No. 59 - March 2006

NotTheNews takes a critical look at 'God's Country', Long Beach, California. In this issue, an article on NotTheNews impressions of the city, the newly appointed Casual Hotel Critic (he stays there so you don't have to) offers his take on the Long Beach Hilton, while the much-loved Casual Restaurant Critic visits The Madison, the Queen Mary's Sir Winston's and Carnitas Michoacan in downtown Long Beach.

No. 58 - February 2006!

Oh how I love to trash those friggin' TOPES! And the Casual Restaurant Critic is appalled at the desserts rolled out at the otherwise excellent Trotter's; while Nectar proceeds to settle back on its haunches (or so it would seem). Tsk tsk tsk.

No. 57 - January 2006!

A rant on those hooligans looting after Wilma hits Cancun (from October 2005); a cultural experience with Freddy Novelo's Fabergé Egg (October 2005); the Casual Restaurant Critic at Meridano (November 2005)

No. 56 - August 2005

An article on the modifications of traffic in sunny Merida; a new (and un-needed) airport is announced; the Casual Restaurant Critic at Smart Sushi and Pane e Vino

No. 55 - June 2005

Well it went like this: The Casual Restaurant Critic stole the entire June edition of NotTheNews! First, La Habichuela. Then, the new Trotter's. Followed by Principe Xiu, and an ancient review of the now-defunct Thai Mid. Finally, Azul.

No. 55 - May 2005

Mexican president Fox sticks one of his boots in his mouth. A NotTheNews fashion moment featuring tight jeans. Out of date Yucatan links by lazy webmasters. The Casual Restaurant Critic has goat at El Corral del Carnero. And the Critic (again) has sandwiches at the nice looking but overrated Jupiter's.

No. 54 - April 2005

A look at Aviacsa. A good look, i.e. a positive review of the airline that is shaming Aeromexico and Mexicana out of their complacency. The Casual Restaurant Critic goes for sopes at Jardin Balbuena.

No. 53 - March 2005

The Casual Restaurant Critic goes NUTS!!! There's a visit to Nectar, the new sushi eatery Noi and the popular panucheria La Rosita!

No. 52 - February 2005

The Casual Restaurant Critic goes on a road trip to nearby Campeche where he eats pan de Pomuch and visits Morgans; an unnamed collaborator provides inside into the fun and games at Merida's airport; photo pages were updated as well.

No. 51 (FIFTY ONE ISSUES!!!!) - January 2005

A New Year! Mérida gets down and dirty with an invasion of really gross t-shirts; the cyber café murder; your favourite restaurant critic visits Italiannis in training mode; and finally, a comment on the custom of paying workers year-end aguinaldos

No. 50 - Fall 2004

Busy, busy, busy! No time to write. But there's always something isn't there? Like the beautiful Lorenna sinking; comments on the TV coverage of the Olympics in Athens; Casual Restaurant Critic at D'Bocca and Patio Mexicano once and then again! Enjoy!

No. 49 - April 2004

Some stuff from last year, such as the Martini Search One and Two; a comment on Radio Ads in Merida; then from this month: comments on the upcoming Municipal Elections; the License Plate Renewal Adventure parts One and Two; a Casual Restaurant Critic review of House of Pies in Houston; a comment on the Maya and Mars (the planet).

No. 48 - February 2004

After a long hiatus, the Casual Restaurant Critic returns to Mérida´s restaurant scene with a visit to Nectar. No noteworthy articles this issue, just a rant on the American obsession with Janet Jackson´s nipple and George W. Bush.

No. 47 - September 2003

Casual Restaurant Critic eats Spanish food at El Meson del Segoviano; you can read about Komchen and the Kampesinos at the WTO meeting in Cancun;  read about Cancun - an article from The Nation; and corrupt cronyism at the CONALEP educational facility.

No. 46 - July 2003

Casual Restaurant Critic returns to the DueTorri and Bennigans restaurants (too bad for Bennigans) ; complaints about Merida's insane traffic regulations; and a how-to story about running a mall (in Merida, of course!)

No. 45 - June 2003

Casual Restaurant Critic reviews Restaurante Amaro; Guest Restaurant Critic reviews El Payaso (tacos); an all inclusive review of the all inclusive Bahia Principe hotel in the Mayan Riviera

No. 44 - Spring 2003

Mambo Café with 12 friends (the anal host saga); Casual Restaurant Critic lunches at Café Club Iranian owned vegan restaurant and dines at yet another Italian restaurant called Villa Italia; and a hilarious menu translation (spanish to english of course) from Chivirico in Celestun

No. 43 - January 2003

Another year of fun begins. 50 issues and then what? This month, I found a large post hurricane Garbage Dump from Createx, the textile maquiladora, just dumped on the side of the road. The Casual Restaurant Critic visits Boston's Pizza and dances off calories at Mambo Café
Oh, and don't forget to buy a UAY! t-shirt!

No. 42 - December 2002

Almost 50 issues! Wow. NotTheNews comments on Zara opening in sublimely racist Merida. Plus, all that bitching about Frida Kahlo and Salma Hayek has me upset. The Casual Restaurant Critic is back with write ups on Bennigans and Concepto. Enjoy! Oh and don't forget to buy a UAY! t-shirt!

No. 41 - November 2002

Better late than never issue.  Actually uploaded December 13th. No Casual Restaurant Critic. NotTheNews take on Giuliani and Mexico City crime; speaking of crime, how about a quickie about a police chief and his sense of entitlement? 

No. 40 - October 2002

A hurricane wreaks havoc on Merida's landscape, exposing the true character of some of its inhabitants. The Casual restaurant Critic visits the new and hopelessly awful Shanghai chinese restaurant, and the best panucheria in Yucatan, la Susana Internacional!

No. 39 - Summer/Fall 2002

A tragic ATV story; bitching about income tax for small businesses; Casual Restaurant Critic updates; subsidized movie tickets for Merida's poor?

No. 38 - June 2002

A belated (in Spanish) Harry Potter rebuttal; buying prepared food in La Commercial Mexicana; the Critic at Rolandi's; official national anthem singing contest (honest).

No. 37 - March/April 2002

This issue is all about biking to Conkal and from Conkal to Chicxulub (Pueblo not Puerto) and how to build a parking lot by contributor David Morgan... Meanwhile, the Casual Restaurant Critic visits La Parrilla for tacos

No. 36 - January/February 2002

Salsa legend Celia Cruz visits Merida for its' anniversary

Yucas Vs. Waches - the much awaited debate

NotTheNews conclusion - Who are these Yucas that hate the Waches?

No. 35 - November, 2001 (final issue 2001)

Meridas' Youth is Corrupted by Harry Potter  

Having a Baby? Check out some original Yucatecan Names

Is Nothing Sacred? Take a look at the PhoneBook

Cultural Life in the Formerly White City - The Platters!

No. 34 - August 2001

The Casual Restaurant Critic enjoys nouveau cuisine Hacienda Xcanatun

When is Hong Kong not Chinese? Former Yucatan state govt. official clears it up for us !

Is the endangered Tapir an Alien?? Some Campechanos think so!

No. 33 - May/June 2001

The Casual Restaurant Critic re-visits Poc-Chuc Land

Merida hosts an Adeaters event - sui generis ...

The Adeaters thing is in the Cine Merida - A questionable restoration effort...

No. 32 - March/April 2001

The Casual Restaurant Critic nibbles rabbit at Hacienda Tepich The Casual Restaurant Critic praises Campay Sushi

The Casual Restaurant Critic recommends Tango Gaucho

The Casual Restaurant Critic blasts Flamboyanes

Political Commentary - Pity The Yucatecans  

No. 31 - February 2001 (lotsa politics)

The Casual Restaurant Critic revisits Fiesta Americana breakfast YearEnd Commentary
The Yucatan Electoral Conflict
Nice Warm People - Orgullosamente Yucateco

Fuera Turistas

No. 30 - January 2001

The Casual Restaurant Critic is STILL out to lunch 

January 2001 Letter of Intent  

Fun(!!!!) Interactive Guessing Game 

No. 29 - November/December 2000

The Casual Restaurant Critic is out to lunch yet again (too much real work going on); A Letter to Santa ; a Brush with the Justice System - the Lost Bag Incident

No. 28 - October 2000

The Casual Restaurant Critic has some gross 'tortas' at Tortas, Tacos, Tarros , a Montejo EYESORE is there ever was one; what the hell are we celebrating in Mexico on October 12 ?; Driving in Merida Part Three; A list of Fine Eateries you can't live without if you're in Merida - by one of NotTheNews' newer and more intrepid Readers. 

No. 27 - September 2000

The Casual Restaurant Critic has tacos at El Paisano ; can you believe the Cultura de las Americas award was bought ?; really high election expectations ; and Vancouver Province & Diario de Yucatan newspapers battle it out...

No. 26 - June 2000

The Casual Restaurant Critic has brunch at El Castellano ; critiquing a school play ; and bad radio ads...

No. 25 - April/May 2000

The Casual Restaurant Critic eats meat , both fast-food BBQ (Wings and Ribs) and yet another taqueria ( Los Molcajetes ); charities getting out of hand ; Easter in Merida

No. 24 - February/March 2000

The Casual Restaurant Critic criticizes (what else is new) Maseca tortillas and visits a seafood eatery in Celestun ; comments on Eliancito ; getting a U.S. Visa in Merida

No. 23 - January 2000

Merida, still the Cultural Capital of the Americas , still worthy of much debate and now you can vote on it yourself; the Casual Restaurant Critic visits La Pigua in Campeche; a second look at driving in Merida; the Dictionary makes an appearance

No. 22 - December 1999 Merida, still the Cultural Capital of the Americas , still worthy of much debate and now you can vote on it yourself; Le Critique Casuel du Restaurants brunches in Manhattan; a look at driving in Merida

No. 21 - November 1999

Merida, still the Cultural Capital of the Americas, still worthy of much debate and now you can vote on it yourself; Liverpool comes to town and so does the Blair Witch Project

No. 20 - October 1999

Merida, Cultural Capital of the Americas, worthy of much debate; Comments on Halloween in Merida and Service in Merida ( Part Deux )

No. 19 - September 1999

School Supplies

Computer Generated Complaint Letter

Cute Little Ace Hardware Tale

Casual Restaurant Critic - La Pigua

The Eyes Wide Shut Film Review

No. 18 - July-August 1999

Your Mexican Business Rated Number One - The Dubious AIMCAward

Olimpo Photo Included This Issue

Casual Restaurant Critic - Casa Marina

Casual Restaurant Critic - Quick Picks

No. 17 - May-June 1999

Developments Up North

Thoughts on Kosovo

You Know You've Lived In Mexico City When...

No. 16 - April 1999

The Moon Palace Vacation

Eliminate Those Pesky Birds from Your Garden

Casual Restaurant Critic - La Costa Azul

No. 15 - March 1999

The Clinton Visit - A Little Review

Casual Restaurant Critic - El Borrego Acurrucado

Casual Restaurant Critic - Kelly's Cajun Chicken

Carnaval Society Pages - Ladies in Tights, Butt for a Good Cause

Cheapskates in Merida

No. 14 - February 1999

NotTheNews takes a break, only the Photographs section suffered modifications.....

No. 13 - January 1999

Movies in Merida - Intermissions to Toilet Seats

The Casual Restaurant Visits Mani for Poc-Chuc

The Casual Restaurant Hits Terra - Nouvelle-ish Cuisine in San Fernando

Hacienda Yaxcopoil - scanned info from their brochure if you're interested

No. 12 - December 1998

Christmas in The Tropics

The Casual Restaurant Critic Eats Tacos

No. 11 - November 1998

Some People Don't Get It - Responding to Some Critics

I like Living in Merida - Really. Here's Why

The Casual Restaurant Critic Visits La Mancha... um.... Ole?

No. 10 - October 1998

97.7 Goes Live On The Internet (Pena Ajena Department)

List of Useless Things For a Merida Kinda Town

The Casual Restaurant Critic Jaunts Over to Cancun for a Day

Merida's First Porsche Boxter - Now If That Ain't News...