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Articles about the Cast

Martha MacIsaac

The Natural ~ Kindred Spirits ~ Winter 1996/97

Smart Money Story: Martha MacIsaac ~ Dec. 1997 ~ Toronto Star

9th Annual YTV Achievement Awards winners & finalists ~ 1998?

Interview with Martha MacIsaac ~ Feb. 1998

Opportunity Knocks Celebrating Atlantic Canada's Success Stories PEI's Martha MacIsaac

Star of Emily of New Moon will watch premiere Sunday ~ The Guardian ~ Saturday, January 12, 2002

Life After Emily ~ Martha talks dreams and aspirations with Sara Fraser.
(Real Audio - Real Video interview)

Starting From Scratch ~ The Guardian ~ Friday, March 11, 2005

Symbolism of Tennessee Williams celebrated
(Mentions Martha in a review of The Wild Duck)

Review the Reviewer
(More reviews that mention Martha in the play The Wild Duck)
Rising Star Stays Grounded ~ Toronto Star ~ February 15th., 2006
Our Martha ~ The Guardian ~ March 3rd., 2006
Not far from home ~ Martha MacIsaac performs with Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto ~ March 2006
Autograph Speaks with this Young Rising Star about How to Debut in the Biggest Movie in America ~ October 2007

Stephen McHattie

A father's quiet lessons ~ Actor puts stones in shoes and remembers... Toronto Star ~ Oct. 1998

Sheila McCarthy

Dream Come True ~ Kindred Spirits ~ Autumn 1997

Jessica Pellerin

The Kid From Little Pond ~ Kindred Spirits ~ Spring 1997

Teen plays role of mouse in Eckhart - December 5th., 2000

Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts interview-biography from Screen Trade Canada ~ Late 1990's

Shawn Roberts Biography ~ Tribute.ca 2004

Driven by love Distance cast share views on celebs, romance ~ 2004

Kris Lemche

Kris Lemche; Humphrey Newton in "Issac Newton: A Tale of Two Issacs" ~ 1998?

Kris Lemche a hot property ~ Toronto Star ~ April 1999

Articles about the Show

Cameras Roll for Emily of New Moon on Prince Edward Island ~ Avonlea Traditions Chronicle ~ Winter '96-'97

"Location, Location, Location" ~ Toronto Sun ~ Jan. 1997

Emily of New Moon TV Series ~ Avonlea Traditions Chronicle ~ Autumn 1997

New Moon Rising ~ Elm Street ~ Nov. - Dec. 1997

COMPASS ~ The Island finally gets to play itself...
Why using the real McCoy for Lucy Maud's latest adaptation has given PEI such a lift ~ Globe and Mail Dec. 8, 1997

Little Orphan Emily ~ MACLEANS ~ Dec. 1997

Emily of New Moon Debuts on Canadian Television ~ Avonlea Traditions Chronicle ~ Winter 1997/1998

Emily of New Moon Filming Site ~ Avonlea Traditions Chronicle ~ Winter 1997/1998

New Moon Rising, The Dark Side of the Moon...
There's a little less sweetness and light shining forth in "Emily of New Moon"
GLOBE AND MAIL ~ Dec. 27 - Jan. 2, 1998

Moon Struck ~ Emily in Green Gable Land
Toronto Sun TV Magazine ~ December 28th., 1997

Island Girl ~ TV Guide (Canadian) ~ January 3-9, 1998

"Emily and Her Family" ~ Time magazine (Canadian edition) Jan. 1998

Emily of New Moon (from the Prince Edward Island website) ~ May 1998

Emily 'Talk' With Dutch Thompson ~ Kindred Spirits ~ Summer 1998

My Review of Emily of New Moon ~ The Avonlea Spectacle ~ Summer 1998

Montgomery's great granddaughter to appear in show ~ 1998

Emily Of New Moon Nominated For 10 Geminis. Hit Series Returns For It's Second Season ~ 1998

Scotchbroth ~ TV Guide (Canadian) ~ October 17-23, 1998

Island unloads Emily set ~ April 2001

Emily of New Moon Returns ~ TV Guide January 2002

Emily of New Moon ineligible for Gemini Awards ~ Spring 2002

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