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If you have a page dedicated to the Emily books, the tv series, or the actors from Emily, let me know and I'll add your page to the list of links. :)

Official Emily Sites

The Official Emily of New Moon site by Salter Street - Wonderful site!
(If you have trouble viewing this site, parts of the official site can still be viewed through the
Internet Archive Site)

Another Smaller Salter Street Films Emily of New Moon site


CBC Imagebank - Great Pictures

Emily of New Moon Filming Sites on PEI

Emily of New Moon - Janet's pictures from the tv sites

Location List For Emily of New Moon; Seasons I, II, & III

Rachel's Avonlea and Emily of New Moon pages - pictures and information on Emily-RTA sites

Emily of New Moon Groups

Emily of New Moon group on facebook

Emily of New Moon yahoo groups list - for fans of the show and/or books

Emily of New Moon Yahoo Groups Role Play

Emily of New Moon RPG World (yahoo groups)

Emily of New Moon Fan Fiction

Emily of New Moon yahoo club

Life of Emily Starr

Groups for the Actors

Kris Lemche Yahoo Club

Kris and Matthew Lemche Fans e-mail list

Kris and Matthew Yahoo Club

Linda Thorson yahoo club

Lisa Houle yahoo club

Sheila McCarthy Yahoo Club

Stephen McHattie yahoo club

Emily of New Moon Related Fanlistings

Emily Starr Fanlisting

Emily Climbs Fanlisting

Kris Lemche Fanlisting

Martha MacIsaac Fanlisting

Avonlea - Emily of New Moon - L M Montgomery Magazines

Avonlea Traditions Chronicle
(no longer published, but has wonderful Anne, Avonlea, Emily
and LMM things for sell and some articles can be read online)

Kindred Spirits of PEI Magazine

Emily of New Moon TV Series Fan Pages & Miscellaneous

Maude's Emily of New Moon fan page

You know you're obsessed when...
(Emily - you know you're obsessed when... page by Maude and some by me. :))

Emily of New Moon @ Avonlea Remembered

Nikki's Emily page

Little Bear's Emily of New Moon Page

Patti's Canadian Television Drama's page

Christmas Message From Emily of New Moon
(Message on the PEI website, a letter from Emily to her father on the Road to Heaven)

Martha MacIsaac ~ Recipe ~ "The Wife - Saver Casserole"

Fan Fiction

Emily of New Moon ~ TV Tome

Emily of New Moon ~ Internet Movie Database

Fan Pages for the Actors of Emily

The Martha MacIsaac Files



Kris Lemche Fan - Your source for everything Kris Lemche

Kris Shrine

Adam Frost (Jack)

Official Cold Squad site (Stephen McHattie)

Ki'raa's Leni Parker (Miss Brownell) website

A page made by Peter who was "Wokwis" (Emily's friend at school) on the first episode of Emily of New Moon

Emily of New Moon Book Sites

Emily of New Moon e-text

Emily Climbs e-text

Emily's Quest e-text

The Alpine Path

Emily's Lookout

A Weaver of Dreams

Emily Starr: A Weaver of Dreams

Miscellaneous LMM, Anne, and Other Related Sites

Links to Other L M Montgomery E-Texts

L. M. Montgomery Institute - Information about LMM and how to subscribe to the Kindred Spirits mailing list

L. M. Montgomery Virtual Exhibition - LMM's scrapbooks, book covers, lots of info, etc.

L M Montgomery ~ A Resource Page (one of the best LMM fan pages)

L M Montgomery First Edition Book Covers

Anne3.com (Sullivan Entertainment's Official Anne site)

Avonlea Vignettes (Wonderful Anne and Avonlea site with great screen caps)

Lantern Hill (Lots of great screen caps, quotes...)

Pat of Silver Bush (A great site devoted to my second fav. series by LMM)

Unofficial Anne of Green Gables Website (Everything you want to know about the Anne movies!)

Wild Cherry Blossoms: The Anne of Green Gables Project (great page for Anne fans)

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