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Emily of New Moon is a tv series set in the late 1890's on Prince Edward Island and is based on the wonderful books by L.M. Montgomery. The series began on January 4th., 1998 in Canada and aired for 4 seasons on CBC. Emily of New Moon was also shown on WAM in the USA.

The Emily of New Moon trilogy has been my favorite series since I began reading the Emily books when I was about 9, so I was thrilled when the series was also made into a tv series. Unfortunately the series was canceled in early 2000. I would have loved to see some of the stories from Emily's Quest, but I'm happy that it at least lasted for 4 seasons. I still think it's amazing that my favorite books were made into a tv series. :)

Emily Season 1 on DVD!

Season one was released in September 2008.
(Let's hope they'll sell well and release the other seasons too!
I was told that more seasons may be released in 2009!)
It's being released by Echo Bridge Entertainment...
The series is available at many sites, like Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and others...
To find out more, visit the
Echo Bridge Entertainment page about the Emily dvds.

The anime series, "Kaze no Shoujo Emily" aka "Emily, Girl of the Wind," premiered April 7th., 2007 on NHK education TV. (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) The 26 episode series is based on the Emily of New Moon trilogy! All of the episodes are now available with English subtitles... :) For more information about the series, visit my page about Kaze no Shoujo Emily. (includes links to the episodes, screen captures, etc.)

E-Mail Lists

There are many many yahoo clubs, and yahoo groups e-mail lists for the Emily series
and some of the actors. The list below was the first Emily list created, and one of the best. :)
Emily of New Moon list at yahoo groups
Click here for links to many other Emily websites and e-mail lists. :)

Emily on Video & DVD

Season 1 of Emily is being released on dvd in September. (more info above)
Season 1 of Emily is also available on video, but the early episodes of the season are very hard to find...
There are two episodes per tape... except for episodes 9, 10, and 11,
which are all on the same tape. The best place to look for the episodes on video is on eBay.

Official Emily Pages

The Official Emily of New Moon Web Site
(If you have trouble viewing this site, parts of the official site can still be viewed through the Internet Archive Site)
This is a wonderful page with information about the cast, lots of pictures, Emily's theme music, cast list, 1st. season episode guide, trivia, "The Emily Post", and more! (Only about the first and second seasons of the show)

Cinar Films, (A small page describing the show.)

Salter Street Films *first* Emily of New Moon site.
A nice page, but smaller than the above Official Salter Street Emily page.
Has some nice pictures, cast info, etc.

This page was created on January 4th., 1998 and last updated on June 22nd., 2009.

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