Red Alert


Yes !!!!! Red alert is out !!!

A great astretagie game, The countiue of command and conquer.

this game has much more buildings, soldiers, tanks and planes than C&c.

The game Happands in world war 2, and the enemies are the allied and the soviet.

The allied are build of the England, Germany and France, while the soviet are build of the Russia and Ukraine.

This is DEFENTLY a game you should buy if you have the chance.

But the thing I love most about this game is the Internet option.

you can play with kids and adults ALL OVER THE WORLD 24 HOURS A DAY TOTALLY FREE !!!

ofcourse you can only play if you have bought the cd, but...

And also new from Easports - Fifa 97 !!!

Fifa97 Is the best and most 3-d soccer game ever !!!

It includes all the major leauge's in the world (spain, England, Italy etc'...),

And ALL the national teams.

other new and good option which fifa96 doesnt have is a player market,

where you can transfer players from team to team, and that way play with

the teams the way they are today.