***April 1, 1999-July 31, 1999***


7/28/99-The retirement of Eggbert the chick and Patti the Beanie Buddie have been announced today.

The third set of BBOC Trading cards are showing up in some stores that the retailers order from one of the shows.

Rumor-I received an e-mail from a reliable source that Maple will retire and be replaced with a new Canadian Bear. Also in September TY Warner will release a White Exclusive Scottish bear.

Britannia's price went up $50. The announcment of her retirement as made the price in crease over night.


7/26/99-Brittannia Retires today. TY goes back to their old way of making fewer of some styles of Beanie Babies. They realized that the demand was higher when they were in shorter supply. This should put some more life back into collecting Beanie Babies again.

The three summer exclusives will be available in the UK at a show in Birmingham England.

***I'M BACK***

7/25/99-Did you miss me? Sorry but I have not been able to to my web site do to problems with my internet server. A bad thunder storm damaged the server and they have not been able to fix it, so I am still having a hard time accessing the internet. I have a lot off catching up to do, again sorry to me loyal readers for the late news.

The 4 people who robbed my husband Paul and I where found guilty. They must repay us for the full value of the Beanies that where stolen.

Now TY News-There have been a few retirements Nibbly and Ewey also Beanie Buddie Quackers. The excluise Beanies released at the shows this summer have started arriving at Hallmark stores, Most places are only allowing 1 per person.

I am having problems again with the server so I will finish updating later.


7/16/99-Mary Beth's Bean Bag World Magazine has finally come to an agreement with Ty. This announcement was posted today, "H&S Media Inc., the publisher of Mary Beth's Bean Bag World Monthly, is pleased to announce a new relationship with Ty Inc.TM -- we have at long last signed a licensing agreement with Ty and wanted our readers and site visitors to be the first to know! You have probably noticed the new verbiage, "All Copyrights and Trademarks of Ty Inc. are used by permission," in our magazine and the many copyright and trademark symbols on our Web page. It is our hope that with this licensing agreement, we will continue to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate Beanie BabyTM information from all over the world."

The retailers that attended the Dallas show are now starting to get their shipments of the new Exclusive Beanies the stores that are putting them out for sale are only allowing one Beaine per person. The new Birthday Bear being the first to go. The new Beanie are being sold on Ebay for $300. a set!


7/15/99-Sorry but many of you can't see the pictures. Not really sure why. I am working on fixing it. I also couldn't finish my web site yesterday as my server shut down again.

TY announces retirement of Peace the Bear. I am sure that it is because it's long over due, but also because the new Birthday Bear looks just like Peace only shinnier.

TY announces Osito is US EXCLUSIVE!

Ty had announced the release of the summer exclusives last night and had pictures but has pulled them of their web sight.


7/14/99-Sorry for the late updates. I am still having problems with my server. At least now they know what the problem is, We had a very bad thunderstorm and it did some damage to the servers system. They are working on it so I will still have problems getting on inline until it's fixed. Thanks for your understanding.

Cameron sent me these pictures of the new Exclusive Beanies released at the Dallas show.


7/12/99-TY announced the retirement of Hippie the Bunny today.

What on the back of your new Clubby's swing tag? I have received e-mails stating that there are two different tags. One has BEANIES in red and the othe has a bar code. I have also had e-mails asking if TY just used the same tush tag from Clubby I. I really don't think so because the new tags have the halogram on them and the first Clubby didn't.

There was a picture of the new Lips on the internet early today. I wanted to post the web site so you could see it but they were asked to remove it by TY. It is very cute! Very Bright. His head is Ty-dyed and from his gills back he is orange with purple dots and his fins look purple.

What on the back of your new Clubby's swing tag? I have received e-mails stating that there are two different tags. One has BEANIES in red and the othe has a bar code. I have also had e-mails asking if TY just used the same tush tag from Clubby I. I really don't think so because the new tags have the halogram on them and the first Clubby didn't.

There was a picture of the new Lips on the internet early today. I wanted to post the web site so you could see it but they were asked to remove it by TY. It is very cute! Very Bright. His head is Ty-dyed and from his gills back he is orange with purple dots and his fins look purple.


7/11/99-I received an e-mail from a retailer who was at the Atlanta show. She said that the TY booth was the only booth doing any business. She also said anyone who thinks Beanie Babies are on the way out wouldn't think so to see the crowd trying to order them! She was at the TY booth at 9 am only to wait for 2 hours to get to see them and place an order! Lips is very colorful orange and Purple with very bright Ty-dyed lips, Flitter is Very pretty Ty-dyed pinks and purples, The Birthday Bear in irridescent pastels with a pin like Clubby that says Birthday Beanie and the swing tag as a place to write in your name and birthdate. She says these are TY's best yet! She was told that they will NOT be available to be ordered after the summer shows and only retailers attending the show can order them, she adds that even though they order 48 of each they may not get all of them. These will be VERY hard to find and will be very high priced!


7/9/99-TY announces the retirement of NIBBLER the white rabbit on their web site today. This Beanie was only released in January.

I have announced June's Contest winner, and have a new question posted for July on my contest page.

TY removed the name of LIPS from it's info Beanie page yesterday. I am not sure why it was there and now it's not, but TY is always keeping us guessing!

Ty's Beanie Babies have been named the Collectible of the Year, for the second year in a row by the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers. Their meeting of the collectible dealers was held in Rosemont, IL June 24-27, 1999.

(Rumor)I have received an e-mail that more releases of Beanie Buddy® Bears will be made over the next few weeks - believed to be three country exclusives - Maple, Germania and, of course, Britannia.


7/8/99-Ty's Info Beanie diary has a new look! But take a look at the bottom of the new page, the "Voters Ballot" say Neon, LIPS (Dallas Show Beanie Baby Lips is not in the voting poll list though) !!!

Ty has also updated their Beanie Connection Page. It's definitely an improvement. At this current time all links on the Beanie Connection Page are disabled. You will see that in the links on the bottom page they all have a Ty logo's on them. If you go to register your Beanie Connection page it will show some new options for the mailing list!

Ty has guards at the Dallas Gift Show to keep people from taking Pictures of the new releases. No one has been able to get pictures of these new Beanies. Many retailers have e-mailed me and confirmed that only those who attend the shows will be able to order these new releases. Once the shows are over no one will be able to order any of these. They are only able to order 48 of each of the Beanies. They are suppose to be shipped right away with delivers due in the middle of next month or sooner.

***I'M BACK!***

7/6/99-Sorry I have been away so long, hope you all missed me. I hope I have every thing worked out now. I think I am having a problem with my modem so it's off to buy a new one.

I have e-mailed the winner of the contest and I hope the e-mail gets through. I will post a new contest tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Knuckles the pig seems to be a very hard beanie to find. I have received many e-mails asking if he has been released yet. I have seen one, so I know they have been released but they have not been to plentiful.

Beware of fake Billionaire and #1 Bears they have been showing up on E-bay for sale at a price to good to be true.

TY's BBOC Web site has reopened. You must have either membership numbers to enter.


7/4/99-I am sorry to say I am still having internet server problems. I am going to try to do some of the web page. For those of you who do not know how a web page is made, it is done in a computer language called HTML. I have to type all the info in HTML then save it to my web site. The problem I am having is getting my interent server to stay on line long enough to save the info onto my web site. My e-mail server is also down and I can not get e-mails in or out. So I want to thank you for your understanding, I don't think the problem will be fixed until Tuesday because of the holiday.

Three of the four people who robbed my husband and I while selling Beanie back in April will finally be going to court on July 14. After alot of back and fourth with the police they have decided to charge them with larceny. I will keep you up dated on what happens.

It appears that the real name of the Pillow Pal announced at the Dallas Gift Show last weekend is actually named Sparkler ... not Spangle has first reported.

UK retailers have received new guide lines from TY on selling their product, they are much the same as the US. Ty's policy is follow or become a "low priorty account".

It seems Ty Inc. filed trademark applications for 'E Beanie' and 'E Beanies' with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office on February 12, 1999. Each of the names were filed under three different listings for goods and services. Seams TY has some new plush in the works.

The word from the gift shows is only retailers who attend the shows will be able to order the "Summer Releases". No other retailers will be able to order them if they do not attend the shows. Once the shows are over they will not beable to be ordered. Many little shop owners who can not attend the show are not happy about this. And you know that most of these will never make it to the stores for sale!

The new BBOC Newsletter is due out this month, you can pick these up at stores that sell BBOC kits. The rumor is that the new Birthday Bear will be the first "Special Offer" to BBOC Members.

TY's new policy is if a Rep see one of their accounts listed on the new Cyberboard as over pricing or selling out the back door, they MUST contact that store. They are told to sell according to TY's policy or they will not receive any more shipments!

It is being report that Osito is in short supply. No one is getting shipments of Osito, they were plentiful and now the price on him is rising due to the low number availiable. This report come from Meta Exchange, who say Osito is the #1 selling BEanie Baby at this time.


7/2/99-I am having problems with my internet server and have not been able to update my web page. I have not been able to e-mail the winner of this month contest do to the server being down. I will announce the winner as soon has I can. I will try to update tonight. Thanks for your understanding Linda


6/29/99- Sorry for no update yesterday, we had very bad thunderstorms here yesterday and lost power.

I am hearing that Lips the fish looks like a blowfish. And Birthday Bear looks like Peace with a pin that says Happy Birthday on it. The swing tag has a place to write in your birthdate. All the e-mails I have recived from people who have been in Dallas say theses are the best Beanies yet! I am also hearing they are really BIG in size, Flitter is big and beautiful!

There is a change in Millennium's ribbon, it is more ribbed and pinkish-gold in color, still has gold edge.

Rumors are saying that TY will open it's BBOC web page again soon. A news letter is suppose to be available in July. You can pick one up by showing your BBOC cards at TY retailers in the months that the new letters are released. If you can't find one you can down load one from the web site.


6/27/99-Linda, I thought I'd pass this on to you and your readers. I was in Dallas for the Trade Show and these Beanie Babies are the best yet!!!! Lips is VERY, VERY BRIGHTLY colored. Flitter is just so CUTE! and the Birthday Bear is great. I think Ty did their best work so far. I think these are a little larger than in the past, others commented on the same thing. Thanks to Ami for this info.


6/27/99-Lots of questions are being asked about the new beanies. I have received lots of e-mails on this over night. Retailers are happy about the way TY released these Beanies for the first time they know whats new. But also some retailers are upset because they will not be able to make it to one of the shows this summer.

Others are wondering if TY will release different Beanies at each show. And if they will only be available in the area of the country where they were released? I believe they will be available everywhere in Spetember. The next show is in 2 weeks so we'll have to wait and see if others are released. I have received e-mails that the new releases are already showing up on Ebay, so they are upset that they are going directly to the secondary market. Maybe this is a way for TY to find out which dealers are selling to the secondary market. Many were also upset that Amber the info Beanie hinted that there would be a parade at 1 PM, many waiting and keep checking TY's web site and nothing happened. Let me know what you think.

Only a few days left to asnwer the question in the GUESS THE BEANIE CONTEST. Must be a hard one this time. Only 15 with the right answer and not many have entered this month. You still have 3 days to enter just guess!

I have the poems from the 3 new Beanies:

LIPS the fish

Did you ever see a fish like me?

I'm the most colorful in the sea.

Travelling with friends in a school

Swimming all day is really cool.

Birthday 3/15

FLITTER the tie dyed butterfly

I did not know what I was to be

Created in fuzz, it was hard to see.

Now a butterfly, what a beautiful sight

On silken wings, I take flight.

Birthday 6/2

BIRTHDAY BEAR - has no specified birthdate and is a tie dyed bear with a pin just like the first Clubby had.

This birthday bear was made for you

Hope your wishes and dreams come true.

Be happy today and tomorrow too

Lets all celebrate the whole year through!


6/26/99-The NEWS from the trade show is this. There are new Beanies and Buddies. Retailers can order 48 of each of the Beanies and 12 of each of the Buddies now for prompt shipping but they will be available to all retailers in the future.

Beanie Babies: Lips, the fish - birthdate 3/15. The description I received is it is a beautiful orange fish with purple polka dots and tie-dyed lips.

Flitter the butterfly - birthdate 6/2. A tie-dyed butterfly.

Birthday bear - no specified birthdate. A tie-dyed bear with a pin similar to what Clubby I had.

Beanie Buddies: Inch and Schweetheart

Pillow Pal: Spangle

***I'M BACK***

6/26/99-Geo Cities the server to my web site was down all day yesterday. So I couldn't update, and my computer is still not working right, but I'm still here and I am hoping my computer keeps working long enough to do today's news.

The Dallas Gift show opens today and runs until the 29th. Ty plans to reveal an exclusive products that includes Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies and more. It is beleived that these new exclusive products will only be available to Ty retailers that order them while visiting the Ty booth at the show. The next gift show is scheduled for July 10-14 in Atlanta. When I get any info on the new releases I will post it.

(RUMOR)I'm am receiving e-mails from retailers that have received a special shippment from TY. Each of them have received 2 different older retired Beanie Babies as a reward for selling at TY suggested retail price. One retailer got Rovers and Speedys, another got Scottie and Kiwi, and the last got Flash and Spooky. They also stated they are selling these at the suggested retail price.


6/24/99-Sorry no update today, I have been having problems with my computer all day. I have had it looked at and it may just be the heat. My computer repair man is in Canada on vacation untill Tuesday. I will try again tomorrow to do my news. If I don't post any news it is because my computer crashed.


Tami McKay is now excepting donations for the "STACY McKAY FOUNDATION" this is a non-profit organization. All money rasied will be donated to National Marrow Donor Program to benefit leukemia patients. They are looking for: beanie babies, beanie baby cases and tag protectors, any other donations. If you have any questions you can e-mail Tami at If you would like to make a donation you can send it to: Tami McKay, 2176 Madison St.Portage, Indiana 46368 you can also check out their web site:

Stacy McKay Foundation


6/23/99-SPECIAL OLYMPICS MILLENNIUM will be the 1999 SCF Beanie-based promotion to benefit Canadian Special Olympics. Sales of the Special Olympics Millennium bears will be handled very much the same as last year's Special Olympics Valentinos. A quantity of bears will be made available to each of our local chapters to sell for $20. at selected SCF events throughout the year. The Special Olympics Beanies have been a very successful fund-raising tool for us over the past two years and we're hopeful to repeat the success in 1999.

I have Fuzz, 99 Signature, Valentina, Kicks, Halo and Hope Bears $15. each plus shipping. E-mail if your interested.

Not much in way of news today. Anything comes up, I'll update.


6/22/99-TY is making the following changes for retailers when ordering. Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies may be ordered on the 1st of every month. Attic Treasures and Pillow Pals can be ordered beginning the 14th of each month. The Plush line can be ordered at any time during the month. Orders will be cancelled 30 days from the entry date if the product has not been shipped. Only one order per category is allowed during the 30 day period. Series 3 Trading cards are available for order with an expected shipping date in August. Which is later there what has been stated in the past.

Looking for some way to store your Beanie Buddies? I have 2 good ideas. 1. At sport shops they have plastic holders for footballs, Buddies would fit nicely in these. Prices are different from shop to shop so look around. 2. In pet store they have "Reptile Tanks" theses are just plastic boxes with small holes. these all are not to expensive.


6/21/99-Major League Baseball has authorized a commemorative bear celebrating the 1999 All-Star game, which will be played on July 13th in Boston's Fenway Park. It is a bean-filled bear with the All-Star game logo on its chest.It costs $11.99 and can be ordered by telephone at 1-800-332-1420.

In the May edition of "People Magazine" there is a story on actress Patty Duke it mentions that she now lives in Northern Idaho and she said one of her favorite things to do is to hunt for Beanie Babies w/her 10-year-old son, Kevin.

Ty Donates Beanies to Kosovo, It was reported that Ty Inc. contributed 150,000 Beanie Babies to provide trauma therapy for Kosovar refugee children.

Be aware that there are fake Fuzz, Hope and Milleniums, making there way into the market. These are very bad copies but the halogram tush tag is pretty good. So be on the look out for fake with the new tush tags!

From my source: TY is publishing a magazine on their Beanie Babies it will be called TY INC. This is suppose to be one of the releases to retailers at the tradeshow this summer.

(RUMOR)I have received and e-mail stating these will be the next to retire. Fuzz, Hippie, Tiny, Jabber, Kuku, Valentina, Goatee, Scorch, Canyon, Britannia,1999 Signature bear, Butch and Nibbler. Remember this is only a rumor!


6/20/99-MaryBeth's Bean Bag World is looking for the youngest collector with the biggest collection. Many children have a bean bag collection started before they are even born by friends and family. If you know someone with a large collection (up to age 2), Bean Bag World wants to know. This may be used in a future article.

Send a VERY CLEAR (in focus) photo to:


c/o Mary Beth's Bean Bag World

P.O. Box 68729

Schaumburg, IL 60168-0729

I thought I'd pass on to you an idea for the case that Clubby II comes in. I have purchased more than one kit.(trying to collect all the cards and coins) I found out yesterday that the Teenie Beanie Set fits nice in the case and it also keeps them in good shape.

A St. John's County teacher wins the 1998-99 Teacher of the Year award based in part on her use of weighing Beanies to teach measurement to her students.SOUCRE: The Jacksonville Journal


6/19/99-Sorry no new yesterday it was a very slow day for Beanie news. In the new Canadian verion cards has three cards less. The set is missing Mac, Sammy, and rare bear card Princess. These cards are becoming hard to find and and in great demand in the US. I will trade an Osito bear from a box of these cards if some one from Canada is interested. (box must be sealed).

I am getting more reports that Brittanina is not being shipped in the UK. I am also hearing that Maple again is not being shipped in Canada. I don't know if this means retirment because in the past Maple was not shipped to retailers for 8 months. It does still remain on the order forms but not being shipped to stores.

Rumors that Ty plans to start selling Beanies in Scottland. Picture of a Bear made of plaid are going around the internet. Like in the past it's most likely is not a true beanie, but you never know? Sites have been asked by Ty to remove the picture. Which they have done in the past for both real and fake Beanies?

I have received an e-mail from my TY source that says Peace will soon be a Beanie Buddy. This maybe one of the new Buddies available to retailers at the trade shows this summer.


6/17/99-Sorry for the late update today, it's been a long day for me just got home.

It appears that there is a Canadian Limited Series of the BBOC Trading Cards. This is the same cards as the Series two cards that were sold here in the US. The odds of getting a signed card are better in the Canaidian set then here in the US. The chances are 1 in 304 in the US and 1 in 247 packages. I am also told that fewer cards were made in the Canadian Series. You can tell the Canadian Cards because there is a small red maple leaf on the card. I beleive these will be in high demand. If any one in Canada is reading my web site and would like to get some cards for me please e-mail me.

I received an e-mail from a retailer in Colodado who said an undercover Ty Rep. came into the store and found they were over charging for their TY products and lost their account on the spot.

BBOC Trading Cards III will have 157 cards to the set. They will include Beanie Babies and Buddies. Chase cards will be Retired cards with odds 1 in 72 packs, Commons with odds 1 in 24 packs, Beanies and Buddies cards with odds 1 in 12 packs, Birthday cards with odds 1 in 5 packs, and Wild Cards with odds 1 in 3 packs. In each pack of cards will be a Beanie Sticker Card, an Artist proof card (foil card), and one new common card for Beanies not previously featured as a common card.


6/16/99-I guess you really need your thinking caps on this months guess the Beanie Contest! There are only 5 with the right answer. Not to many have entered yet, give it a try, guess you may be right. You still have two weeks to enter.

The LA Times had a story a week ago about a little girl who saved her family from their burning home, and lost everything they owned. Ashley Mizuno is a 9-year-old girl who saved her family from the house fire and lost her collection of Beanie Babies. Ashley is from Oxnard California, if you would like to help Ashley Mizuno rebuild her Beanie Baby collection, send your name and telephone number to . SOURCE: Our Times

MaryBeth Beanie World Magazine is now known as MaryBeth Bean Bag World Magazine. Due to some conflict with TY over the use of the name Beanie the name of the magazine was changed. The domain name sold for $5,101.55 on eBay yesterday. This domain went public in January 1997. The domain name had 26 different bidders.

News from retailer in UK is that Brittanina is not being shipped to retailers. Rumors of Brittanina's retirement, and being replace by new UK bear.


6/15/99-Ty has made some more changes to their web site. On the Official Beanie List page there is a picture of Beanies. There is also a page on TY working to become Y2K ready.(this is on the bottom of the home page) Three strikes and your out on the Cyberboard, if any rude comments, insulting remarks and things like that your off.

Rumors of Osito being exclusive are all around the gift and trade shows, as well as rumors of Spangle getting a new face color. Two rumors are going around about a change in Spangle's face, 1. that it will be all white, 2. that their will be three color pink and white, lt. blue and white, and just white. I don't know if any of these are true we'll have to wait and see.

To answer the questions I have been getting about how to store the coins from the Platinum Kit, it should fit the coin holders made for the US Eagle Coin, or a 39mm, it will fit in a 40mm but this one allows for some movement which over time will dull the edge of the coin.

Patrick Brady, chairman of CYRK, the company licensed to produce the Beanie Babies Official Club merchandise, has been investing in the redevelopment of the harbor area in Wilson, New York. According to an article the American City Business Journal, "Brady bought the seasonal restaurant (Wilson Boat House Restaurant) and an adjacent five acres along the harbor for $675,000 in March. He created Harbor Properties Inc. to renovate, operate and manage the restaurant and area developments." In the next couple of weeks, seven shops are expected to open including The Cyrk Shop that will sell "Wilson souvenirs and memorabilia."


6/14/99-Thanks to Pat from California I just got my Kit. I got the Pinchers Coin and Steg, Clubby, and Beak cards. I did some research and got this info about the value of the cards and coins.


Cubbie $10 - $20

Chocolate $10 - $20

Squealer $10 - $20

Flash $10 - $20

Legs $10 - $20

Patti $10 - $20

Pinchers $10 - $20

Splash $10 - $20

Spot $15 - $30


99 Signature $5 - $10

Beak $5 - $10

Bessie $5 - $10

Bronty $5 - $10

Clubby $5 - $10

Echo $5 - $10

Goldie $5 - $10

Jabber $5 - $10

Legs $5 - $10

Millenium $5 - $10

R.B. Peanut $5 - $10

Pincess $5 - $10

Quackers $5 - $10

Rex $5 - $10

Steg $5 - $10

THE KITS: (unopened)

Gold 1st $40 - $50

Platinum 2nd $20 - $35


6/13/99-Ty pulled it's news flash that they had posted yesterday. I have received e-mails stating that the announcement might cause some confusion and will be reposted on the Ty Web site with some changes. TY has also asked web sites to not post the link to that page. Many are wondering if it meant only those retailer who go to the shows will be able to order the new releases or if later on all retailers will be able to order them.

Many McDonalds employees receive a special Bear today. It was a Glory TBB witha special thank you on the tag.( I do have the 4 TBB Bears for $5.each plus postage, e-mail me I do not have the employees Bear)

A regular reader of my site and also a TY retailer from Canada say sent me an e-mail state=ing they receive their TY catalog and Osito is not available to be ordered in Canada. There is a picture of Osito but it does state it is not available for orders. Still the UK and Germany are not being able to order Osito either.(I am still looking for someone from Germany to trade Osito for Germanina)

I am hearing that Fuzz is not being sent to retailers, many have had their Fuzz on backorders for 2 moths now. Not sure why he is in low supply. (I have some for $20 e-mail me)


6/12/99-TY has a BIG incentive for retailers to attend a summer trade show near them as Ty announces they will unveil new exclusive products including Beanie Babies® and Beanie Buddies®. The first show to display the new products will be the Dallas gift show on June 26. The exclusive product will only be sold to Ty retailers visiting the Ty booth at the shows below:

Dallas ­ June 26-29

Atlanta ­ July 10-14

Los Angeles ­ July 17-20

Philadelphia ­ July 18-21

Chicago ­ July 23-26

Kansas City ­ July 31-Aug. 3

Washington D.C. ­ Aug. 1-4

San Francisco ­ Aug. 7-11

New York ­ Aug. 15-19

Seattle ­ Aug. 21-25

Denver ­ Aug. 28-31

Boston ­ Aug. 29-Sept. 1

Attendance at the shows is limited to the retail trade!

McDonalds announces there will be a Teenie Beanie Promotion IV in the year 2000! Even though it was slower this year, it was still McDonalds best promotion, though there maybe some changes, but we will see those TBB in the year 2000.


6/11/99-Sorry for not posting any news yesterday I didn't have time to turn on my computer. For those of you who have been asking no news yet on Pauls tests. We are hoping this means good news. And thanks for your concern.

An update for those of you asking about the guys that robbed Paul and I while selling Beanies in April. The Police caught the people who did it, they even admitted doing it. But no charges are going to be filed. I was told that the value was to little to be bothered with to take them to court. The Police said all that would happen would be they'd get probation. SO I am fighting to get them to be charged. If not Paul and I will take them to small claims court.

McDonalds is taking secondary market stores to court for selling Teanie Beanies prior to the start of the promotion. Pinky's Collectibles in the Summit Square Mall, Park Ridge, is just one of many retailers buying and selling Beanie Babies on the secondary market. That's why it came as a surprise when McDonald's Corp. filed suit in Federal Court and took possession of the Teeny Beanie Babies it has been selling to customers as part of a promotion.They're going after people who did not buy them at McDonalds." The suit, which was just filed several weeks ago, also required them to turn over existing stock of the Teeny Beanie Babies."McDonald's is asking for substantial damages."

TY's web site now has printable checklists again, for both current and retired Beanie Babies.

Rumors say June 28 will be a release of something special from TY. Reps are also being told to tell retailers to order BBOC Trading Cards III now and order as many as you can because they will not be able to reorder. These cards are due out in July


6/9/99-There are a lot of odd TBB Bears and Beanies. I have received e-mails about feet on backwards and no eyes. And many other oddities, the question is are these worth more? The answer is yes and no. To most collectors the value is in a mint Beanie or Bear. But some people to collect these oddities and to them they are worth paying more for.

I have received many e-mails wondering if the Info Beanie is hinting about some new releases? The last couple of days some feel hints are being dropped about some new Beanies. Today it was talk about a horse and grasshopper, and that pictures would be posted tomorrow. Who ever knows whats up with TY??!! We'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings, there is a gift show coming up in July in Atlanta so it is possible.

A word of caution, the numbers come off the new BBOC Membership cards very easily. If you keep the card in your purse or wallet write the number down and keep it in a safe place. If ever in the future you need the number you will have it. My sister's numbers are gone off her card, she has only had it in her purse for a couple of weeks. (I haven't found a kit yet for myself so I haven't seen the cards yet.)


6/8/99-The Canadian verion of the McDonalds TBB to not have the poems on the packages. Most likely because they have french and english on them no room for the poems.

A man in the Chicago bought a full case of series 2 Trading Cards at a store in Lombard,In 4 of the 6 boxes were autograghed cards. These included one common, Tiny, a Green Autographed Libearty, a Silver Autographed Lizzy card, and the fourth card was a gold Lizzy. I wish I had bought that case!

Did you noticed that your TBB Bears were a little cold. Many McDonalds kept them for safe keeping in the freezer. Some McDonalds received another shipment of TBB Bears so check your local McDonalds to see if they got more.

I am receiving e-mails that TY Reps are saying that next month in Atlanta at the gift Show Ty will release some new Plush. The rumor is that there will be some new Beanie Buddies. Maybe the dinosaurs that Amber the info beanie is talking about??


6/7/99-The new June Guess the Beanie Contest has been posted on my Contest Page.

A warning to anyone thinking of purchasing a set of Germany TBB pins being sold on the internet and on some auctions. The McDonalds in Germany never had a set of TBB pins for their promotion. These are fake pins with no value, Buyer beware!

I have received some e-mails from people who are not happy about Osito being exclusive to the US. Many feel TY should have made Spangle US exclusive. This is still a rumor until TY announces that it is fact, but it does appear that right now Osito is only being sold it the US. Sometime in the future Osito may be available in the other countries too. If Osito is US exclusive it maybe that it was a last minute decision and Spangle had already been sold in the other countries. Only TY knows for sure!

I just bought a Humphrey Beanie Buddy he is much smaller than the first one that my sistr has. Did I just get an oddball? Anyone else pick up on this?

Atlanta Police are not happy with the response to the Beanie Baby road kill as they are calling it. Last week a truck dumped McDoanlds TBB International Bears on a Highway in Atlanta. May people risked their lives and that of others to scoop up the bears off the road. The police want it known that this was stealing and not a smart thing to do. People grabbed as many of the bears as they could as fast as they could and took off with them. This is considered theft.

Clubby II is not available in Canada at this time. I am sure that it will be in the future just as Clubby later became available.


6/6/99-I have to apologize, I totally spaced it!! I forgot to pick a winner in last months guess the Beanie Contest. I have been so busy and my husband Paul has been having some test done in the hospital so my head just isn't on straight right now. I will pick the winner tonight and e-mail the winner tonight and I will put a new question for the June Contest tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding and thanks to those of you who reminded me.


6/6/99-Received some e-mails from around the country about how the TBB Bears are selling. Pat in California says they sent all the Brittannia's there, still have plenty of all 4 of them left. Amanda from Florida says lots there too. JR from Texas still lots left there.

I have received a couple of e-mails asking if Osito is availiable in Canada. I did post last week that I had received and e-mail from a Canadian retailer that Osito is not for sale in Canada. His Rep told him it would be US exclusive.

I want to thank all of you who let me know how much you are enjoying my web site,it means a lot to me. If I don't return your e-mail right away It is because I have been so busy I haven't gotten to them all yet. Also I have been have some problems with my e-mail server and have lost some of my e-mail messages so if you haven't heard from me it may have been lot, but thank you.

More news later.


6/5/99-McDonalds underestatimated the demand for these bears. Most were sold out within hours, some people started lining up at midnight to be the first in line. Many people did not even get any of them. One woman I spoke to last night said she went after work to get Britannia only to find they were sold out of all 4 bears. One McDonalds in my area sold all 4 within 4 hours. I stood in line 2 hours at the Milford NH McDonald to get Maple. Has I got close to the counter they announced they were on their last case and the line was still out the door. Many were very upset that they were not going to get any. But I must applaud the workers the same counter help was there at 8 pm that were there at opening and they had to deal with some not very understanding people. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!

Osito will not be sold in the UK or Germany! This is the word from a TY retailer with a store in Germany and in the UK. received order form for June and Ostio is not on either. It is looking like Osito will be US excluise. To any of my readers in Germany I will trade an Ostio for a Germania, e-mail me.

I did see the commerical for the TBB Bears last night it was very cute. McDonalds must have decided that due to the slow TBB III promotion they better let people know about the bears. They really didn't need too!


6/4/99-This morning in Atlanta, Georgia a truck loaded with International Bears for the start of the promotion lost it load on I 285. The truck was making deliveries to the McDonalds and didn't even realize it had lost it's load. Cars were stopping to grab handfuls. The interstate was backed up miles. A news helicopter videoed the mess on the highway and the hugh traffic jam it caused.

So far I have gotten Britannona and Glory for my collection. I am off again looking for the other 2.

There is a problem with the new membership cards in the new kits. I have received a number of e-mails that have reported the clear plastic on the BBOC Platinum membership kit can damage the numbers on the membership card. Since the numbers are not raised, you could be left with a numberless card.

The TBB promotion did not measure up to what TY or McDonalds exspected this year. McDonald's declined to comment however, it expects sales of Happy Meals alone sold during the Beanie campaign to break last year's records. The promotion is expected to last about another 10 days. But sales were much slower this year. (But the Bears are bringing back the lines!)

Well I spent the whole day on the road and I did find all four of the Bears! I Don't want to eat another McDonalds Hamburger again in my LIFE!! My husband Paul is glad we got them all he couldn't take looking all day again. I was just doing some checking on the price on the set of four, it is about $60-$80.


6/3/99-Another late night for me again. The new International Bears start tomorrow at McDonalds. They will start selling them tomorrow at 5 am when the local Micky D's opens and I will be there. R.J. Milano, McDonald's vice president, U.S. marketing, said,"Once again, Ty Teenie Beanie Babies have proven to be McDonald's most popular Happy Meal program of all time," He also stated, "Ty Teenie Beanie Babies International Bears, which in their full-size version are among the hottest Ty properties, are going to start a whole new way for our customers to experience Teenie Beanie Babies at McDonald's."

McDonalds and TY gave a small preveiw of the commercial for the new TBB Bears. It was on the Rosie O'Donnell Show. It has all four of the bears in different setting, and has the start and ending date for this promotion. SO be on the look out for this commercial.

Series III of the BBOC Trading Cards will be for sale starting in July. Retailers can start to order 25 cases of these new cards.

Ty has changed the look of it's web site, the background is still Ty-dyed but the lines are going verital.


6/2/99-Sorry for the late update today, I had a very busy day today, I didn't want to go to bed before I updated.

Not a lot in the way of Beanie news today. I have been told that the newsletter in the new BBOC Kit explains the benfits to Gold Club Memebers, as well as those who have both memeberships. I have not yet seen the newletter, my sister has one so I will have to read it and let you know what it says about the memberships.

Retailers can order 36 of each of each of the Beanie Babies in June. They can order 24 total Attic Treasures. No limit on Pillow Pals. And 72 BBOC Club Kits.


6/1/99-I just received and e-mail telling me that Cheek's bottom is made out of the same material as Peace, so they will all be different. Thought I would pass on this info for anyone who is interested. I haven't seen a Cheeks yet so this isn't something that had crossed my mind??

I got to see some of the new releases this weekend. Tiptoe looks like a rat, has a very long tail. Swirly the snail is beautiful it is light pink with the same material as Goochy on his shell. Paul is just so cute!(My Paul loves him) Almond and Pecan weren't as cute as I thought they would be. I was disappointed with Neon, not as cute as the picture. Amber and Silver are cuter than I thought they would be, their faces are cute. Osito is a bright red with green and white ribbons. Spangle is OK, I really didn't like the pink face, it would be better all white.

Rumors are going around that an announcement concerning the new BBOC Club kit, will be made today. I have heard that TY will make an announcement today, but nothing yet.

Retailers will be able to order 72 of the new BBOC Club Kits this month, hopefully we'll be able to find one this month!.


5/31/99-As of today TY retires Stilts! This guy has not been on the market very long. He has only been out since January, this will cause him to be more valuable.

Sorry for the late update but I have been out looking for my last TBB. Found Chip this morning. Even though things were slow getting started at the end thing seem to be picking up. I have been checking my regular McDonald stops and all have said they have had an increase the last couple of days and they are starting to run out of TBB. One manager told me that they started running a radio message about the TBB promotion and then things picked up, he said they never had to do this in the past.

Mary Beth's Beanie World Magazine will now be known as Mary Beth's Bean Bag World Magazine. I am not really sure of the reason for the change. I am sure the next issue will have the reason.


5/30/99-In my travels to different McDonalds this week I have asked people what they think about this years promotion. The kids are happy that they can get the TBB they want. Unlike last year there are plenty to go around. Most people say they think the TBB are the best yet, they think they are better made this year. Only a couple people didn't like them. Some people voiced their concern that they weren't going to fast and wonder if there will be a TBB 2000?

The new Princess Beanie Buddie has the new swing tag with Diana signature on it. It also has the seal, which is now required by the Princess Diana Memorial Fund on all authorized Diana items. This is going to be hard Buddie to find, it is a popular as the Beanie was, and fewer of them made!


5/29/99-The first set of TBB came out in April of 1997, Beanies were very hot at that time. Only 100 million were made. A set of Tbb would bring about $250. at that time. When the second set came out in May 1998 people bought up as many of the set as they could get there hands on hoping this set would bring the same price as the 97 set. But McDonlads had made about 250 million of them much more than the year before. But the value on them didn't go as high on the secondary market(it is the seconary market that fuels demand for Beanie Babies). So many collected sets they couldn't sell for the same price they paid. But there was hope that the growing interset in Beanies the UK and Germany would help sell the sets, but TY and McDonalds sold Teenies in those countries so still no resale of set 2. This year over 300 million were made, and fewer people are standing in line to get them, many McDonalds are having a hard time moving the little critters. But the International Bears will bring out the lines again fewer were made and demand will be high.

McDonald's Sues Shop At Home Over Beanie Baby Sales. McDonald's Corp., the world's largest restaurant chain, sued Shop At Home Inc., which sells products via television, saying it is illegally selling Beanie Baby Happy Meal toys licensed to McDonald's. In a suit filed May 20 in U.S. District Court in Nashville, McDonald's says it has the exclusive right to distribute the 1999 Teenie Beanie Baby in its children's meals, and that the right was affirmed earlier this month in federal court in Illinois in a suit against another retailer. Shop at Home apparently obtained the toys in a ``secondary market'' without authorization, according to McDonald's, which asks a judge to order the companies to stop selling the products, relinquish their inventory and profits, and pay damages to be determined at trial.``McDonald's Corp. entered into an exclusive license agreement with (designer) Ty Inc. -- in return for a considerable royalty -- pursuant to which Ty licensed to McDonald's miniature versions of its well-known Beanie Babies,'' McDonald's alleges. SOUCE: BLOOMBERG NEWS


5/28/99-It appears that Osito will be US exclusive. I received an e-mail stating on Canadian orderforms it says "USA EXCLUSIVE". This will be the first one for the US since Libearty was retired.

Rosy is the person who has designed some of my graphic for my web site. She received a cease and desist letter from the Ty Corporation in regard to her great web page, Rosy and Jessica’s Beanie Babies. She always gives Ty the credit as creator of the Beanie Babies. She doesn’t make any profit from her site and operates it simply as an enjoyable hobby. She has sent Ty a response stating as much. Since she has the words Beanie Babies in her purchased URL, she can’t just rename it and will have to completely shut down. I am really sorry to hear about this, she is a very speical person and I do hope TY rethinks doing this. It is sad that when someone really enjoys their Beanie Babies and makes others happy with what they are doing, and not making profit from it, that TY would shut them down.

I got Claude today. I did notice color differents on Claude to. One was very light almost white and another one was much darker.Anyone else find this??

The International Bears are going to be very hot and go very quickly. While standing in line today, the talk was about the bears. The line will start at 5 am. I tried to find out from the manager how they would be sold. She told me 1 a day until they are sold out. You have to purchase 1 food item to purchase 5 bears. You are limited to 5 bears a day. She would not tell me if they went on sale at 6 am when they open or at 11 am when they start lunch. They will be $2.49 each. Money going to Ronald McDonald Houses

***TY NEWS***

5/27/99-TY changes it's BBOC Club Page on their site. When it opens now there is a big picture of Clubby II. It also list the things that are in the new kit. If you click on the BBOC symbol it takes you to the Club page.

Ty Warner leaves a new message on the Cyberboard,"A MESSAGE FROM TY WARNER"

Hello again! I've just returned from overseas and am trying to get caught up with all of the postings! You all have been busy posting! Don't think that just because I'm away I'm not reading the board every chance I get. That's the wonderful thing about the Internet, it's all over the world. I'm glad so many of our friends in Canada and the Europe have joined us on our board. There are a few things I've noticed that I would like to talk to you all about. The first is to remind you that only original Ty Beanie Babies are Beanie Babies. Every thing else is just a bean bag. You can talk about any other bean bags you like but remember, unless they are Ty they are just a bean bag.

Another thing I noticed is that there are a lot of you looking for pen pals. I think it's great that you all want to get to know each other better; however, for safety reasons we can't allow you to put your E-mail address on the message board. By all means feel free to chat all you like on the "Mixed Bag" message board, I may even join you from time to time! I hope you've noticed my staff and I have been dropping in on the board already! We're all having a great time reading all of your posts. Your ideas are great!

Lastly, I would like thank you for all your thoughts, ideas, comments and support. Never forget that you the consumer are at the very top of our priority list!

I have received a few e-mails about Teenie Beanie Strut. I guess there are two different verions of Strut. The one I have is also most white in color, the colors are very faded. And I am hearing that some are very dark in color like the bigger Strut. Anyone else notice this?

I also noticed that this years Teenie Beanies have a star on the swing tag like the bigger Beanies, unlike the Teenies in the past only had TY on the tag.


5/26/99-Newsflash from TY announces Derby's retirement. This leaves only two Beanie made before January 1998 Peace and Maple and I think we will see them retire soon.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund is spending the same amount it receives in public donations each month fighting an American legal battle over the late Princess's image. Figures published yesterday reveal that London solicitors Mischon de Reya was paid around three quarters of a total legal bill of £1.6 million. Most of the cash is being spent on actions to protect the copyright of the Princess's name and image. The fund is preparing now for a lawsuit against the American company Franklin Mint for the unauthorized use of Diana’s image. The fund has brought in over £94 million during the last 16 months. Over £5 million of that came from sales of Princess Beanie Babies and other soft toys.

Day seven of the Teenie Beanie Hunt, some are selling out while others are still on #2. It depends on where you live some are moving very fast and others slow?? The word out is that double the number where made from last year. I got Strut today.

I have updated my Current and Retired Check List pages, these can be printed.

One week to enter this months Guess the Beanie Contest, it's on the Contest Page.


5/25/99-TY retires two Attic Treasures Sterling and Camelia.

As the week goes on it is getting more busy with the Teenie Beanies. I am see short lines now, but they are going faster than last year. Many are waiting for the International Bears. I have received e-mails from many people saying they will start waiting in line at 5 am on June 4th.

Did anyone notice by posting your idea on the TY Cyberboard. you grant to TY Inc. all rights in and to your idea? If they use your idea you can't later claim it was you who came up with the idea and get credit for it.


5/24/99-I got my Rocket today, he is so cute bought one to sit on my computer. I encountered my first lines yesterday about 11 am, and again this moring at 11 am. All the McDonalds around here are selling one a day when they're gone they put up a Sold Out sign and don't sell the next one untill the next day. I am sick of hamburgers!!!

Received an e-mail on Osito, he is red like Rover the dog and has green and white ribbons. This is what I have been told is his peom:

DATE OF BIRTH: February 5, 1999

Across the waters of the Rio Grande

Lies a beautiful and mystic land

A place we all should plan to go

Known by all as Mexico!

Ray McAllister of the Richmond Times writes that Beanies are still hot!,“For some time, the media [have] been writing obituaries concerning the demise of the beanbag market,” says publisher Ernie White of the Richmond-based Collecting Figures magazine. White, whose July issue hits the stands today -- says the popular beanbag-type stuffed animals are still big. The hysteria of the past two years has cooled, White admits. “But there continues to be a lot of collectors who can’t get enough of these critters.”


5/23/99-I have gotten the first 3. The McDonalds here in New Hampshire sold the first two on Friday when they were sold out a sign was put up saying sold out, will start selling at 11 am tomorrow. They sold #3 yesterday and then the sold out sign was put up again. Today #4 will be available after 11 am. The McDonalds around here are selling the way it had been announced, but some have raised the prices on Happy meals to $2.49.

Some McDonalds did not pre-order the employee Bears so they will not be able to get the special Glory. A hotline number has been set up for employee to call if their Mcdonalds are infringing and hoarding TBB's.

I did receive an e-mail stating,"While most McDonald's are busier, the lines are much shorter than last year most McDonald's are both prepared for the crowds and much better at handling the collectors. Being able to purchase a food item instead of the Happy meals as made the lines go much faster, so not as many lines. The real buzz is "I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE BEARS"! Even non-collectors are anticipating their release! ."

I did get to see 3 of the new releases yesterday. Neon is made out of the same type of material as Goochy. The colors are very light pastels. Wiser does look like Wise, but a grey striped pattern to the material, he has a black beak and grey feet. I also saw Spangle, beautiful! His face is a very light Ty-dyed pink and white. I also did see the new BBOC Club Bear. My 5 year old niece had it and wasn't letting it go!, even after a number of people offered to buy it from her. It is a light purple color with blue and pinks mixed in. It has a silver ribbon around the neck, the tush tag says Clubby and the swing tag says Clubby II.

Only one week left to enter the guess the Beanie Contest for this month!


5/22/99-I am off looking for the TBB. I have already been out this morning only to find all the McDonalds are out and won't have any until after 11 am this morning and they are all on #3.

I will update later tonight. Happy Teenie Beanie Hunting!!


5/21/99-I have gotten 1 & 2 today, they don't seem to be going as fast as last year and I didn't see the long lines today. It is Friday tomorrow there will be more people out looking for them. I am surprized at the price increase on the Happy Meals in my area they are usally $1.99 today in all the McDonalds they were $2.49 anyone find this too?

Action is being taken against some McDonalds for presales of the Teenie Beanies. One store owner was selling sets at shows and on the internet. This owner received a call and was told to stop or else!!! The Teenies were not taken from him but he did stop. Others were told to stop or they would not receive any more in the future promotions. All McDonalds are being warned that the International Bears DO NOT go up for sale before June 4th!! They risk losing their license if they start the International Bear Teenie Beanie Promotion prior to 12:01 a.m.

Osito the Mexican Bear is on the US retailers order forms for April. Each store will be able to order 36 of these Bears. Osito is not yet on Canadian order forms.

TY RETIRES ERIN TODAY!!! Sorry for the late update been out for Teenie Beanies all day didn't except this today. I think we'll see Britanina, Maple and Peace go soon too!


5/19/99-I have posted the winner of the 80,000 visitor contest! Congrats! Also I have a new contest for the 100,000 visitor. You still have time to enter the monthly guess the beanie contest on my contest page.

Many stores are jacking up the price on the new BBOC Club Kits. I have heard some stores are charging as high as $50. I have received e-mails from very upset people, they find the kits in the stores but won't pay the high price!

My local McDonald told me they were only going to receive 2 boxes of each of the new Teenie Beanies and only 1 box of each of the Bears. They did tell me depended on what that McDonalds did for regular sales through the years as to how many each store would get. 2 days and counting!

I have archived up to this date you will find it in Archive 5. I will be deleting Archive 2 so if want any info from that please copy it. I will delete it in a week. Thanks Linda


5/18/99-TY announces a surprize retirement of Mystic! As of today she is retired. It is a neat picture of Mystic, if you watch the picture Mystic slowly fades away.

I have been trying to put together a list of what cards are in the new BBOC Kit, so far I have found out what 11 of them are, if you know what the other 4 are please let me know. Here are 11 of them, Steg, Echo, Bessie, Clubby, Bronty, Jabber, Goldie, Princess, Rex, 99 Signature Bear, Millennium.

I have been hearing complaints that the new Clubby II bear is tied into the kit with a string. The string is so tight that it is leaving a crease in the left leg that won't come out.

I am hearing that the new Clubby is very pretty, it is lavendar with a little bit of blue and pink in it like the Kicks Bear.


5/17/99-There have been a few articles the last few days on the question, "Is the Beanie Babie craze dying?". The in all articles the answer is "NO". From the Philly Inquirer, they say from the number of people who showed up at the Valley Forge Convention Center shows it alive and well. The demand is still hot. People from The United States and Canada as well as all over the world made this convention the biggest ever. From the Washington Post, the Beanie Baby/Beanie Bear craze is still at a fever pitch here in America. The prices are down on older Beanies them but the craze is far from dead.

Ty is changing the tush tags on the older Beanies to the new halogram tush tags. This will make some of the older Beanies with new changes worth more. The new fur Derby and Mystic and the Ty-dyed Batty with the older tag will have only been made in smaller amounts making it worth more.

More than $50,000 was raised for a Columbine scholarship fund, thanks to Denver Broncos defensive end Harald Hasselbach, cornerback Ray Crockett and their wives Aundrea and April.

Only 4 more days until Teenie Beanie Madness!!!


5/15/99-The misspelled words on Germanina have been corrected. When Germanina first came out there were many grammer mistakes on the tag. I have received e-mails from my readers in Germany that the tag is now corrected.

The market for Beanie Babies in Germany is increasing. When TY introduced them in Germany in the spring they were not a big hit. But they are starting to catch the Beanie craze. The Teenie Beanies have not been as big of a hit there as here. There has been no advertizing for them on the TV. Germanina is the most sought after Beanie with a cost of $400. US dallors, but the local people won't pay that for one. The market is mostly US. Many feel Beanie collecting is a US fad. Most sales are US servicemen and women and their families.

I have received many e-mails about the new set of Teenie Beanies being sold on Shop at Home on TV. I also had many stop and ask me about it today. How can they get them before they even go up for sale at McDonalds? They were selling them for $90. a set.

(RUMOR)I am receving a lot of e-mails from different retailers claiming their Reps are telling them that TY will soon retire the older Bears. Erin, Peace, Fortune and Halo. Only time will tell on this one, but with so many e-mails makes me wonder what's up?

Sorry for the late update today!


5/14/99-The rumor is out that TY is working on the 3rd set of BBOC Trading Cards. I'm not surprized with their popularity that TY would make another set. The first set sold out in 3 months, the second in less than 1 month!

MaryBeth's Beanie World has started their own BEanie Club. This club is the first of its kind offering exclusive web site benefits in addition to collectible toys and products. Charter members will receive "Mary Bee", a one-of-a-kind limited edition bumblebee bean bag toy, a Charter Member pin, a monthly newsletter via email and a "Mary Bee" collectible trading card, the first in a series. In addition, members will receive a personalized club membership card that provides access to a password-protected section of the web site. The section offers exclusive Internet benefits including member only contests, a complete multimedia package for your home computer, an exclusive Celebrity Chat Room, a monitored message board and much more. For more information check out .

Counterfeit Beanie Babies are still a problem. Its' important to protect yourself and your Beanie Baby collection. Become familiar with their markings and be suspicious of any Beanie Baby purchased from China, South Korea and Indonesia, these countries are not licensed distributors of Beanie Babies and their products are more than likely fakes. Quackers with out wings ane Royal Blue Peanut aretwo of the counterfeits that are most popular. But the most recent releases are also counterfeited. These are sold for less than $4. in China but the they have no real value and many have been taken in by sales of these at low cost! Be aware of TV shopping clubs also. I was watching one and they were sellling a counterfeit Brittania for $249. If you know your Beanies and tags you could tell just by looking at it the eyes were to big and ribbon was to wide!

6 Days to Teenie Beanies!

***80,000 VISITOR WINNER!***

5/13/99-I had a winner tonight at 7:45 PM EST. on the 80,000 visitor contest. I will post the winner as soon as I receive the copy in the mail. (Snail mail so it will be a few days.) The winner, wins 99 Signature Bear. I will post another contest soon for the 100,000 visitor so keep checking! And Congrats! to the winner!!


5/13/ reports a new record of a reported $13,900 for an autographed gold #1 Bear card. Another autographed Britannia card sold for a reported $4,900.

In the Germany Teenie Beanie Promotion another name as been changed. Bongo is named Mitch!

McDonald's could face stiff competition in promotions this year from No. 2 restaurant competitor Tricon Global Restaurants Inc., parent to the Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut chains. The Louisville, Kentucky-based company is running a promotional tie- in with the most recent installment of the popular ``Star Wars'' movie series.

People are already talking about standing in line on June 4th for the International Bears. They are only while the supplies last, so they'll be gone fast! I beleive they will be highly collectable!


5/12/99-Ty retires Attic Treasures. Strawbunny, Bluebeary, Scruffy, Sara all retired as of yesterday.

I have been told that the reason there are misprints on tag of the Beanies is to mess up the counterfeiters. By first putting out misspelled beanies the counterfeiters rush to make the fakes. Ty only as a short run of the mistakes then corrects the mistakes but the fake are all wrong. (I don't know if this is true but it's one way to mess up the counterfeiters!)

I have received so many e-mails asking the question:" How will we get the 9 coins and 15 cards in the new BBOC Kits? Do we have to buy more than one kit to get all of them? The answer is most likely yes. The only other way is to trade or purchase them.

Mary Beth’s Beanie World will be hosting a Collectibles Convention in Prussia Philadelphia it is the largest bean plush toy convention ever held. Beanie enthusiasts, collectors, manufacturers, exhibitors, dealers, sports/wrestling/daytime television celebrities and the media will all come together for the first Mary Beth’s Beanie World Collectibles Convention, May 15-16, 1999 at the Valley Forge Convention Center.

Only 8 days until the new Teenie Beanie Promotion!

***HEY I'M ON TIME!***

5/11/99-I'm here doing my web site and on time this morning. I have been helping out my brother-inlaw in the morning by opening his gym so it's 10 am by the time I get started on my web page.

McDonalds releases info on Teenie Beanie Promotion,"This year, the Ty teenie Beanie Babies toy distribution schedule for the Happy Meal program will be divided into three parts. As shown in the chart below: teenie Beanie Babies designs 1 - 4 will be sold in order beginning May 21ST, teenie Beanie Babies designs 5-8 will be sold in order beginning May 24TH, teenie Beanie Babies designs 9-12 will be sold in order beginning May 28TH with the promotion ending June 3RD. Each of the Ty teenie Beanie Babies will be available, while supplies last, included with a Happy Meal at no addtional charge or at a recommended price of $1.69 - $1.99 with the purchase of any regularly priced menu item. Current prices and participation based on indepedent owner operator decision. Prices may vary. Numbers may vary per restaurant. There will be a recommended limit of 10 Ty teenie Beanie Babies per transaction. Limits may vary. Following the Happy Meal program, from June 4 to June 17, McDonald’s will offer four Ty teenie Beanie Babies International Bears available, while supplies last, at a recommended price of $2.49 each with the purchase of any regularly priced menu item. There will also be a recommended limit of 10 Ty teenie Beanie Babies International Bears per transaction. Limits may vary. Current prices and participation based on indepedent owner operator decision. Prices may vary. Numbers may vary per restaurant."

Massachuetts is trying to pass a law that would make it against the law to sell fake collectables. The proposed state law would place the burden on dealers to prove they're selling legitimate memorabilia. It would require all signed memorabilia sold here to include a certificate of authenticity, including the name of the person who witnessed the signature and when the item was signed. People who claim they received a forgery could sue for up to 10 times the value of the item. Many state are trying to pass the same law. This would also cut down on the number of fke Beanies out there! SOURCE: Boston Business Journal

There is a rumor going around that Hasbro has bought out TY. I do not think this is a fact. TY has made Billions with his company and I don't think he would sell to a major Toy Company. It has been his stlye to keep his plush on a small scale, this just doesn't sound like TY. Remember last year the rumor was TY sold to Disney!

Color change on Sammy, he has been light pastel now much darker.


5/10/99-I'm late again, sorry this time it wasn't my fault. My internet server was down all day yesterday and most of today.

The TY Cyberborad will not allow exchanges of e-mails do to safely reasons. It was posted that some people would like to get e-pals but Ty fells that it could be dangerous to young children.

The new Beanies are starting to show up. All reports have been that the secondary markets are the ones who have them but they are out there. Also the new BBOC Kits are dissappearing has soon as they hit the shelves. Many stores are limiting the number you can buy at one time.

I will answer a few questions that have received on e-mails about the new BBOC Kit. Ther are 9 collector coins. there is one in each kit, if you want to collect all nine you will have to purchase more than one kit or trade coins or buy the coins one at a time. There are 15 different cards total in the BBOC Kits. There are 3 cards per package, and one package per kit, same as with the coins, to get all the cards you will have to buy or trade. There are some BBOC Kits will the hang tag that says "CLUBBY" instead of Clubby II. The tush tag says Clubby, Collectors are getting as many of these as they can.

But here is Clubby II's poem:

Clubby II

Date of birth: March 9, 1999

A proud club member, named Clubby II

My color is special, a purplish hue

Take me along to your favorite place

Carry me in my platinum case !

Ty Reps have been told to crack down on the retailers who sell Beanies on the internet. Retailers who sell on the internet will lose their accounts. TY is checking out E-bay for people selling large numbers of the same Beanies.


5/8/99-Again I have to apologize for a late up date. I have been so busy and finally getting over the flu. I feel so bad for not keeping up with my web site. I am hoping to get my act together soon!

There is another change on the Beanie Buddie tush tag. On the front side of the tush tag, the following changes have taken place. Text under the heart now reads "Shell 100% Tylon". Text on the back of the tush tag has changed to "Inner contents" rather then simply "Contents".

On Ty Cyberboard there has been many complaints that people are upset about Clubby. Ty states that Cyrk asked that all inquiries be sent to a postal address:


c/o Cyrk P.O. Box 30

Danvers, MA 01923

Cyrk has expressed a sincere desire to satify everyone's concerns as soon as possible.

Also a message from Ty Warner on the Cyberboard: "Thanks again for your support. It's obvious from your response (over 30,000 posts in just one week!!) that you like the new Ty Talk Cyberboard. We have several members of our staff reviewing the Cyberboard daily. I'll also share a little secret - I also watch as much as possible. Your comments, suggestions, criticisms and questions are all greatly appreciated. You're ideas are great - what a creative group! We are looking into some of your concerns, but please be patient. To be fair, please allow us some time to check into these matters. Don't for a moment think that we aren't listening, and never doubt that we always keep you - the loyal Ty consumer - in mind."

There has been a set of International Teenie Beanie Pins sold on the internet and else where. These pins have been said to come from Germany and UK. They are counterfeit and were not manufactured or authorized by Ty Inc. or McDonald's.

I just wanted to let you know the person who robbed Paul and I last week has been found. The police will not be charging the person who did it. Since he claims not to have or know where the beanies that were stolen are, they will not be returned.

Received an e-mail that the reason for the delay in retailers ordering this month has to do with TY investigating how so many of the new releases are already available in the US. Since retailers can't order until Monday how did so many get out in the US. This is only a rumor but I'm sure TY is wondering?


5/6/99-Two trains collided on a busy track in Bryan, located near Toledo in northwest Ohio,the train dumped it's cargo of mail, televisions and Beanie Babies. No one was hurt in the collision when an eastbound Conrail freight train traveling from Chicago to Harrisburg, PA hit flatbed cars from a westbound train. SOURCE-Associated Press

Maple is back in some of the Canadian Stores after months of not being seen. Many stores have them with a $300. price tag on them!

Germany's first McDonalds Promotion has a few changes to it. Happy the Hippo, one of the Teenie Beanies from last year, has a new name in promotion overseas, he has been renamed Percival.

In the second set of BBOC Trading Cards the poem for Glory is wrong. The card has the poem from the counterfeit Glory.

Jamie just sent me a picture of the display for the 99 promotion.

***UPDATE***-I just received an e-mail from one of my sources that states Osito the Bear WILL be available in the US. I was told it will be on retailers order forms.


5/5/99-Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been so busy and fighting the flu at the same time. By the time I get home I just go to bed.

I have seen the new International Bears from McDonalds. I will try to get a picture to them. They are really cute! They are in packages different from the Teenie Beanies. But they are about the same size as TBB. There are four different Bears Maple, Erin, Brittanina, Glory. Just as a reminder they will be available after the Teenie Beanies. Starting June 4. These will be hot and hard to get! And the monry goes to Ronald McDonald Houses.

Any orders not filled in April by TY will be cancelled. May orders will only be taken after the 8th. So no new releases will be shipped until after May 10th.


5/3/99-The 3rd McDOnald's Teenie Beanie Promotion will start on May 21st. There will be 12 Teenie Beanies. Starting on June 4th, there will be 4 International Bears sold for Ronald McDonald house. The employees will receive a special edition Glory Bear after the promotion is over. This will have a special swing tag thanking them for their help.

I received an e-mail on Spangle the new bear. His face is a light pink and white ty-dyed material. Neon the seahorse has material like Goochy. Tiptoe is large and looks more like a rat than a mouse.


5/1/99-Sorry for the late updates, I have been so busy the last 3 days, I just haven't had much time to work on my site. But your all great people and understand. I received an e-mail from a Retailer saying TY isn't letting them order the new releases until May 8th. That there maybe another new release on Mothers Day. I guess we will have to wait and see on this one.

For the first time ever, there has been a tie in the voting for the Info Beanie of the Month for the month of May. Both Fuzz and Luke will share responsibilities as Info Beanies for next month.

You didn't have a chance to make the Cubs game on April 25 when the Cubs were giving away 10,000 Sammy the bear Beanie Babies with a commemorative card? You may still have a chance to get your very own Sammy and card. You can fill out the entry form found in the April 25- 30 Chicago Tribune or enter online at . There are 100 Sammy bears in this giveaway. One entry per person. Contest ends May 30.

I do have a winner in last month's guess the beanie contest, but they have not responded to my e-mail yet. I will post the winner as soon as I hear from them. Also new contest starts today!

I have received many e-mail saying the new releases are in the shops in England and Germany.


4/29/99-Sorry for the late update today. Had to take care of some legal stuff due to the robbery, and just got home. I received some info on the new BBOC Kits. The hang tag says Clubby II but the tush tag says Clubby. It is the new hologram tag so TY's not just using leftovers from the first promotion. You still have to mail in your registration form to become a Platinum club member. The form asks for both your Gold and Platinum card number. I assume this is to get whatever offers Ty is offering to us for buying both kits.

I have been receiving some comments on TY's new Cyberboard. Many are upset because TY claims they want to hear everything, but TY is editing what goes on the board. I they don't like the comments they're not posted. Also Retailers are mad because of all the negative comments being placed about retailers. What do you think about the Cyberboard? Let me know I will post your comments on my Thoughts and Comments Page.

(RUMOR) I just received and e-mail from a source that says that McDonald employees will be receiving a limited FULL SIZE BEAR with the Golden Arches on the chest. There will also be 4 International Bears for sale for Ronald McDonald House.

***ONE YEAR!!!***

4/28/99-Linda's Beanie Lovers has been up and running for one year. I want to thank all my loyal readers. It has been fun doing this web site and I look forward to continuing updating you daily. Thanks to all of you who have sent e-mails on your concern for Paul and I after being robbed last week. And also your best wishes for the anniversary of my web site. I look forward to another year of Beanie Collecting. Thanks Linda

New Contest for the 80,000 visitor to my site. Check out contest Page.

Many have e-mailed me asking if I knew why Osito the Bear's Birthdate was February 5th. I have just found out that Osito's birthday is the Anniversary of the Constitution in Mexico.

After months of not being able to order Maple, Canadian retailers can once again place orders starting in May. But there are so many back ordered it is not known if those will be filled first.

Many are finding the new BBOC Membership kits. Clubby II is multi-colored (like Kicks) with purple, blue, and silver. No club pin on him with a silver ribbon around the neck. I have only gotten good comments on this new Kits.


Ty's Cyberboard is back up and running. In order to make the Ty Talk Cyberboard easier and more fun, they have divided it into four subject areas: 1)DAILY TYMES-News, Gossip, and Innuendos---Hold nothing back! 2)BRIGHT IDEAS-They invite ideas, Criticism and Suggestions for TY, their Products, and their Web Site. 3)GRINS & GRIPES-They encourage you to share your shopping experience with them--Good, Bad, and Ugly. 4) MIXED BAG-No subject is off limits, just remember Kids are watching!


4/27/99-The reclusive creator of Beanie Babies has come out in the open to declare he's the richest toy maker in the world. In documents obtained by The New York Post, Ty Warner lifted the veil on his super-secretive Ty Inc. toy empire to show it earns more money than the industry's two giants - Hasbro and Mattel - combined. Warner's discussion of profits is rare because he never gives interviews and doesn't even list the address or telephone number of his company headquartered in suburban Chicago. Although the 57-year-old toymaker shuns public appearances, he's hungry for status. Warner is also richer than many may believe, with a personal fortune put at more than $7 billion. Warner, a 1962 graduate of Kalamazoo College, worked more than a decade selling and designing toys for Dakin, and launched his own company in 1985 with a stuffed cat. He created Beanie Babies in 1993. It became one of the best-selling toy lines of all times. SOUCRE: NEW YORK POST

Burger King announces it will be giving away finger-puppet versions of characters from Teletubbies as part of a Burger King Kids Club Meal promotion between May 10 and June 20. The six characters include Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po, Noo-noo the vacuum, and Bunny.

The newest Ty products have been added to their current lists on, which reveals the birthday for Osito the Bear is February 5, 1999.


4/26/99-Only 2 days left to get your cards for the contest.

Sammy Sosa hit a three-run double and scored on a wild pitch in a six-run fifth inning Sunday, leading the Chicago Cubs to an 8-4 victory over the New York Mets in front of a sellout crowd of 39,265. ``We've got to have Beanie Baby day every day,'' Sosa said. Seems the Cubs are 4-1 on Beanie Baby promotion Days.

(RUMOR)The rumor is that Spangle will be given away at this years All Star Game.

TY's Cyberboard has been down to fix the kinks in the system. Ty Warner himself has encouraged people to name stores that are over charging and selling out the back door. Also to name the good stores that have been selling at the suggestes prices. Lots of ideas for new Beanies and just to let TY know what your thinking. It was over loaded with more than 10,000 signing on and over 15,000 enteries in the first 48 hours. Ty is working on getting it back up and running.

Retailers will be able to order 36 of each of the new releases starting on May 1st. And 6 of each of the Beanie Buddies.


4/25/99-Spangle the new Bear is already showing up for sale on E-bay. He has been purchased in the UK. So it looks like he will not be an exclusive to the US. Here is his Birthdate and Poem:

Birthdate: June 14, 1999 Poem: (June 14th is Flag Day)

Stars and Stripes he wears proudly

Everywhere he goes he says loudly

"Hip hip hooray, for the land of the free

There's no place on earth I'd rather be!"

The birthdate and peoms of the new releases will be posted on my New Releases page.

A Canadian Ty retailer e-mailed me yesterday, said she was told that any retailers with leftover Series I club membership kits would receive a special offer. Even though the mail-in offer to order Clubby has expired, Canadians still have the chance to get their Clubby. Any retailers which still have Series I membership kits will be able to order Clubby to sell in-store along with the membership kits. Buyers will not be able to purchase Clubby without purchasing a membership kit. Many retailers are sold out of their membership kits; however, Hallmark stores have been trying to clear out the kits by selling them at half price.

Here are the TY Baseball Promotions:

Chicago Cubs 4/25 "SAMMY"

Oakland A's 5/1 "PEACE"


Seattle Mariners 5/29 "BATTY"

NY Mets 5/30 "VALENTINA"

KC Royals 6/6 "FORTUNE"

Milwaukee Brewers 6/12 "EARLY"

ST Louis Carndinals 6/14 "MAC"

Minnesota Twins 6/18 "HIPPIE"

Cinninnati Reds 6/19 "SCORCH"

Arizona Diamondbacks 7/8 "GOATEE"

Detroit Tigers 7/11 "KUKU"

Houston Astros 7/18 "TINY"

Chicago Cubs 8/5 "ERIN"

NY Yankees 8/15 "MILLENNIUM"

Texas Rangers 9/15 "LUKE"

Chicago Cubs 9/26 "MILLENNIUM"

I want to take a minute to warn those of you who are selling Beanie Babies. Please be very careful! My husband and I were robbed yesterday while selling them. We are both fine, but concerned about what some people will do to get them! We were in an area that we thought we were safe. Lots of people around. Don't carry a lot of cash on you keep it somewhere else. And if possible keep your more valuable Beanies where they can't be grabbed!


4/24/99-TY's Grand Finale! The AMERCIAN BEAR "SPANGlE!" I was hoping this would be a exculivse but I have heard that someone already purchased one in the UK.

New Release showing up in the UK already!

Ty also announces there baseball promotions. There will be 17 upcoming Ty promotions, I will list the dates and which Beanies later today.


4/23/99-TY announces new PRINCESS BEANIE BUDDIE!

Don't forget to get your postcards in the mail for the Anniversary Contest you have 5 days left to get them to me. Also enter the Monthly Guess the Beanie Contest only one week left to enter.

I am receiving e-mails that people are starting to see the new BBOC Membership Kit in the stores. I didn't think they were suppose to be shipped until mid May. I have my eyes open looking for them. Stores will only be allowed to order 76 each month.


Wiser the owl, class of "99" Beanie Babie, looks like wise the owl only grey and white. More Attic Treasures, Catrina, Salty, Rosalie.

***CLUBBY II!***

4/22/99-Some news on the new BBOC Club Kit. The Case is a soft silver plastic case with a clear front and Ty logo on the back. Clubby II, the BBOC Platinum Edition Bear, is made from an exclusive new fabric made especially for Ty and the BBOC. He is a periwinkle blue and white bear, kinda like Kicks and it very shiney. A package of Platinum Edition Collectors Cards, There are only three cards in the package that is included in the kit. There are a total of 15 different Platinum Membership Collector's Cards. The front of the cards are blue and say "Platinum Edition Collector's Cards." On the back of the cards is a photo of a Beanie Baby. One collectable coin of one of the Original Nine Beanies. "This coin is about the size of a quarter but much thicker and heavier. The kit also contains a newsletter, checklist,a nd Platinum Edition Membership Card.

A riot broke out Tuesday around 9 am at Tina's Hallmark in Ogden Utah. A shipment of 480 New Beanie Babies arrived, with about 60 people waiting in line outside the store. Someone cut into the line and set off the riot. Store manager Murray Stone was dumbfounded. "I thought there was a line of adults waiting out there," Stone said. "It was infuriating. Take a couple of seconds to think about it. We are talking about a toy." No toys were destroyed, no one was arrested and the riot never made its way into the business. Police were amused over the whole thing. Ogden police officer Bob Hanselman had a bit of creative fun in his police report.


4/21/99-Still more releases today. Silver the grey tabby cat Beanie Baby. And two more Attic Treasures Fairbank and Breezy both are bears.

Official Word from McDonald's on TBB Promotion McDonald's releases some details on the upcoming teenie Beanie Babies promotion on their Web site. The promotion will start on May 21, 1999 with 12 teenie Beanie Babies and for the first time a special collector's edition of four Ty teenie Beanie Babies International Bears will be offered starting June 4 (following the Happy Meal program) at a suggested price of $2.49 each. The first 12 teenie Beanie Babies will be released in sets of 4 on May 21, May 24, and May 28, to be included free with a Happy Meal or $1.69-$1.99 with any other menu item. Prices and rules may vary based on independent owner operator decisions. Watch for a sneak preview of the toys on May 12!

Platinum Club Kit Details! Beanie Babies Collector's Cards Unofficial Club reports on the details of the new Platinum Membership Kit which includes a light purple Clubby (same as Kicks) with a swing tag that says "Clubby II", a tush tag that says "Clubby", a package of 3 Platinum Membership Collector's Cards (a total of 15 different cards), one collector coin (one of nine original Beanies), a checklist, a newsletter, and a Platinum Edition Membership Card all in a soft silver plastic case with the Ty logo. The poem for Clubby II is asfollows:

Birthdate: 3/9/99 ~ Poem:

A proud club member named Clubby II,

My color is special, a purplish hue.

Take me along to your favorite place,

Carry me in my Platinum case.


4/20/99-Ty announces AMBER the gold tabby cat,Beanie Baby. Lawrence the camel,Malcom the bear,Azure the bear,Brisbane the Attic Treasures.

I received an e-mail today from one of my sources and it says that Osito will be available in the US. Ty has no market in Mexico. Only time will tell if this bear will be available, we should know within a few weeks when these Beanies start showing up in the stores.

In the UK McDonalds Teenie Beanie Promotion will start on April 21st. The advertisements stating "Baby boom due on twenty first April with the ty logo." It is beleived that the TBB will be the same one as last year here in the US.

I have received an e-mail from a McDonalds manager from the UK he states that the TBB will be: Mel, Peanut, Pinchers, Bongo, Zip, Inch, Waddle, Scoop, Doby, Happy, Twigs and Bones.

Remember The US Teenie Beanie Promotion starts on May 21st. I have received so many e-mails asking when the TBB start here in the US I thought I would post it again.

I will be closing the Trade Page due to lack of interest.


4/19/99-Ty announces two more releases today. Hope the Beanie Buddie, and Almond the bear Beanie Baby. This explains the two different pictures of Pecan on the first day of the releases. They must have gotten the two bears mixed up. I knew we'd see another bear released!

Not much other Beanie news today.

***OVER LOAD!***

4/18/99-TY has closed down the cyberboard for a few days. Seems that they need to make some changes to it. " WOW, WOW and WOW! The first two days were beyond my expectations with over 15,000 entries and over 10,000 registered users. I've noted your suggestions and now I'm taking action with categorized topics, as well as search features for User ID's and subjects. This will make our Cyberboard even easier and more fun, with quicker navigation and faster loading time. In order to make these improvements, over the next couple of days we will not accept any postings. However, all messages received will be left for you to read. Keep watching as these changes will be coming soon. Thanks again for a phenomenal launch!"--Ty Warner "

The Yankees have announced the Beanie Babies named for two promotion dates this season. On Sunday, May 9, all children 14 & under present at Yankee Stadium with a ticket will receive Ty's 1999 Signature Bear. On Sunday, August 15, all children 14 & under present at Yankee Stadium with a ticket will receive Millenium the bear."

No new announcements yet today, I have to go out for a couple of hours today so I will post any new ones about noon.


4/17/99-Welcome, CHEEKS the Baboon, and Osito the Mexican Bear Beanie Babies, Susannah Attic Treasure,

I have received many e-mails asking if Osito will be exclusive to Mexico? I really don't know right know. I do know in the past I posted an e-mail I received stating that there would be a TY Mexico in the near furture, if that is the case then it will most likey be exclusive. And from my spanish speaking readers I have been inform that OSITO means "Precious or Little Bear"

I have received two more pictures of the Teenie Beanie III promontion. These are Teenie Beanie Iggy and Strut.

Ty Warner posted this message on the Cyberboard yesterday. "WOW! What an opening day! Thank you all so much! I am reading as fast as I can but please try to understand that I can only read so much at one time. After all, there are thousands of you and only one of me. We hope that you have noticed that no subject is off limits here. We encourage you to name names of stores and accounts… good and bad. We want to know the details! We can't congratulate the retailer or solve the problem if we don't have all of the information. There is no censorship here… you can criticize me and my company - it's ok - I can only get better if I know what's wrong, but details really do help to solve the problem. Vicious nonproductive criticism really doesn't help anyone, so keep it constructive and it will be welcomed and posted. Remember kids are watching. As well, please feel free to discuss any store, any company or any product."

***TY FAKE OUT!***

4/16/99-Just when I thought Ty was done with the new releases they surprize us with some more! Today it's TIPTOE the mouse and JABBER the Beanie Buddie.

I have been told by a McDonalds Manager the following," the crew bear will be Glory. It will have a special hang tag denoting a special thank you to the crews and employees for their hard work and efforts during the TTB promotion. They will be passed out to the employees during the week of June 14th. The crew incentive bear will be packaged in a polybag: it will not come in the regular TTB SLP packaging. Each store will receive 60 bears. Some larger stores may receive an additional 40 to cover their larger employee force."


Ty announces their new surprize! It is a page where you can voice your thoughts and comments!


4/15/99-Waiting on any new releases from TY, will post as soon as I know. It's now Almost 3 pm, and still no news on any new releases today. But Hippie the info Beanie has something interesting today,"Our Friends at TY, just told me that there is going to be a really big surprise for all of you next week! They said that it's such a secret they can't tell me! ."

Wonder what this could be? I wonder if they have finished with all the new releases for now?

I have been receiving a lot of e-mail asking when the next Teenie Beanie promotion will be starting at McDonalds. May 21st is when it is suppose to start, but some Mcdonalds will be starting on the 17th, from what I have heard from some McDonalds.

Teenie Beanie III Promotion will be HOT again this year, with some new surprizes. In addition to the 12 Teenie Beanies and the 4 International Bears McDonald's owners and managers were able to order special caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, key chains, and pin sets for this Happy Meal promotion.

Ty has already moved Princess from the current list to the retired list.

A New Hampshire couple has been sent to prison for stealing, among other things, $11,000 worth of Beanie Babies. Brian Doubleday, 29, and Billie Lynn Brosmer, 28, of Nashua, pleaded guilty to charges stemming from 17 burglaries last year. Doubleday has been sent to prison for at least 10 years and Brosmer for at least 3 1/2. Police said Doubleday used his job as a janitor to gain access to the Nashua Mall and other buildings. (SOURCE: THE BOSTON GLOBE)


4/14/99-TY NEWSFLASH!!-Three new releases today. KNUCKLES the pig and SWIRLY the snail are welcomed new BEANIE BABIES. And ALLURA is a new ATTIC TREASURE.

Oakland A's Peace Beanie Baby Promotion In a promotional "tie-in" to a 1970's music night, the Oakland A's will give away Peace to the first 10,000 kids. The Saturday, May 1, game will be played against the Boston Red Sox.

Millennium is now appearing with both tags corrected, I am sure that the first two will be the more valuable.

I am being told that the Teenie Beanies Ants and Nanook will be called ANTSY AND NOOK. Not sure why, it happen with the first set of TBB when Quackers was called Quacks?? I guess we will have to wait and see.


4/13/99-TY NEWFLASH!!-PRINCESS Beanie Baby retires today! I'm am sure we will see the new Princess Beanie Buddie very soon. With the money donated to the Princess Diana Memorial Fund. I sure would like one of these bears! Princess Beanie Baby meant alot of things to each one of us, she will be missed.

Here are some pictures of the new Teenie Beanies III Promotion. Thanks to Anna for the pictures.

Did anyone else notice this one? I received numerous e-mails that the pictures of Pecan were not the same. I only saw the first verion, then many sent me pictures of the second. It diffently looks like two different bears to me. What do you think? I think there have been a lot of goofs on getting the right releases on TY's web page this time. I think we may see another bear in this retirment.


Don't forget to send in your postacards for the "ANNIVERSARY SURPRIZE PACKAGE" the winner will be picked on APRIL 28th! Also enter the monthly Guess The Beanie Contest. The info on these contest are on the contest page.

***PAUL'S BACK!***

4/12/99-Paul is back being released this morning, and he has a Attic Treasure friend William. Ty is showing these two has being released today!

Autographed BBOC Trading Card Counterfeit Alert Beanie Babies Collector's Cards Unofficial Club reports there are some autographed card forgeries. The numbers on the counterfeit signature cards 1/1 are printed in black ink, while an authentic autographed Ty card will be signed with a gold paint pen and the numbers 1/1 will be printed in gold. All Series II autographed cards have a clear Ty heart embossed on top of the signature. Let buyer beware!

A tornado strikes the home of a collector. In the storm that hit Cincinnati, they showed a little boy who lost his Beanie Baby collection along with most of his family's house, it was on the local news here in Cleveland on channel 5.

Detroit Tigers Beanie Baby Day: On July 11, former Tigers pitcher Mark "The Bird" Fidrych will be on hand to sign autographs and throw out the first pitch. According to Internet postings, the Beanie Baby probably will be "Kuku," which would be an appropriate choice. Collector cards, stadium pins and posters go to the first 10,000 fans of any age, the other giveaways are as noted.


4/11/99-"TY NEWSFLASH!" Welcome "SCHWEETHEART" the orangutan. This is so cute. Check it on New Release page. More news later today.

Ty pulls Paul's Picture from the line up of new Beanies. Not sure what thats means. But if you didn't get to see a picture of him on Ty's site there is one on My New Releases Page. I have also gotten many e-mails that very early this morning Princess Beanie Buddy was in TY's Crystal Ball. I did not see it, but many saw PAul and now he's gone??? Got me on this one??

I have archived April 1-10, this will help this page to load faster. If you would like to read this you will find it in Archives 5.

***WHAT'S UP??***

4/10/99-On last night releases not everyone could find all three in the crystal ball. It depended on what browser you use. Last night Internet Explorer could only find Paul the walrus. Netscape could only find Millennium and Rafaella. Now today they are reversed.

If you haven't send in for your club certificate from the first BBOC club kit the Beanie Baby Official Club has issued a Newsflash for you: "Attention Beanie Baby Official Club Kit I, Gold Edition Owners: If you have not yet submitted your membership certificate, please do so by June 30, 1999. Thank You, The Beanie Baby Official Club"

Did it cross anyone elses mind that Paul the walrus might be Paul from the Beatles? The Song "I AM THE WALRUS"? I guess I am showing my age?

My McDonald's source says these are the 1999 Teenie Beanies. Freckles, Ants, Smoochy, Spunky, Rocket, Iggy, Strut, Nuts, Claude, Stretch, Nanook, Chip,

***TY SITE???***

NEW FLASH!!! New PAUL the Walrus!!!!!(My husband's name is Paul, I have to get this one!)Millennium Beanie Buddy, Rafaella the Attic Treasure.

For pictures of the 4 new releases check out my NEW RELEASES PAGE!

4/9/99-If you have been having trouble getting into TY's web site you are not alone. I have been trying for hours and can't seem to get in. It may be due to so many people trying to get in to see if there are any new Beanies today. I looked twice today and there was nothing new yet. If you click on the moon on the page with the crystal ball you'll go to a pictue of the new Beanie Buddie Fuzz.

A St. Louis Park couple pleaded guilty Thursday to smuggling hundreds of counterfeit Beanie Babies into the United States from China and selling them over the Internet. Timothy D. Vollbracht, 34, and Amy T. Vollbracht, 27, also known as Amy Hamilton, had counterfeit heart-shaped tags indicating that the faux Beanie Babies were manufactured by Ty Inc., of Oakbrook, Ill., which makes the real plush toys. The scheme operated from April 1998 to February, during which time, he told the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, they made more than $160,000. He also said they had inventory in their house worth $75,000. They were knockoffs of retired or limited editions, including Garcia, Coral, Lefty, Tabasco, Splash and Sparky. Customers were required to send payment to one of several post office boxes that the Vollbrachts had. The couple pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud. (SOURCE:David Chanen Star Tribune)

(RUMOR)Received an e-mail from a retailer who claims there will be 36 new releases before the end of the month. They will include Beanie Babies and Buddie, and Attic Treasures. Retailer will be able to order them on May 1st. This would go along with Ty's releasing New Beanies in May in the Past!


"A PEEK INTO THE FUTURE" There is a Big cyrstal ball that says "Written in the Satrs.."Ty release 3 new Beanie Babies! EUCALYPTUS the Koala Bear,(looks like MEl sitting), Neon the Seahorse, (beautiful!), Pecan the Gold Bear, (Cute!) There maybe more releases in the next few days!


4/8/99-Beanie Babies merchandise is being valued at an all-time high today as prices for Beanie Babies Collector's Cards, posters and the new Beanie Babies Official Club Platinum Edition membership kit -- unveiled on March 31 on The Rosie O'Donnell Show -- are auctioned off on the World Wide Web. Prices are soaring well into the thousands for some items, especially for those signed by Ty Warner, founder and chairman of Ty Inc., the maker of Beanie Babies. All proceeds from the sale of these and other items will be donated to Rosie's charity, the For All Kids Foundation. "There's a real buzz on the Internet for Beanie Babies merchandise, driving the value of membership kits, collector's cards and posters off the charts," said Patrick D. Brady, president and chief executive officer, Cyrk, Inc. "For example, the Platinum Edition membership kits are being auctioned for charity for more than $3,000 - 150-times its suggested retail price of $20, just days after their introduction. This truly demonstrates the value and continuing global popularity of the Ty brand and the additional brand identity and value that Cyrk provides its clients." Prices for a complete set of Official Beanie Babies Series II Collector's Cards including a card signed by Ty Warner, are upwards of $18,000; a complete set of Series I cards (with signed Ty Warner card) is currently going for $17,000. (SOURCE:GLOUCESTER, Mass. )

Retailers will be able to order the new FUZZ BEANIE BUDDIE with their May 1st orders they will only be able to order 6 of them. So they should start to show up around the middle of May.

I received this e-mail from Sarah about the Peace Bear. "The "stonewashed" or better known as "whitewashed" Peace 102 (which also has been seen as 101) is a really pale mixture of pastel colors. Looks almost like it was washed in bleach because the colors are lighter and in the light patches appear to be almost white. There is no brown on this bear...the colors are like baby colors, but there also might be some magenta and/or burnt orange. That is as dark as the colors get.It is these whitewashed bears that seem to be the most rare, with some of them selling for in excess of $100 each. This particular 102 bear is the one selling at a high premium. The other 102 bears (neon and other pastel) are not selling for as high a premium but rather closer to the price of the other peace bears." Thanks for the info Sarah.

All of Febraury and March news has been archived to ARCHIVES 4. I will be deleting Archive 1 to make more room on my web site if there is any information you need off of it please copy it. I will be deleting it next week. Thanks Linda


4/7/99-A Boston Globe reporter did some checking into the Beanie Babie market. She decided to check out the value of 3 Beanie Babies her children owned. She had Ally, Spot, and Tusk though they were not mint and had missing tags. She check out sales on secondary market, internet, and private sales. She also looked into the Beanie magazines and websites. She decided that it is a lot of work, not a gold mine, but better than the stock market.

The Chicago Bulls will have a Beanie Baby giveaway this Saturday for their game against the Miami Heat. The first 5,000 kids will receive the retired Snort the Bull.

Rosie's Charity auctions are done,here are the final bids on some of the Beanie related items:






Peace Bear with the #102 on the inside of the tush tag is a rare bear and bringing a good price. This bear was only made for a short time and many sellers and buyers are having a hard time getting this bear. It is not known how many were made this way but they were made between Pastel Peace and the current Neon Peace Bear.


4/6/99-(RUMOR)I received a lot of e-mails stating that Fuzz The Beanie Babie will be retiring. I not think this is a fact. I think it is a rumor that has been going around since Fuzz was late coming out. The e-mails state that Fuzz is falling apart and so TY is not going to make anymore. If that was the case I think it would have been announced with the resent retired Beanies.

I have also received many e-mails wondering why TY has removed the announcement of Fuzz Beanie Buddie so quickly this time? I beleive that another announcement of new Beanie Babies will be coming soon. TY always leaves the announcement up for a while and did not do that this time. My sources tell me there are new releases coming very soon.

Many of you want to know how I pick the winners of my monthly contest. I have a little helper who has pick every winner since I started last year. My nephew Raymond who is 10 years old, helps me pick the winner. All the entries are given a number 1-to how many entries I get for that month. Raymond picks a number for me and I look to see who the winner is. He really enjoys picking the winner.

Many of you want to know what the special surprize is for the 1st anniversary of my web site is. I will just tell you it is a box of Beanie Baby related things. So send in your post cards! Raymond will be picking the winner on the 28th!

Today is the last day for Rosie O'Donnell's auctions the last time I looked the desk was at $36,000.

Not much more in the way of Beanie News Today.

Looking for Ty BBOC Trading Cards, to finish of your set? Check out my Trade Page.


4/5/99-I want to let you all know I am sorry I have been slow updating my web site the last couple of weeks. I have not been feeling well and have been so tired didn't get to update everyday. I am hoping things are looking up and I will be feeling better soon. I want to thank all my loyal readers and thank you for the concern you have shown, the e-mails have been uplifting. Thanks again, Linda

E-bay has now got a category for Beanie Trading Cards. This will make it much easier for selling and finding the cards you are looking for.

Ty's NEWSFLASH is missing today. I don't know if that means there isn't going to be anymore releases right now? Ty has released new Beanies in May in the past we may have to wait until next month to get the new releases. In the mean time Ty loves to keep us guessing!

Don't forget to send in your postcard for the special anniversary contest! Get your cards in the mail the drawing is on the 28th of this month!!! Get the details on the contest page.


4/4/99-The new Fuzz Beanie Buddie can be ordered next month. Each retailer can order 6 of the new Bear.

(RUMOR)I received an e-mail that says there will be 15 new Beanie Babies released this month. They will be released during the month. Maybe today!

Debbie sent for her Clubby just before the deadline to order on MArch 15th. She received this letter. "Thank you for you recent response to our promotion. Your patronage of our product is very much appreciated. Unfortunately, the item that you have ordered is temporarily out of stock. As soon as additional inventory is received, your order will be fulfilled. We plan to ship you your order by 4/09/99." Many have e-mailed me telling me their Clubbies would be delayed.


4/2/99-The items donated to Rosie for the 4 ALL KIDS charity, continue to rise the desk being at $30,000.

Many people are surprized that the new Beanie Buddy was Fuzz. We have been waiting all day to see if more release would be coming today. But so far nothing new. The poem says it could be anythime for now until June. So TY still keeps us guessing.

A couple of retialer have e-mailed me stating they have been trying all day to place orders with TY. THey tried to order the new Fuzz Buddy only to be told he is not available??? Also they have been told their will be new Beanies and more Buddies . Maybe by the end of the weekend.

I will keep you informed if any new release come.

***TY NEWS FLASH!!!***

4/1/99-New Fuzz Beanie Buddy ~ Along with an April's Fool's Day poem, Ty has posted news about a new (and mystery) Beanie Buddy.

"To Be Announced - Coming Soon!"

Was all that we could say.

It could be April, May, or June.

We gave no month or day.

We didn't say when to look or where

We simply left you guessing.

Now don't think that we don't care

Or like to keep you stressing.

But, considering the day and date,

It could be a little trick.

Guess you'll have to just tempt fate

And find out with a click!

Sorry so late in posting this but I had a doctors appointment this morning.


4/1/99-Rosie's show yesterday added $750,000.00 worth of Beanie Babies merchandise donated by the Ty Corporation for the charity 4 All Kids. The items on E-bay are really getting up there in price. The last time I check the bids they were: Series 1 BBOC Trading Cards $7100., Series 2 BBOC Trading Cards 10,100., Billaine Bear and signed card $7600., Poster $350., Cranberry Beanie Buddy $4600., The desk $15,700. The desk was made for Rosie by Ty it was covered on the front and both sides by 135 Beanie Babies and Buddies. It has both set's of BBOC Trading Cards on the top of the desk. It was also signed by Ty Warner and Rosie.

There are also 5 of the new BBOC Club Kits up for auction. Rosie received the first 6 of the kits and they are numbered and signed by Ty Warner the bid on these is at $1505.

I have not received an answer back from my March winner of the Guess the Beanie Contest. I will post the winner has soon has I hear from that person. A new contest will be posted today also I will be having a second contest this month with a special surprize to help celebrate the 1st year anniversary of Linda's Beanie Lovers Web Site. So check out the contest page later today!!!


Many of you have e-mailed me asking for Ty Address here it is:

TY INC. Complaint Dept.

PO Box 5377

Oakbrook, IL. 60522



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