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A Pocket Full of Rye



Imagine that you are Inspector Neele’s “Watson.”  Using your powers of observation and deductive reasoning, speculate on the motives and opportunities each has had to commit the murder.  Complete the chart below, using specific details and specific quotations from the text to explain each character’s possible motivation and opportunity.


Characters                                   Description                             Possible Motive              Opportunity

Miss Somers







Miss Griffith








Mr. Rex Fortescue








Miss Grosvenor








Miss Mary Dove








Adele Fortescue (Mrs. Rex)








Miss Ramsbottom








Percival Fortescue








Characters                                   Description                                 Possible Motive                Opportunity

Jennifer Fortescue (Mrs. Percival)







Elaine Fortescue








Ellen Curtis







Gladys Martin
















Mrs. Crump








Lance Fortescue








Pat Forestcue (Mrs. Lance)








Vivian Dubois








Gerald Wright