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In true EBC spirit that made the club known to cyclists across Florida, we welcome everyone, from both the past and today, if they choose to visit here...

Editor's Note:
The world has changed in countless ways since the idea of starting a reunion page came about in the Spring of 2001.  Since then, many of my fond EBC memories have been a comfort to me - a reminder of good days past, and how blessed we were to have them!  At this time, my prayer for all of our past and present EBC members is one of peace and hope for the future.  May one day we look upon our good days past and say that today is even better!

Everglades Bicycle Club, Miami, Florida

Everglades Echo Newsletter
Special Internet Edition

This Internet edition of the Echo is to launch the newsletter-within-a-newsletter entitled:

Rear View Mirror

which is dedicated to all past members of the Everglades Bicycle Club, particularly all members who are no longer on the road with us, and in commemoration of the Everglades Bicycle Club's 30th Anniversary, January, 2006.

In the movie True Grit, Sheriff Rooster Cogburn was heard to say that looking back is a bad habit, especially when he'd have a few outlaws after him, and in the case of a early EBC member, when we'd have a few dogs chasing after us, especially going by that old railroad station on bumpy Naranja Road!

But, for a little while anyway, this web page is for just that - looking back at those early years of the Everglades Bicycle Club's existence from it's beginning in early 1976 through the late 1980's - those years in south Florida that we all treasure in our hearts and minds as we celebrate the club's silver anniversary.
Comments or stories to share from the EBC of the 1970's or 1980's?

Please e-mail us at

your own early EBC stories or photos (1976-1989) and we'll post them on this site for everyone to share!
Remembering Mount Dora
The above photograph was taken on the opening weekend of Larry and Penny Thompson Park, Perrine, Florida, Summer, 1979.

Clockwise, from upper right (standing) is Max, who is no longer with us, and sitting next to him is Mack, who now lives in Nashville.  Incidentially, I believe that Mack is wearing one of the original EBC T-shirts, with the alligator on a bicycle logo (as shown above).  Next to Mack is Jim (wearing the original bright orange EBC Jersey - a classic).

With her back to the camera is Betty (who moved to North Carolina with husband Vern about 10 years ago).  Sitting next to Betty is Evelyn (who is now living in the Redland, about a block from Knaus Berry Farm - what a life!), and finally, sitting next to Evelyn is Janet (who also moved to North Carolina in 1999).

A great bunch of people and a picture that is the essence of what the EBC was in those early days - people out cycling those long rural routes, not for speed (except for Jim, maybe!), enjoying each other's company and the love of cycling and nature on warm, quiet (yes, quiet) south Florida afternoons - great memories!


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