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Our cab driver having fun explaining to Gene that this fruit stand is very expensive… or “Mahal”.

Ya gotta love the ‘do’.

Gene didn’t seem to sure at first about the roadside friend, but then the humor of the situation got the best of him.

The monkeys are wild… and learned to hang out at areas where people pull off to look at views… Locals  would hang out there and sell you bananas and grapes to feed the monkeys….

The locals got some money, tourist got some monkey pictures and the monkeys got fed.  Seemed to work out.

We had seen a lot of these temple offerings all over Bali… but it was a surprise for us to see boats pull up to this dock, that was next to a deserted beach where we were resting up between dives.  The day before we rested on this same beach, and didn’t see any signs of people.

Terraced Rice Paddies were a common part of the landscape.

.  But this day, people arrived in boats, dressed in their “dress” sarongs,  got out and walked up a path up to the top of the hill, where they put offerings and then prayed at the temple on the cliff.  What a nice dive interval!